Those of you who’ve read my response to Sciam’s “The Human Pedigree” ( will already be aware of my opinion of the Neanderthals: They’re human. Everything about them is human – even passing the OculusTM test with flying colours (skull on left):

A new study of Neanderthal genetic code has just been unveiled, concluding that Neanderthals bred with humans:

In order to breed with humans, they must be human. Now of course, I’ve been saying this for years – so it’s nice to see some affirmation of this from a genetic study.  However, this isn’t the first genetic study that’s been carried out.  In fact, as Dr. Sean Pitman points out in his web article ( about 2/3 of the way down the page) the human samples were farter apart from each other, genetically, then they were from Neanderthal!

There are no ape-men.  Everything about Neanderthal in particular, is completely human.

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