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Canada’s Creation Science Information Portal! – a must visit

The Creation Science Association of British Columbia is a very active association in Canada.

Vance & Korelei Nelson and their fabulous traveling creation museum operate out of Alberta, Canada
Creation Truth Ministries

Canada’s first permanent creation museum, the Big Valley Creation Science Museum

The Creation Bible Center is a creation museum in south eastern Alberta, started up by Larry Dye the creation guy.

Then there’s the Creation Science Association of Alberta.

The Creation Science Association of Saskatchewan

Let’s support our brothers and sisters at the Creation Science Association of Quebec!  And in so doing, we support our French Canadians as well.

Official World Site of Paluxy River human & dinosaur tracks (

Earth History Research Center
Only came across this one recently and for info-junkies like me, a well worth while visit.

Twin Cities Conference page

Creation Evidences Museum home page
Dr. Baugh was the one who inspired me in my searches into human origins.

Institute for Creation Research!
You know, the one in California (now moved to Dallas, Texas) with Dr. Gish, Dr. Morris, etc…

Creation Science in Canada – home page

Earth Science Associates
Dr. Gentry, his team and my favourite works on the “Pleochroic halos”.

I’m now a member of Creation Research Society

An excellent little site I ran across, quite humorous and very detailed in its scientific explanations, it has now become one of my favourite sites to frequently visit.
The Science against evolution website.

Paul Taylor’s ‘Creation Super Library’ Wow!

The Talk Origins Archive
It’s important to hear the other side – after all, it will only strengthen the Creationary arguments when we counter the critics over on the…
Trueorigins Website
As their introductory page states:  “A rational alternative to—but not affiliated with—the ‘Talk.Origins Archive’ “
Excellently documented and scientifically investigated by its contributors.

The Revolution Against Evolution home page for the television show hosted out of Michigan.

I often hear people say “Wow Ian, you’re website is really nice – really big!”  Naw,  – Now that’s BIG.

And another really BIG site is the Creation Wikipedia – one of my favourite creation resources.