This is the script for my Youtube Video “TheLivingDinosaur and starvation – a response to TLD’s “Holy Halucinations 31”.  

Well hello everyone, I was handed a video by the living dinosaur entitled “Holy Halucinations 31” – which was an emotional, irrational, hate-filled tirade against my person, allegedly in response to my CrEvo Rant # 71 – the Population Problem, where I simply made the point that the world population is waaaaay too small for the evolutionary timescale, and did indeed fit in well with the Biblical timescale. TheLivingDinosaur, whom I will sometimes refer to as “dino” for short, really didn’t even touch my argument, and instead went in waaaay over his head in commentary that was full of astonishing, glaring errors. Now originally I didn’t even think the video was worthy of a response. In fact, I’m still not so sure it is, just because the errors are so simple, and so glaring. However, multiple atheists sent me this video – apparently dino was not the only one to see the glaring errors. So, I’m making this response, and I’m going to close with a challenge to thelivingdinosaur, as well as all youtubers.
The script for this video will be available here:
Now – dino – in the words of the Newfoundlander, Calm down! Goooood grief! You’re gonna have an anneurism! I’m amazed at your anger and vitriolic hatred – I mean, you lost sleep over this! I can tell! But what blows me away is the things you were angry about the most, were things that were not even true. You made a very long string of slanderous accusations that were completely unfounded – and you would have known this if you had even taken just a moment to get to know me. This, combined with your glaring ignorance on the very issues YOU brought up, just…blows me away! I’m even further shocked that apparently none of your viewers spotted your glaring errors, and I wonder why.
In his video, dino said:
“And before I continue, I also wanted to point out that while you seem to have no problems in expecting deserts and wastelands to be capable of sustaining hordes of human beings, I strongly suspect that you’d quickly change your tune after a couple of weeks in the Sonoran Desert living off skunk [poo] and cactus spines took its toll on that odobenine physique of yours.”
“Is it now, Boobie? Well, we’ll go on to see what kind of plops of wisdom you’re planning to excrete in a minute, but let me again take a moment to remind you about what my ten-year-old already knows: available land area makes absolutely [expletive deleted] all difference to population size if other resources are limiting, you ignorant ‘tard.
Of course, as we’ll find out later, your sickly, stunted mind is actually vaguely aware of this fact so you’re either deliberately lying about it, actively ignoring it, or dismissing it out of hand because it’s somewhat inconvenient to the ludicrous excuse for an argument that you’re in the process of squeezing out”
And thus, only seconds into the video, Dino makes his first huge. glaring, blunder. I’m astounded that Dino didn’t think this through, and even more astounded that apparently none of his viewers never noticed this glaring error either.
I wrote to a young man in Arizona and asked him to comment. Harrison replied:
“I’m fifteen, and I think anyone is capable of living in the Sonoran desert. I’ve lived here for 14 years and suffered no side effects.”
Apparently theLivingDinosaur is unaware that there are MILLIONS of people living in the desert – the Sonoran in particular. They even have internet access.
Have you never heard of Phoenix? Tucson? And all the suburbs in between? Ever heard of Las Vegas, Nevada? All of these cities were built because enormous amounts of people were successfully living in the desert. And before you start spouting off about modern technology and conveniences, may I remind you that Phoenix was incorporated as a city in 1881! And if Falchion49 is such an expert at archaeology, why did he not inform you of the Native Americans who were living right there, in the Sonoran desert, quite successfully, long before white man came along and built cities. The native americans actually dug irrigation canals and were raising crops in the middle of the desert which you are saying is inhospitable.
In fact, apparently you’re not aware that you can go and pick your own apples and pears, right there in the Sonoran Desert, at Agua Linda Farms! In 2004, Arizona produced 261,354 metric TONNES of desert durum – Wheat. Guess where they grow it? as the name implies, the Desert. That’s an average of 6,031 pounds of wheat per acre of growing land….in the Sonoran desert… Arizona.
In fact, just about anywhere you go where it is allegedly “Inhospitable,” people have been thriving for thousands of years – quite successfully. Yes, even the high arctic!

In response to my comments about the human population bottleneck at the time of Noah and the flood, thelivingdinosaur responded:

“For example, Hawks and colleagues have concluded that the currently available genetic, anatomical and archaeological data preclude any possibility of a pre-Pleistocene human population bottleneck, much less one of only eight promiscuous camel fanciers less than five thousand years ago. Of course I’m sure than none of this matters to a delusional numbnut who’s decided to place his stock in the ramblings of long-dead tribal shamen rather than in the proven track record of modern science.”
Again, obviously wading in way over his head, The living dinosaur has not done his homework and has made a brazenly erroneous statement which is not difficult to shoot down.
As Dr. Robert Carter pointed out on a very easy to access website, [] Carter documents some of this evidence in one easy-reading article, as well as multiple technical articles. Nelson wrote on this matter back in 2004! He made use of the various mutation and variation processes which are well known to make his point about evidence for a genetic bottleneck in humans which was consistent with the flood account and timeline.

Ironically, Nelson was 14 when he wrote that paper. So why is it a 14 year old, writing 8 years ago, seemed to know more about the subject than the living dinosaur does now.
Let us also not forget the very significant point that Dr. Jonathan Sanford elaborated on in his book “Genetic Entropy and the mystery of the Genome”, which I also explained in CrEvo Rant #78, the boat that don’t float. Genetic entropy shows that not only are we deteriorating – the exact of evolution, it also shows we could not have been around for millions of years as evolution proposes because we are deteriorating too quickly. The small population of earth also shows just how young it is.
Dino want on:
“Secondly, you neglected to explain why this unfettered human population growth that you’re describing, when applied to the remaining members of the animal kingdom, hasn’t left us all wading knee deep in aardvarks, earwigs, koalas and kestrels. Could it be that you didn’t think of that, Boobie? Or that you just don’t think at all, dumb-[expletive deleted]?”

Or could it be that you, dino, didn’t know your own glaring ignorance, or that you just contradicted yourself? The whole POINT of my rant that you were responding too was that the population is too small for it to be millions of years old. So thank for you reinforcing my point while simultaneously shooting yourself in the foot. With regards to animals, apparently you once again missed the glaringly obvious answer as to why we are not overrun with aardvarks – the answer to which will be a theme consistent throughout the rest of this video – an answer to which you are astonishingly unaware of.
We do find ridiculous animal populations. Let’s take a look at Woodmorappe’s analysis of various populations he discussed in his paper “The Antideluvian Biosphere and its Capability” – written in 1986!
‘”Compare this “impossbile”density with known densities (in individuals per hectare) of some modern reptiles: 889 (1.6kg iguanid lizards), few thousand to 110,000 (anoles and other small lizards), 548 (Colubrid snakes), 10,000 (Manchuria island pit viper), 1,235 (Colorado rattlesnakes), 480 (the rhyncocephalian Tuatara), 570 (pond turtles).”

One study in Morocco documented an estimated 2,950 lizards PER HECTARE, and another study in Northern Spain estimated 1,327-1,574 lizards per hectare.

The moose is not native to Newfoundland, it was introduced in 1878 as one bull and cow. Today there is an estimated 120,000 moose, and they are a dangerous pest on the island now. Why isn’t the number bigger? One major factor: People. People are the reason animal populations are controlled – hunting, over hunting, extermination, wars, and yes even ecological abuse by humans.

“And that’s the second thing that [angered me]. Considering that you look like you’re seldom more than an arm’s length away from a bacon double cheeseburger you have some [expletive deleted] nerve to talk about there being no global food supply problem. Really, Boobie? Really? What kind of selfish, egotistical, self-centered [expletive deleted], who, by the looks of it, gorges daily on triple McCow burger supersized meals topped with extra helpings of saturated fat has the nerve to put out his [expletive deleted] videos, smiling his smug “I’m alright Jack” smile and thinking that everyone in the world is as lucky as he is? Well I can answer that for you Boobie. The answer, it seems, is a fundamentalist creationist Christian.
So while you might think that you’re defending your religion, I have some news for you. All you’re doing is showing the world how worthless your particular version of God is making you a better person and how effective it is at making you a worthless crusty skid mark in the gusset of humanity. You’re no better than the countless other avaricious alleged Jesus-loving, God-fearing mother-[expletive deleted] whose only real concern is in trying to grab as much of the pie for themselves while simultaneously giving not one [expletive deleted] for those who are unfortunate enough to have no pie at all.”

This is where thelivingdinosaur really went off the rails. Not only did he show his own ignorance of the subject matter, he also revealed his hypocrisy. You see, dino, you know nothing about me. If you had even taken but a second to get to know me, you would have saved yourself the embarrassment of hurling false and slanderous accusations. I am a member of Youth With a Mission – a global missions organization which is involved in relief efforts around the world. I have actually been on the front lines, bringing food to desperate people, and have shed many tears of those dying of hunger. I live on about 15,000 dollars a year – considered the poverty line here in Canada. I live in my van regularly, willingly sacrificing to keep expenses down. And yet even with all of that, I still give money to the poor and needy, including funding relief efforts to starving people around the world.

Your comments betray you dino. You have no idea why there is starving people in the world. The reason you do not know – is because you have obviously never attempted to even lift a finger to help starving people in the world. What atheist organization have you supported who is out there, feeding the hungry? Have you been on the front lines, risking your life, trying to bring food to starving people in Africa? I can tell you haven’t, because if you had, you would know better than to say the things you did.
In the meantime, you sit at home, producing hate-filled internet videos criticizing people like me over starving people – when I’m actually out there doing something about starving people.
I wonder how many people starved to death because you did not put any time or money into saving them. Instead of holding out your hand and giving to their need, you simply pointed a finger at them and yelled “Aha! See! Aha!” as they died of hunger. With your other finger, you point in false accusation and criticism at others like myself who actually are holding out their hand and giving to the needy as they can. Shame on you. Shame on you.
But let me enlighten all of you, because it appears the majority of your viewers are also desperately ignorant on this matter.
Seeing as how you only seem to consider me an expert in food, then let’s talk about food.
In 1997, the American Association for the Advancement of Science reported a study where they found that 78% of the worlds malnurished children live in countries which are food exporters! Clearly this starvation had absolutely nothing to do with the lack of food.
According to Fruit Ninja, California alone produces 1 BILLION pounds of strawberries every year. Seem like a stretch? it isn’t at all.
In one acre of farmland, in one summer, you can produce 11,000 pounds of spinach, or 19,400 pounds of carrots or, or 15,200 pounds of potatoes, or 9,100 pounds of lettuce, or 6,200 pounds of corn. The numbers really go through the roof when you get to fruit, as you can produce over 25,000 pounds of apples in one acre of land, in one growing season, or over 31,000 pounds of peaches. California alone, in 1992 produced 400,050 TONS of apples – 4,875,000 TONS of grapes. In Minnesota, where growing rice is very difficult, farmers still cultivate between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds of rice per acre – in California farmers can produce 8,000 pounds of rice per acre.


When I said we haven’t even scratched the surface of earth’s natural resources, I wasn’t kidding, nor was I speaking in ignorance, contrary to what you seem to think.

Let’s go with 7 billion people in the world. If you eat 5 pounds of food per day, you will become overweight. 5 pounds per day, 7 billion people, 365 days is about 12,775,000,000,000 pounds of food per year needed to feed the whole world.
let’s pick a middle-of-the road crop yield of 12,000 pounds of food per acre to build a baseline. Let’s use the Continental US for growing land – approximately 2,425,600,000 acres. But let’s do as you suggested, let’s write off 40% of that land as unuseable – an unreasonably high number, but I want to make a point. That leaves 1,455,360,000 acres of land, at 12,000 pounds per acre, that’s 17,464,320,000,000 pounds of food that can be grown. That small an area can produce 137% of the food needed to sustain our present population.
In fact, let’s take a look at actual annual food production figures. Notice that at about 13 and a half trillion pounds of food, we are already well over the required quantity of food, and notice what I have left out of the list: Meats, fish, a LOT of different vegetables, nuts and many common fruits.

You can start to see why the organization Food First said:
“Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply. Enough wheat, rice and other grains are produced to provide every human being with 3,500 calories a day. That doesn’t even count many other commonly eaten foods – vegetables, beans, nuts, root crops, fruits, grass-fed meats, and fish. Enough food is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person a day worldwide: two and half pounds of grain, beans and nuts, about a pound of fruits and vegetables, and nearly another pound of meat, milk and eggs-enough to make most people fat! The problem is that many people are too poor to buy readily available food. Even most “hungry countries” have enough food for all their people right now. Many are net exporters of food and other agricultural products.”
Which now leads us to the real reason why there is starving people in the world: Other people are the real reason. You see, dino, if you had actually taken the time you used up to make your rancid, hate-filled vitriolic videos and instead went out and volunteered with a relief organization attempting to feed starving people, you would know all of this. I’d like to see you a part of that team that is transporting trucks of food to the most hard-hit places of starving people, only to get held up at gunpoint by militia who take all the food. My peoples – those Christians to whom you poured out so much hate – that’s the risks they take to reach these needy people – while you sit in comfort and accuse them of being in it for the money.
During the Somali famine of 2011, multiple organizations had shipping containers full of food, trying to get it to the starving people. The government would not allow the aid into the country.
Most hungry people are surrounded by food and simply cannot afford to buy any.
People are the reason there are starving people in the world, dino. People are the problem. People disobeying God’s very clear instructions scattered throughout the entire Bible.

The challenge:
Now look, in spite of your emotional, horribly wrong, personal ad-hominem attack on myself, I don’t hate you. In fact, I’m praying for you.
I am, however, SOOOOO sick and tired of hearing hypocritical atheists yell up a storm about starving people in the world, as if it’s God’s fault, while simultaneously sitting there, doing nothing about it, and thus condemning yourselves as part of the problem. YOU are part of the reason there are starving people in the world. So it’s time to put up and shut up. I am laying out this challenge for theliving dinosaur, as well as all atheists, all Christians, all youtubers. I don’t want to hear another word out of you atheists about this subject, because you have invalidated yourselves from the privilege of saying anything about something you clearly know nothing about, and clearly don’t care about. Because if you really cared, you’d do something about it! If you’d been doing something about it, you wouldn’t be saying such ignorant rubbish as that spewed forth in dino’s video. It seems the only time you “care” is if it gives you the opportunity to slander a God you say doesn’t exist, or accuse His followers who are actually out there doing something about it.

My first challenge is this: I want to see you out there, on the front lines, feeding hungry people. Go to some foreign country, volunteer with some aid group trying to get food to the world’s most needy. Bring your video camera along,document your trip, your story. Interview the aid workers, interview the people you are helping to feed – ask them why they are hungry. Ask the aid workers about why, if there is so much food in the world, these people are starving. Put it all together into a video and post it as a video response to this video. perhaps you just came back from a missions trip – please share your story in video.
Now I realize many of you just simply cannot go – and that’s okay – although do remember, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there are starving people – even right smack dab in the middle of the land of plenty. Go volunteer at the local soup kitchen, or donate food to them. If you can’t go, I have a second challenge for you: support those who DO go.
I have $100 here. To me, that is a LOT of money. I am donating this to the ERDO relief fund, affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. I am also sponsoring a child monthly through them. In fact, I would highly recommend that as the best way to help needy people – why?
You see, disaster relief usually has no lack. It’s good to donate towards disaster relief projects. But the majority of starving people in the world, actually live in a land of plenty – but they cannot afford food. it’s expensive and illogical to ship food to these families in countries that are exporters of food. It’s much simpler and cheaper to send MONEY to the needy families. That money that you sponsor a child with actually sponsors the whole family. Yes, some of that money is used to pay the people who organize this – the aid workers. They need to eat too, they have bills to pay, and mouths to feed in their family too, and it is a full time job for these people just to orchestrate getting money to these needy families. So I have no qualms donating money to the organization for their needs as well. But by sponsoring a child – or many children, you actually support a family – you make a difference for multiple people, because they are starving due to lack of money, not lack of food.

I’m including a list of organizations at the end – I even included some secular ones for my atheist friends who don’t want to support Christians organizations. Please share this video with your friends, family, fellow atheists and other youtubers. And I’ll talk to you all later.


-emergency relief fund, as well as child sponsorship (World Vision International)
-emergency relief fund, as well as child sponsorship (Youth With A Mission)
-global relief and evangelism, as well as mercy ships (Operation Mobilization)
-global relief and evangelism, as well as mercy ship


Because I am a girl:
-child sponsorship, specifically focusing on girls
-emergency relief and longer-term care