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In this incredibly short newsletter, we only have two items to report:

1) Genesis Week now on the Miracle Channel!

2) New CrEvo Rant
That’s it!

1) Genesis Week now on the Miracle Channel!

It has been an intense few months on the road, on tour – while simultaneously trying to go through all the hoops of getting Genesis Week on the air! Yup – the premiere showing is this Thursday, September 13th, 7 pm eastern time on the Miracle Channel! (Hint: Tune in early and keep a close eye on the commercials before the show – the show will start when you least expect it. 🙂

Genesis Week will air every Thursday at 7pm eastern, funded in part by CORE Ottawa. The shows will still be uploaded to my YouTube channel as well, but not until Friday after the show has aired in Canada. Check the Miracle Channel website for channel listings, or if you’re in the US or somewhere where you can’t get Miracle channel, you can watch it streaming live off their website as well:


And of course you can keep up on my YouTube channel.

2) New CrEvo Rant

All famous people have a sex video, I figured I needed one too, so here it is:

Ian’s sex video – CrEvo Rant #13


Rated PG-13 for adult content, really bad jokes and puns, and naked animals. In this rant I ask the question “Can evolution produce sexual reproduction?” Short answer: Nope. I go into details about what’s needed for the evolution of reproduction systems, why natural selection would stop any such evolution, and other reasons why such evolution would be impossible..


That’s it! No, really – that’s it! For now. Stay tuned, I’ll be working to get more newsletters out here shortly.


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