Researchers at the SETI project STILL haven’t found any intelligence, pigeons vindicate Darwin and Natural Selection gets pwned in a rant – this, is Genesis Week.
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The SETI project released a report on of some specific research. For those not familiar, the SETI project is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
Basically, they’re looking for radio signals coming in from outer space which could be from intelligent alien life on other planets.
In this particular study, the researchers report that they focused their radio telescopes in a specific area of 86 stars in the Kepler field, which they believe contains “exoplanets” – or planets that sorta kinda maybe could possibly be enough like earth that maybe there might possibly be some semblence of intelligent life on them. After all, if we evolved here, surely life could have evolved elsewhere right? In my DVD “Genesis and Aliens,” I cover the reasons why this is actually impossible times impossible, and I examined the evidence of extraterrestrial life – which is a fascinating and disturbing subject, but I won’t get into it today.
After targeting a specific area of the universe, the SETI team found more of the same evidence for intelligent life on other planets! What did they find?

Now it is not my intention to criticize them for looking – hey – more power to them! It IS my intention to point out their self-contradictions and hypocrisy due to their evolutionary mindset. Notice that they are using the scientific tool of Intelligent Design? They are looking for intelligently designed RADIO SIGNALS. “Intelligence” is even in the name of the project – they are searching for evidence of intelligent design. Yet they deny what the scientific tool of intelligent design SCREAMS at them from right here on earth. That same scientific tool, when applied to biological systems, DEMANDS a designer – a Creator. On the SETI website, author Seth Shostack posted a rather insulting tirade against the Intelligent Design camp, trying desperately to distance the SETI project from the obvious conclusions the scientific tool of intelligent design points to. Seth calls upon an episode of “Cheers” where Norm finds a potato that has the resemblance to Nixon’s head as an alleged conclusion of intelligent design. This is insultingly irrelevent to the discussion! This is like the face of the man in the mountaint. Rocks form completely in nature and take on a variety of shapes. A face in the mountain can be produced by natural processes, but not four faces Seth. If you think those four faces were INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED, then congratulations, you just used the scientific tool of intelligent design and verified its veracity. And if you think those four faces arose by natural processes, then you just disqualified yourself from any further, sane, rational discussion.

All throughout the article, Seth stumbles all over himself trying to divorce the love of his life he can’t live without. He NEEDS the scientific tool of intelligent design in order to conduct the research he’s doing – looking for intelligently designed radio signals. Yet he cannot accept the glaringly obvious conclusions that that scientific tool points to here on earth. Towards the bottom of his essay, He throws himself under the bus as he tries to show how HIS scientific tool of intelligent design is completely different from “those guys.” He fails miserably! As he points out, they only look at
For this, Seth and the SETI team have earned the “Facepalm of the day.” Do it with me now!
I couldn’t agree more with you Seth – those things do not produce radio signals with any semblence of intelligence – and indeed, Intelligent Design advocates would say the same thing. THAT’S JUST THE POINT: those things also do not produce DNA, living organisms, astonishingly complicated cells with codependent and interlocking systems, living systems, etc… None of the SETI team would dare say that this DRAWING was created by natural processes – so why then would you say that the cell after which it’s drawn was formed by natural processes? Heck, natural processes can’t even produce PROTEINS, the very basic buildings blocks of life! You can get more details on that in CrEvo Rants # 102 – the mathematical impossibility of evolution, and CrEvo Rant #63 Evolution and the origin of life. And thanks to the SETI team for so completely saying exactly what I said they said in CrEvo Rant #121 IDiots.

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Finally! Darwin’s theory has been vindicated! A Nature article, reporting on the paper published in Science magazine, says it all in its title: pigeon DNA proves Darwin right!
Now it should be noted that when they say “Darwin was right,” what they really mean is that ONE CLAIM Darwin made about pigeons may be right. The study mapped out the DNA of multiple breeds of pigeons, thus allowing a comparison of the different breeds. Darwin had suggested that all the domesticated pigeons had come from a bird known as the wild rock dove… a pigeon.
The genetic analysis reported in Science magazine added some weight to Darwin’s speculation, showing that he was probably right. Pigeons had evolved from…pigeons.

This is all reminiscent of Darwin’s famous “finches” from the galapagos islands which adorn so many of our textbooks as alleged evidence for evolution. During bad seasons, some finches with smaller beaks couldn’t break open some nuts, and thus couldn’t eat. Thus perhaps finches with smaller, or thinner beaks would die off – natural selection and evolution in action, right?
As it turns out, these finches could interbreed – they were finches evolving into…finches. Later on when the seasons changed, the finch beaks would change back to what they were! This is not evolution – this is simply variation within the species. And all too often we see the equating of natural selection with evolution – they are not the same. In fact, if natural selection were the rule and the driving force behind evolution – we would never have evolved. Let’s go over the matter in CrEvo Rant #110 Natural Selection gets pwned.
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Thanks for writing in Q, actually before I met a creationist by the name of Dr. Carl Baugh, who later became my friend and mentor, I just plain hadn’t really thought about it! I was taught the same thing everyone else was in school, and I kinda sorta sided with creation, but the reality is, I didn’t even think about it. But, I had been involved in science education since I was 16 years old, and so Dr. Baugh came to the ministry I was working at, and did a five and a half hour lecture off the top of his head. Much of what he said I HAD HEARD BEFORE, so I already knew that what he was saying was true – what I had not heard was the conclusions that could be drawn from these facts. I went to bed that night very angry, feeling like I had been lied to my whole life – but I couldn’t put my finger on who it was who had lied to me. It was an entire culture – school, textbooks, television, movies. It was everywhere. And so because of my interest in science, that spurned me into looking at this issue more in depth. The more I learned, the more I was driven to fight for creation – to fight for the truth frankly. especially because people’s eternities are on the line.

I had several people asking me for a progress report on the portable creation museum project – thanks for asking. For those who aren’t familiar with it, I have raised the funds to buy two large shipping containers in which to build a portable creation museum. As many of you know, I own Canada’s first creation museum, it’s a traveling one that goes into my van and trailer. The shipping containers are brought in on tractor trailer, are self loading and unloading and have slide outs to dramatically increase the interior size. The shipping containers become a portable creation museum facility. It was designed as such for the predominantly spread out Canada, but also with the intent to eventually bring it in to the US as well. The museum would be set up in mall parking lots, church parking lots, wherever we could.
Fund raising went really well for the first year and a half – I was able to purchase the two shipping containers, and our sole sponsor, Zign creations, paid for the steel for the lift legs. As far as projects go, this whole project will be surprisingly cheap – I figure for $75,000 I can get the whole thing finished, but the steel for the legs alone was about 6,000 dollars – just to give you an idea. So the problem being that all money that was raised went into materials, I still have bills to pay and I made my living on the road – which meant I wasn’t home to be able to work on the shipping containers. Funds essentially stopped coming in once I got the steel for the lift legs and most of the hydraulics. Now that I’m home and the production of Genesis Week is going smoothly, I’ll be able to spend some time constructing the lift legs which is the first step in construction. However, here in Canada at the moment, we’re in the middle of winter. And rather than trying to haul around hundreds of pounds of steel in my snowshoes, I’ll wait until spring so I can get back to building the lift legs.
Last year I did an experiment with Creation Exhibition, bringing many of the displays that will go into the portable museum on tour at various locations in Canada. The intent was that many of the displays constructed for that will then simply be put into the portable museum.
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Anne in Ontario wrote in response to our discussion about Land bridges and the alleged evolution of marsupials:
This alleged “leftover toe” on horses is called a chestnut. Actually, you’ll remember my guest, Jean Lightner who’s doctorate was in veterinary sciences. Dr. Lightner actually wrote a paper on the “leftover toe” back in a 1998 Creation Matters here:
And as Rebekkah Holt pointed out in her article, the possibility of horse chestnuts being a leftover “toe” still doesn’t help, and isn’t really backed up by the facts anyway:
So as you can see, it is your typical story of a “leftover vestige” of evolution: We don’t know what it does, therefore it apparently doesn’t do anything, therefore it must be a useless evolutionary leftover. Then we discover it does have a purpose, and the organ is still called a vestigial organ – in spite of the fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with evolution.
Hope that helps Anne.
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