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1) Latest research: East Coast Planation surfaces – powerful evidence of Noah’s flood

2) A whooole mess o’ new rants, and a new youtube show!
3) New CrEvo Rants DVD

4) Persuaded by the evidence – part 1 released!

5) Vance Nelson responds to critique of dinosaur petroglyph

6) Interesting new video: “The elusive identity of Leviathan”

7) Flood science review – finished!!!

1) Latest research: East Coast Planation surfaces – powerful evidence of Noah’s flood

So I’ve had the privilege of heading over to Newfoundland multiple times in the past two years. Last fall, the Habermehl family was hosting me in Halifax and we went to the Halifax museum of natural history. The children wanted to head downstairs, and I’m so glad they did. When we got down there, there was a poster on the wall which was an aerial photo of the Cape Breton Highlands, which I’ve visited multiple times. What I hadn’t noticed during my visits there was that the tops of the mountains are planed off flat. (see picture right)

This is what geologists call a planation surface, and they are found literally all over the world. One example is found on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border in Cypress Hills Provincial park. The fun part about that planation surface is that it is covered in rounded rocks called quartzite, which is incredibly tough. The rocks originally came from 800 kms away in Idaho, and were transported to Alberta in deep water moving at least 110 km.hr (70 mph)! I discuss this in detail in part 4 of “The Complete Creation” video series, available for viewing for free:


In fact, the speed of the water which transported these rocks to Cypress Hills is significant in the interpretation and understanding planation surfaces, including the one found at the Joggins fossil cliffs in Nova Scotia. you’ll notice that the top of the cliff has been planed flat – dramatically so in fact. As my one geologist friend said when he saw the pictures: “Look at that! You could lay a ruler on it!”

Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Nova Scotia, Canada (Notice people on the beach for scale)


The Joggins cliffs make for an excellent teaching example of what planation surfaces are, and why we know what we do. Please note that the rock layers are tilted to the south (to the right in the photo above), typically about a 22 degree angle, and the top of the cliff was planed off flat. The gravels and sand on top were probably brought in by glaciers after the planation surface was made, or they could be leftovers from the flow that cut the layers off.

Conveniently, the world’s highest tides continually erode away at the cliffs in slow, gradual erosion. Just like those who believe in an old earth would want. Because the individual rock layers are different rocks, consistencies, hardness, etc…, some layers erode away faster than others. As a result, some rock layers wind up sticking up in the air on that same 22 degree angle while the rocks around them are eroded away. You can see this in the photo below.

This is called differential erosion, because the rocks erode differently. This is what is accomplished by slow and gradual erosion over time.

In stark contrast, the planation at the top of the Joggins cliffs could only have been eroded by one thing: Extremely fast moving water. Water seeks its own level (the planation is horizontal), and the water was flowing fast enough that it did not care about rock hardness, as there was no differential erosion. Obviously, the water had to be well above what is known as cavitation speed.


Pump with cavitation damage

Photo licensed under creative commons, courtesy of

Duk on wikipedia.org

Cavitation occurs on a surface underwater where the flow of the water over the surface is so fast, that when the water encounters a bump on the material surface, the water jumps off the surface, forming a perfect vacuum bubble (a cavity). This then sucks the water back against the material surface with such force that the water acts like a hammer, pulverizing whatever material the surface is made of!

For example – the photo shown right is a steel impeller from a pump that has been badly chewed up by cavitation. This just gives you an example of the power of cavitation. Cavitation is well known to rip apart metal, concrete and rock, and sometimes at incredible speed.

The speed at which cavitation starts varies wildly, and is dependant on water depth, temperature, salinity, the material surface and shape, etc… Water depth alone will vary cavitation speed wildy, and if the water cutting the rock layers was at any depth (even a few meters) the necessary speed for cavitation increases significantly over the speed of cavitation at the water surface. One study on smooth, concrete spillways showed cavitation starting around the 40km/hr mark.

So let’s go with that figure of 40km/hr – even though that is probably the miminum speed. To most people that sounds really slow – even like, “Ya, so what?” Let’s make a comparison to real life we’re all too familiar with unfortunately: The Japan tsunami of 2011.

We watched in horror as the tsunami raced across the landscape, cutting down and pulverizing buildings, sweeping thousands of people to their deaths, crushing cars. In fact, most will remember the footage taken from helicopters which were flying overhead as the wave covered the landscape. Watch that footage more carefully. If you pick out landmarks for scale, you can see for yourself that yes, the water was moving fast – like, 20 to 25 feet per second fast! But that’s still only 25 to 30 km/hr! The wave height may have reached as high as ten meters.


Japan, March 2011.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist

3rd Class Alexander Tidd/Released, image in public domain)

Sumatra, Indonesia, after the 2005 Tsunami

(U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Philip A. McDaniel

image in public domain)


The Indonesian tsunami of 2004 was even more powerful, and the water flow noticeably faster – yet even that water may have gotten up to 38 km/hr or so, and that tsunami wave was also around the 10 meter high mark.

While both tsunamis were incredibly destructive and deadly, neither of them was carving solid rock into planation surfaces. Neither wave acheived any significant cavitation.

The evidence:

So now let’s turn to the massive planation surface of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and apparently Labrador. I followed this planation surface starting in Nova Scotia, documenting various points with GPS and photographs. Unfortunately, the weather was usually hampering photography. The map below represents where I have documented (click on any image below for larger image):


I’ve followed the planation for over 700 kilometers thus far, and apparently it continues on up into Labrador!

At the northern end of the Cape Breton Highlands (point 3 & 4) on the map), you stand upon the perfectly flat sugarloaf mountain:

What you cannot see because of the clouds is that the mountains, as far as the eye can see, have all been cut flat across the top like these mountains.


If you turn around, you are now looking towards Newfoundland:

Heading across the Cabot strait, we arrive in Newfoundland and see that the mountains there are also planed off flat, at the same elevation!

(500 meters above sea level)

The planation surface climbs ever so slightly, peaking near “blow me down mountain”, just west of Corner Brook, at 816 meters. Gros Morne mountain is at 806 meters elevation, and when you get up top, the mountains are flat as far as the eye can see in all directions:

As one drives into the “tablelands” of Gros Morne National Park, you get a spectacular view of the dramatic nature of the planation surface:

The “Tablelands” are famous to both hikers and geologists, and again, as far as the eye can see, the mountains are planed flat as far as the eye can see:


You get the point. The mountains rose, then something seeking flat and level carved them flat across the top. Apparently the geology center at Gros Morne National Park claims it was glaciers that did the carving. I don’t know, because the center was closed every single time I went! 😛

But let’s analyze this theory, shall we?

At the Athabasca glacier visitor’s center in Alberta and B.C. Canada, you can see for yourself that glaciers carve gouges, not flat surfaces, and they flow downhill:

In fact, by definition, a glacier flows downhill:


So let’s do some math. The planation surface is at about 200 meters above sea level near West Bay Centre, Nova Scotia. Over 400 kilometers to the highest point on the planation, near Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, the elevation increases 600 meters. Using good ol’ trigonometry, we caculate that the downhill slope from Cornerbrook to West Bay Centre is approximately 0.08594360481 degrees. Basically, if a table was leaning at that angle, and you put a marble on the table, the marble wouldn’t roll.

So we know that glaciers did not have a “downhill” with which to even be defined a glacier – let alone have some power to cut the mountain tops off. Glaciers carve gouges – not flat surfaces!

There is only one explanation for these planation surfaces: Extremely fast moving water (probably a minimum of 40 kilometers an hour), a minimum of 800 meters above sea level. If you have a wave moving faster than any tsunami we’ve seen, 800 meters above sea level, cutting mountains in a swath more than 700 kilometers wide, you have evidence of:

a) Aliens with superior water cutting technology

b) Glaciers doing the impossible

c) A really big, honkin’ world wide flood

d) All of the above.

Of course, the correct answer would be “c” – but seeing as how that would imply that the Biblical account of a world-wide flood is correct, clearly this cannot be a scientifically acceptable answer….even if that’s what the science points to…..

2) A whooole mess o’ new rants, and a new youtube show!

Wowsers – been busy the past few months, especially over the summer! FINALLY got some rants produced, including one which I think is now my all-time favourite.

Can I please ask a favour of you all? Could you please pray for my youtube channel. It is a huge outreach literally around the globe. Please pray for the Lord to open the floodgates of viewership. Please pray for protection of my channel, and myself (there are many who would really like to see me get kicked off youtube), and that the Lord would just bless this ministry as I work to build it up. Youtube now shares advertisers revenues with me, so viewership of the channel not only reaches people with the creation and gospel message, but it also helps to pay my bills so I can keep producing videos and doing what I do best – creation ministry. But viewership is key there.

Remember to rate and rant, as the anti-creationists loooove to pick on my videos, voting them down and adding nasty comments on youtube. So please do share the videos with everyone you know – I would be grateful.

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CrEvo Rant #94: Frogs are useful, Part II. Boy did I get into a lot of trouble for this one! It’s fake! Totally fake! Honest!

This past summer, while on the road speaking at a bunch of Bible camps, I produced what was supposed to be a weekly youtube show. Alas, multiple technical problems dogged me all summer, and I was unable to keep up with a weekly pace. However, the show will have a “whenever I get a round tooit” schedule, and plans are in the works as to what to do with Genesis Week. I think you’ll enjoy what’s coming down the pipes, but in the meantime, here’s the first two shows I produced:
Big, fat, white Neanderthal: This is Genesis Week, episode 001

Footprints step on evolution: This is Genesis Week, episode 002


3)New CrEvo Rants DVD

Wahoo! That’s right – more ranting goodness, on DVD. Suitable for skeet shooting, playing frisbee with your dog, or a lure for really BIG fish. Oh – and if you put the disk in a DVD player, it’ll actually play videos too! Is that a cool deal, or what?

Six all-new rants, plus – by viewer request – my response to youtuber AronRa!

Rant #94: Frogs R Useful, Part II: In this rant, Ian expounds on another scientific and natural law evolution must violate: Thermodynamics

Rant #50: The Eye and the Snowflake. Ian responds to another wacko atheist comparison of the human eye to a snowflake.

Rant #80: Nylonase. Another claim that information can increase in the genome.

Rant #100: Dating Methods. One of the most popular rants ever, Ian exposes the fallacies of rock dating methods.

Rant #101: Carbon 14 dating. The most common question Ian ever gets is “What about Carbon 14 dating?” Well, here’s the answer, in a rant!

Rant #110: Natural selection. Ian shows how natural selection cannot be the “guiding force” of evolution.

BONUS TRACK! Ian Juby gives a detailed response to a popular youtube video by atheist AronRa entitled “8th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism” Ian shows that AronRa’s claims are just plain false.

Order your copy today – just $15! (+$3 S&H)

Or, if you really wanna deal, get all three volumes of CrEvo Rants for just $35!

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4) Persuaded by the evidence: Part 1 released!

Over a year behind schedule due to technical problems, I’m releasing “Persuaded by the evidence” in parts as I get them completed. Just released in high definition, part 1 is available on youtube:

An interview with six scientists who abandoned evolutionary theory in favour of scientific, Biblical Creation, because of their own research and findings. In part one, Doug Sharp and David Bradbury.

I’m still unsure just how I’m going to distribute this, as it will either be on standard definition DVD and/or instant download, and/or data DVD/memory stick. I’ll keep yas posted when I know. 🙂


5) Vance Nelson responds to critique of dinosaur petroglyph

A few months back, an article came out by authors Phil Senter and Sally Cole, attempting to explain away the Kachina Bridge petroglyph that sure looks like…..a dinosaur!

Now obviously dinosaurs could not have lived with humans, according to evolutionary theory – so this petroglyph causes huge problems for the evolution myth.

So Senter and Cole attempted to explain the petroglyph at multiple, meaningless petroplyphs and some mud stains.

My good buddy Vance Nelson (owner of Canada’s largest traveling creation museum) has been to this particular petroglyph on multiple occasions, and so he compiled a profound and humorous response to the ridiculous claims of Senter and Cole. Available for download in high-resolution or low-resolution PDF here:


Vance’s long awaited “Dire Dragons” book is also finally out! I’ve been talking about this up and coming book for over two years now, and it was worth the wait. The reviews have been nothing less than stunning, and I agree with the reviews. A gorgeous coffee-table book, this is a sure conversation starter on the question of dinosaurs & humans, and the Bible.
Again – I don’t get a single penny for this plug, I just really like this book. His compilation of some ten years worth of research, documenting dozens of never before seen examples of dinosaurs in ancient art. Judge for yourself: Did dinosaurs and humans live together? That sure seems to be what this profound and provocative evidence shows!

Get you copy today at http://www.untoldsecretsofplanetearth.com/


6) Interesting new video: “The elusive identity of Leviathan”

You’ve all heard me make mention of Brock Lee before, a young man from Mini-soda. Well, Brock put together a recent video building a fascinating case that the “Leviathan” of Job 41 was actually Spinosaurus. Intriguing discussion about this mystery creature with several surprises (at least, they were surprises to me!)

Brock has offered my subscribers a special deal on the DVD for those who may be interested (no, I’m not getting a penny from this), of $13 plus S&H (regularly $15 + S&H).

You must access the special price through this direct link:



7) Flood Science Review – Finished!!!

Some of you will recall that I was involved in the technical review for a feature film being produced on Noah’s Flood. Simply called “The Flood,” producer Joe Bardwell wants the movie to stand up to scientific scrutiny as much as possible. So In Jesus’ Name Productions invited experts from around the world to present their models on how they think Noah’s flood happened: Where did the waters come from? Where did it go? Why? How?

Two people who have developed a pre-flood world model were also invited to present and defend their models.

A competition was then held with over 40 contenders for a ten-person technical review panel, with three backup panelists. I was chosen to be on the panel, and our job was to scientifically rip these models apart.

The result of this written, two year long debate has now been published in an ebook, available as an instant download for a donation of any amount. I would suggest a generous donation, as Mr. Bardwell spent tens of thousands of dollars on this technical review and has done a huge service to the creation community.

This was a monumental event within the Creation community. I cannot overstate that. This book is, in my view, on par with Henry Morris’s “The Genesis Flood” in terms of significance. Anyone who has even a remote interest in flood modeling, or any of the popular flood models, needs to read this book. The results of the forum will surprise you.

The flood models presented and defended were:

Dr. John Baumgardner, Catastrophic Plate Tectonics

Dr. Walter T. Brown, Hydroplate Theory

Mike Oard, Impacts/Vertical Tectonics model

Phillip Budd, Collapse Tectonics model

The pre-flood world models were:

Dr. Carl Baugh, Solid Firmament Canopy model

Dr. Larry Vardiman, Vapour Canopy model

Make a donation and download your copy today at:


(there was some confusion as to how to get the book: Go to the above website, click on the “The Flood Science Review”, where you can read about the book. Off to the right is a menu, with a “download” link – click on that link where you will be asked to make a donation and you can then download the book)

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