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1)  Canadian tour and newspaper articles

2) Dinos to birds?

3) Embarrassing court cases

4) Changes at CORE Ottawa

5) Portable Museum progress report & contest!


1) Canadian tour and newspaper articles

Ugh.  I’m home….again….It’s been a gruelling four months on the road, fantastic to see what the Lord did, and thank you to all of you who had me come share with your group.  Being on the road, living in the van for four months is the reason there’s been almost no newsletters, rants, updates on the museum project, etc… Thanks to all those who wrote in, saying how much you missed all of that. Kind and encouraging words are always appreciated and helpful.

I just came back from Newfoundland, where there was a bit of a ruckus after I spoke in Carbonear.  The Carbonear newspaper the Compass, ran an article and had a letter to the editor. This was picked up by the creation.org blog:


This was after the fall-out in Pasadena, Newfoundland, earlier this year when I spoke in the public school there (see below, “Embarrassing court cases”).  I’m still a little overwhelmed by the good responses that I met in Newfoundland, and undoubtedly will be going back to the Island again – sooner then later.

So I’ll be seeking bookings in Ontario, trying to be home as much as possible to work on the portable museum.  If anyone in Ontario thinks they’d be interested in having me bring the museum to their group, please contact me. In the meantime, I’ll be speaking at:

November 15:
Homeschoolers of Almonte, 9 am @ Almonte Reformed Presbyterian Church

January 14 & 15:
Teens and adults, Cornwall Wesleyen Church


2) Dinos to birds?

You’ll notice during my children’s presentations that I always start
off with a pop-quiz for the kids.  One of the questions I ask is “Where did birds come from?”

It never ceases to amaze me how many five year old children will tell me that birds evolved from dinosaurs, showing just how effective the evolutionary propaganda machine is.

While not all evolutionists think that birds evolved from dinosaurs, it
is certainly the majority view within evolutionary circles.

Feathered dinosaurs?
Much ado has been made about the supposed “feathered dinosaurs” that have been discovered over the years, the majority coming out of
China.  For the record, I’m not opposed to there being dinosaurs with feathers – I mean, hey – why not?  If the duck-billed platypus can have a beak like a bird, why not dinosaurs having feathers?

However, such evidence is certainly not defacto “proof” of the evolutionary ascent of birds from dinosaurs.  Technically, this is an argument from homology; which I already dealt with in a previous newsletter, some of which is directly relevent to the present discussion and I will repeat it here.

Homology fall down go boom

Leaving aside the contention over whether dinosaurs are actually “feathered” or not, let’s assume they are for a second.
Homology is simply the assertion that similarity between two organisms must mean they are related evolutionarily speaking.  Homology was played up heavily in the new Darwin wing at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta:

So the evolutionary claim is that because your arm is so similar to the manatee flipper, the dog leg, and the bat arm, you all must have had a common ancestor!  You’ll notice however, that homology is only used when it favours an evolutionary interpretation – for example, you’ll notice that the Tyrell exhibit doesn’t mention that your legs don’t look anything like a manatee tail.  Furthermore, homology can also be interpreted as evidence of a common designer. In other words, because the manatee, the bat and the dog all had the same
, that designer will incorporate similar designs into each organism.

As many of your know, I am a robotics engineer.  I got my start in robotics as a hobbyist – I built robotic arms when I was a teenager.  Just simple things, but even with the few that I built, others would spontaneously say that they could tell I had designed a certain robotic arm because it had the hallmarks of the common designer with the other robotic arms they had seen me build.  In this way, similarity between organisms is also a good argument for design & creation.

There are a lot of similarities between some dinosaurs and the birds: some have a bill like a duck, it’s believed that most, if not all dinosaurs laid eggs in a ground nest, some have feet similar to birds, and its possible that some even had a cardiovascular system similar to birds.  But let’s put homology to the test:

The dinosaurs can be put into two major categories, based on their hip type: The Ornithischians and the Saurischians.  The Ornithischians are named after their ‘bird-like hips,’  (‘Orni’ is from the Greek word ornitheos, for ‘of a bird,’ and ‘ischion’ for ‘hip joint) and includes dinosaurs like the duck-billed dinosaurs, the Hadrosaurs.
Some Ornithischians have feet like birds, and so far as we know, they all laid eggs like birds.

The Saurischians include bipedal dinosaurs like T. rex and the Sauropods.  T. rex has feet like a bird, the Sauropods have four feet like an elephant, and they all have hips like lizards.
(‘Saurus’ is the Greek word for ‘lizard.’)  It is believed they all laid eggs like birds.

So now if you were an evolutionist, which group would you think the birds most likely evolved from?

If homology were actually an argument for evolution, the answer would be obvious – it would have to
be the Ornithischians.

However, the dino-to-bird theorists actually believe it was the Saurischians that evolved into birds!

Dinosaurs of a feather flock together

So let’s take a look at the big ruckus about feathered dinosaurs. Here I laid out a nice pretty drawing showing the alleged evolution of dinosaurs to birds, complete with the alleged millions-of-years timeline of the most important fossils in this sequence. (click on the image for the full-resolution version)

(Credits: tweety bird: http://www.layoutsparks.com/1/233758/tweety-bird-19-yellow.html; Barney the dinosaur, copyright PBS:  http://pbskids.org/barney/children/games/index.html; Big Bird, copyright PBS sesame street: http://www.sesamestreet.org/; Flintstones: Hanna-Barbera, now owned by Time-Warner; Rahonavis, Juravenator & Compsognathus licensed under creative commons from wikipedia user AurthurWeasley; Confusciusornis & Pedopenna in public domain by Frederik Spindler http://www.dinosauromorpha.de/pal_therop/gal_therop.htm; Microraptor, Anchiornis, Sinosauropteryx, Caudipteryx, Beipiaosaurus licensed creative commons on wikipedia from user dinoguy2 (Matt Martyniuk); Protoarchaeopteryx licensed under creative commons from wikipedia, user Conty)

It should be noted immediately that most of the dinosaurs listed above were not found with feathers. Many of the fossils were found wit organic artifacts which were interpreted as feathers, or more commonly “protofeathers.” Protofeathers would be something evolving into feathers – the precursor of the genuine feather.

Only problem is (as some of the more observant and knowledgeable readers will already notice) Archaeopteryx definitely had fully-formed feather impressions, yet Beipiaosaurus, Sinosauropteryx and Shuvuuia all have protofeathers.  Waidaminit: the evolutionary sequence
is all backwards!
The creatures are supposed to be evolving and developing feathers, not de-evolving from full-fledged feathers into protofeathers! Furthermore, several bird experts have pointed out that the dinosaurs that do appear to have feathers, were simply flightless birds (based on the feather types, or skeletal structure for example).

So the dino-to-bird theorists have then pulled an about-face and referred to these proto-feathered dinosaurs as evolutionary sisters to th modern day birds. In other words, if you listen carefully, it is claimed that they are related to the birds, but are not the ancestors of the birds.

But I’m guessing that the majority (all?) of my readers will say that they were led to believe that these famous feathered dinosaurs were ancestors of our modern day birds.
Ya, well, that’s because of what you have been told, or read, or seen on TV – here’s some classic examples so you can see for yerself:

(Oxford Press, 2008)

Of particular note have been the fossils of the Yixian Formation, where a variety of theropods and early birds have been found, often with feathers of some type.– from the Wikipedia page “Feathers and the origin of birds” (Red text emphasis mine, pointing out the obvious claim that the feathered dinosaurs evolved into birds)

“The evolution of birds is thought to have begun in the Jurassic Period, with the earliest birds derived from theropod dinosaurs.” – from Wikipedia

It’s not until one starts to point out the reversals in the evolutionary sequence that the dino-to-bird theorists start getting antsy and making comments like “Well, feathers must have evolved in more than one evolutionary line.”

The other problem is that whenever the dino-to-bird theorists talk about the feathered dinosaurs, they discuss this as proof that birds evolved from dinosaurs. This leaves the clear picture that the feathered dinosaurs are the intermediate form between dinosaurs and birds.

A May 25th, 1999 Seattle Post-Intelligencer article carried the brazen title “Dinosaurs alive – as birds – scientist says.” Phillip Curie (former curator of the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta) was quoted saying “Birds are today’s dinosaurs.”

In the National Geographic article, “Feathers for T. rex?,” assistant editor Christopher Sloan authoritatively stated “We can now say that birds are theropods just as confidently as we say that humans are mammals.” “With arms of a primitive bird and the tail of a dinosaur, this creature found in Liaoning Province, China, is a true missing link in the complex chain that connects dinosaurs to birds.

(red text emphasis mine)

It should be noted that Curie and Sloan made these comments because of Archaeoraptor, a fossil now known to be a fraud, but the point I’m making here is the language used in reference to feathered dinosaurs.

Scott Sampson, screen capture from Discovery Channel’s “Dinosaur Planet, Episode 1: White Tip’s journey”

We even hear such language on TV too: Scott Sampson (shown right), Utah
Museum of Natural History, made a most bizarre comment on Dinosaur planet: (and I quote!)

“We still don’t know exactly why feathers evolved, but we do know if it looks like a bird and acts like a bird, it must be a dinosaur.”

(Discovery Channel program Dinosaur Planet, episode 1: White Tip’s journey, roughly 13 3/4 minutes in)

Ya, that’s logical there Scott – like saying saying if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it must be a unicorn.

Yet fantasy comments like Scott’s are not hard to come by when reading up on dinosaur to bird evolution.

I say all of that to make this point: Obviously whether or not a dinosaur has feathers is quite irrelevent to whether it is an ancestor to birds or not, even according to the evolutionists who believe dinosaurs evolved into birds.

But bear in mind, most of these “feathered dinosaurs” only have alleged “protofeathers.”

Feathered dolphins

The “protofeathers” found on some of these theropod dinosaurs is simply assumed to be a precursor to feathers (even though feathers were already around, according to the evolutionary time sequence).
What the scientists actually found is hair-like structures that were preserved in dinosaur fossils.

Dino-to-bird skeptic, Dr. Alan Feduccia, has pointed out numerous problems with the dino-to-bird story. I should be clear: Feduccia is definitely an evolutionist – he just believes birds evolved from archosaurs (a group which includes alligators and some large, flightless birds), not dinosaurs.

Feduccia had long claimed that the “protofeathers” found on the Chinese fossils were simply degraded collagen fibers (parts of the skin and flesh structures).  He made several scathing remarks about the dino-to-bird theorists (and justifiably so I think) in a ScienceDaily.com article, including:

“The theory that birds are the equivalent of living dinosaurs and that
dinosaurs were feathered is so full of holes that the creationists have
jumped all over it,
using the evolutionary nonsense of ‘dinosaurian science’
as evidence against the theory of evolution,” he said.

“To paraphrase one such individual, ‘This isn’t science . . . This is comic relief.'”

I must emphasize again though, I have no problem with a “feathered dinosaur,” as skeptical as I am of such claims.  I do question the evolutionary interpretation, that’s all.

Reconstruction of an Icthyosaur, licensed under Creative Commons, from ArthurWeasley
on Wikipedia

In fact, if you read the above-linked collagen fibers article, you’ll notice that what sure appeared to be identical “protofeathers” were found on an Ichthyosaur – a dolphin-like marine reptile!


Obviously, nobody is claiming that the Ichthyosaurs had feathers. So it then becomes pretty obvious that maybe the “feathered dinosaur” interpretation isn’t quite as cut-and-dry as we’ve been led to believe.

Homology fall down go boom again

I mentioned previously how homology is only cited when it appears to favour the preferred evolutionary chain of events.  I previously mentioned the Saurischian/Ornithischian problem, so now would be a good time to point out that there have been Ornithischian dinosaurs found with alleged “protofeathers” as well – another plus for the Ornithischian-to-bird evolution model. Yet once again, this evidence from homology is ignored in favour of the Saurischian-bird-ancestor interpretation.

But Feduccia also points out a failure in the homological line-up of the dino-to-bird myth.  The dino-to-bird theorists would cite the similarities between the fingers on an alleged bird ancestor dinosaur, compare it to the “fingers” of a bird’s wing, and claim that because they are so similar, the birds must have evolved from the dinosaurs!

As Feduccia noted, the finger designations are all wrong.  On the dinosaur (see image below), the prominent fingers are 1, 2, and 3, with fingers 4 & 5 reduced.  In chickens, it was noticed that the first “finger” became reduced during development – to the point where you couldn’t even see it.  Thus, the main fingers on a chicken are 2, 3 and 4 – not 1, 2 and 3 like we see in the dinosaurs.

So once again, the argument from homology breaks down and does not support the dino-to-bird myth.  Homology is only cited when someone thinks it supports their model of evolution.

The recent discovery of soft tissue in a T. rex bone from Montana also added fuel to the homology fire.  Even the wikipedia article sez:

The ground-breaking discovery of fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex
soft tissue allowed a molecular comparison of cellular anatomy and
protein sequencing of collagen tissue, both of which demonstrated that T. rex and birds
are more closely related than either is to Alligator.

Of course, rumour has it that when the same comparisons were made with the protein sequencing and collagen tissue samples, it was discovered that T. rex was more similar to Al Gore than it was to the birds…

Just in case you missed it, my satirical remark above was to make the point that protein sequencing and collagen sample similiarities are really quite irrelevant. It very quickly begins to sound like the DNA comparisons I dealt with in the last newsletter.

Protein sequencing has been carried out over the years in a variety of ways, with the results only being reported for the sequencing that favoure evolution. For example, similar protein sequencing carried out on cytochrome C shows the rattlesnake is most identical to the human!  (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1149985/)

Evolution gone backwards

Take a quick look again at the chart I provided earlier (again, you can click on the image to see the full-sized version)

I previously pointed out one obvious evolutionary reversal, that as you “progress” from dinosaur-like creature to bird-like creature, left to right, the appearance of the creatures is the opposite of what you’d expect, from a dino-to-bird standpoint. Actually, there are numerous reversals of evolutionary traits within the sequence, and in fact several of those traits reverse more then once!
John Woodmorappe goes into detail on this in his highly technical article (not for the faint of heart!) over here.

I also included in the chart a couple of fossils which the dino-to-bird advocates mysteriously ignore or poo-poo.  Namely, Protoavis, which
is a bird – more ‘modern’ then Archaeopteryx, yet is was found in the Texas triassics (which I’ve excavated in), dating some 75 million years older
than Archaeopteryx, according to evolutionary standards!  So now you have a completely modern bird appearing waaaaay before any of the supposed bird ancestors….ancestors which look less and less like birds and more and more like dinosaurs as they ‘evolve towards’ birds.

You also have Liaoningornis, which looks an awful lot like a stinkin’ robin, buried among the dinosaurs with “protofeathers.” Strangely this fossil is never mentioned by the dinosaur to bird theorists.  So seeing as how there is a completely modern bird among these “feathered dinosaurs,” then obviously the feathered dinosaurs have nothing to do with the evolution of birds, because birds were already around.

But also note Juravenator and Compsognathus – both of which are considered close relatives to Sinosauropteryx (an allegedly proto-feathered dinosaur), yet both Juravenator and Compsognathus have scaly skin, like dinosaurs – not feathers or protofeathers. Ye Compsognathus is so identical to Archaeopteryxmany have said that if Archaeopteryx had not been found with feathers, it would hav been classified as Compsognathus! So technically then, Compsognathus is more bird-like than the much later Sinosauropteryx.

In another, obvious case of attempted propaganda, on our good ‘ol wikipedia page, you’ll notice that the drawing of Compsognathus (used in the graph above) depicts Compy with “feather-like structures!” Why was it depicted this way? Well because “Evidence from related species (-italics mine: they mean other “feathered dinosaurs” – IJ) suggest that the body might have been covered with feather-like structures”

Hogwash!  The evidence from Compsognathus shows no such thing! This is nothing more than brazen propaganda.

Sum it all up for us Ian

Many of the claims of “feathered dinosaurs” are weak at best. If they’re not proto-feathers then you’re left with a dinosaur, and no link from dinos to birds (even though there is no link even when the dinosaurs do have protofeathers!). Homology does not support the dino-to-bird mythology, and much of the alleged dino-to-bird transition sequence shows evolutionary reversal (evolution gone backwards), sometimes several reversals. When push comes to shove, the dino-to-bird advocates have to admit that the “feathered dinosaurs” are backwards to the dino-to-bird sequence, and thus these feathered dinosaurs must have branched off from birds, therefore they have no place in the ancestry of birds.

In short, feathered dinosaurs do not support evolution.  The dino-to-bird theory is a bankrupt mythology that has so many contradictions and holes in it, one wonders why the boat still stays floating. It only stays floating for the countless numbers of people desperately bailing the incoming flood of water as they try to keep the dead theory alive…..because they want it to be true.

Lastly – and this cannot be overemphasized – There is NO biological mechanism for evolution, so finding fossils of dead things only means you’ve found proof of a dead thing, not evolution.  This article has already been too long, so I won’t go into this at this time, but will simply mention it.

One final comment on Archaeopteryx

In this article, I have assumed that Archaeopteryx is not a fraud. Numerous evolutionists and creationists have leveled accusations of “fraud” at the feathered Archeaopteryx fossils – and with some very convincing arguments.  One video I had the pleasure of reviewing was from J.D. Mitchell, of Creation Engineering Concepts.  J.D. put together a fantastic (although technical) DVD on this subject, and built a compelling case for Archaeopteryx being a fraud.  This included his own, first-hand research, and was very nicely spelled out.  You can order that DVD from his website at  http://www.creationengineeringconcepts.org/

As you can see however, the authenticity of Archaeopteryx plays no real bearing on the dino-to-bird theories.

Special thanks to Brock Lee over at SagadiiRadio.com for the screen captures from Dinosaur Quest, and thanks to Vance Nelson of Creation Truth Ministries for some enlightening discussion and links relating to the subject.


3) Embarassing court cases

Over and over,whenever I get a rowdy, accusing, anti-creationist on my hands, I always ask them what the evidence shows. The responses never cease to amaze me.  Such was the case earlier on this year when the “concerned parents” of Pasadena, Newfoundland  wrote to me after I spoke at the public school there.  These parents (all three of them! Apparently not three of the some 250 people who showed up for my talk
the following thursday night) were very concerned over the ‘nonsense’ that I shared at the school, to which I calmly replied that if I made a scientific or historical error in anything I said, I’d be more than willing to own up to it, correct the mistake, even make a public apology. I mean, hey – I’m only human, maybe they know something I don’t?  So I asked this parent what exactly it was I said that was wrong.

His response? He cited a 1981 United States court case (Huh??!!??!!???) in which the judge concluded that creationism was not science!

Hmmm….seems to me that’s not what I asked, nor was it at all relevent to the discussion, and tells me right off the bat that these parents knew full well I had said nothing in scientific or historical error.

Again, only a few weeks ago while speaking in Newfoundland, I had some skeptics come out to one of my talks.  After spending an hour going over the evidence of humans and dinosaurs living together, one of the skeptics put up his hand during Q&A. What was he going to ask?  Would he question the validity of the evidence I
presented? Would it be some technical point to be made, showing how I must be in error somewhere in one of my claims?

Nope. Instead, he asked me about the Kitzmiller-Dover trial on Intelligent Design, which was held in Pennsylvania!

And Let us not forget the Scopes “monkey trial” – popularized in the flagrant propaganda book, broadway production and movie “Inherit the wind” that depicted the trial and surrounding events with the accuracy of a blind man giving the play-by-play of a European
football game
(soccer here in North America), complete with play-by-play descriptions of the drunken crowd, and the
brawl and riots that broke out after France beat England. AiG has a good article documenting the distortions in “Inherit the wind” here.

Thing of it is, the skeptics seem to just love these court cases, thinking that they are some kind of victory for the evolutionary camp.
As the skeptics quickly find out when they bring these trials up with me, they should be highly embarrassed to even mention said court cases! In both of the above situations with the skeptics, I simply took the closing arguments of the judges presiding over these cases and showed how the judges were so far out to lunch that it was downright embarrassing. The skeptics then promptly either changed the subject, or simply refused to carry on conversation anymore.

Evolution only survives because it hides behind judges, lawyers, and policies.
(you can quote me on that)

Think about it: When was the last time you heard a biologist ask the courts for protection for his theory?  Have you ever encountered a physicist who demanded legal protection from others scrutinizing his theories in a public school classroom?

Evolution is anti-science, as true science welcomes – even demands – scrutiny.

Let the embarrassment begin:

The two court cases that are cited the most are the 1981 Arkansas state schoolboard case, and the Kitzmiller-Dover trial of Pennsylvania.
In both cases (pun intended), you don’t have to be a legal aid to see through the ridiculousness of the judge’s closing remarks. The
simplest thing to do for the 1981 Arkansas case would be simply to repeat my discussion with the “concerned parent” of Pasadena (who shall remain nameless).  He simply quoted the conclusions of the judge presiding over the case, so I went down the list and responded (in italics):

Arkansas judgment defined the following as essential characteristics of

1. It is guided by natural law;”

has life arising from non-life (just look at any evolutionary textbook,
and you’ll see Miller’s experiment for example). This is in direct
violation of well-established, scientific and natural laws such as
biogenesis and thermodynamics.

“2. It has to be explanatory by reference to nature law;”

have admitted that they have no explanation for the origin of life.
Much observational evidence from genetics (i.e., genetic entropy) and
biology (codependency of living systems) also must be violated in order
for evolution to occur. I can provide a very long list if you’d like.

“3. It is testable against the empirical world;”

is not testable – it is claimed to have occurred in the unobservable,
untestable, past.

“4. Its conclusions are tentative, i.e. are not necessarily the final
word; and”

in the scientific world is interpreted in the light of evolution,
whether it fits or not.

“5. It is falsifiable.”

has failed its own predictions. It is not testable, repeatable, nor
falsifiable. I say this because every time it has been falsified by
evidence such as that which I bring up, evolution simply attempts to
“conform” to the evidence, or disregards it and mocks it.

“The court ruled that creation science failed to meet these essential
characteristics and identified specific reasons. After examining the
key concepts from creation science, the court found:

1. Sudden creation “from nothing” calls upon a supernatural
intervention, not natural law, and is neither testable nor falsifiable”

must violate well-established natural laws, therefore by definition,
evolution is a supernatural process (look up the word yourself).
Evolution has life arising from non-life via an unknown, supernatural
process. Creation from nothing, in effect.

“2. Objections in creation science that mutation and natural selection
are insufficient to explain common origins was an incomplete negative

I have
already mentioned, there’s a lot more to it then these two objections.
Evolution must violate scientific observations.

“3. ‘Kinds’ are not scientific classifications, and creation science’s
claims of an outer limit to the evolutionary change possible of species
are not explained scientifically or by natural law”

(which was a Biblically-based definition by the way) does not have a
scientific classification either. Evolutionary change is impossible,
based on the scientific laws of biogenesis. So now why would the judge
assert that a frog turning into a prince is “scientific?”

“4. Separate ancestry of man and apes is an assertion rather than
scientific explanation, and did not derive from any scientific fact or

ancestry of man and apes is assertion, rather than scientific
explanation, nor is it derived from any scientific fact or theory. This
is actually quite easy to demonstrate on multiple lines of evidence.
The first and foremost being nobody was there to witness said ancestry,
therefore it is assertion, not scientific explanation, which requires
observation, repeatability and predictability.

“5. Catastrophism, including its identification of the worldwide flood,
failed as a science”

has failed science. I spent the first several hours of my lecture
series showing why this is the case. The present cannot be the key to
the past, because present day processes simply cannot explain the
catastrophic deposits we see around the world. Isn’t it interesting
that even the evolutionists have acknowledged this now since the
Arkansas court case? The Arkansas judge would need to revise his
conclusions now.

“6. “Relatively recent inception” was the product of religious readings
and had no scientific meaning, and was neither the product of, nor
explainable by, natural law; nor is it tentative”

idea of
an old earth and millions of years of evolution is religious in nature
– developed to explain away the need for a Creator God, and to provide
an alternative to the Biblical account of creation. It has no
scientific meaning as can be easily demonstrated over and over again.
It is not the product of, nor explainable by, natural law. It is
obviously not tentative – just publically question evolution and you
are immediately mocked and ridiculed. Evolution is anti-science and
will not permit anyone to scrutinize it.

here to scrutinize it Mr. *****. And your concluding remark here is
worthy of note:

“No group, no matter how large or small, may use the organs of
government, of which the public schools are the most conspicuous and
influential, to foist its religious beliefs on others.”

agree! So how about we start by removing the religious tenet of
evolution from the school system? It is actually evolution which is
controversial Mr. ***** – not creation. If evolution was not
controversial, it would not need
protection. If it
was scientific, it would not need legal protection to keep it in the
science classroom. We creationary thinkers invite people to scrutinize
what we are saying. After all, this is in keeping with good scientific

reasons you say that creation should not be permitted in the science
classroom are the very reasons evolution should not be permitted in the
science classroom. The very reasons that you say creation is
“religious” are the very reasons that evolution also falls into the
“religious” category. Only an anti-science religion would hide from
scientific scrutiny behind judges, lawyers and school policies.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to spot the huge errors in the judge’s claims.  Everything that is said about Creation applies also to Evolution.

Is my face red….

Judge John Jones,

Photo courtesy of United States Government,

in public domain

But the concluding remarks of Judge John Jones (shown right), presiding over the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial in Pennsylvania, are especially revealing.  After weeks of testimony at the three-ring-circus known at the Kitzmiller/Dover trial, Jones’ closing remarks reveal that h still didn’t know what Intelligent Design was, he still didn’t know what Creation was, he still didn’t know even what Evolution was, and he still did not even know what science was!

Intelligent Design is a scientific tool – one that even children use every day.  It is completely separate from Creation, but it can be used to determine which faith (Creation or Evolution) is the correct one. ID clearly points to Creation being the correct model, but it most certainly is not some form of creationism.

Insanity defined:

In his concluding remarks, Jones stated:

“For the reasons that follow, we conclude that the religious nature of
ID would be readily apparent to an objective observer, adult or child…..

The evidence at trial demonstrates that ID is nothing less than the progeny of creationism…

The proper application of both the endorsement and Lemon tests to the facts of this case makes

it abundantly clear that the Board’s ID Policy violates the Establishment Clause. In making this

determination, we have addressed the seminal question of whether ID is science. We have

concluded that it is not, and moreover that ID cannot uncouple itself

from its creationist, and thus religious, antecedents.”

Really? Let’s examine these conclusions, shall we? Let make use of the scientific tool of Intelligent Design:

Tell me readers, do you think that this mystery tool had a creator?

Now careful how you answer! Because according to the conclusions of Judge Jones, if you claim that
this mystery tool had a creator, then you are making an unscientific and religious
which should not be allowed in any American science classroom. If you make such a
statement in a public school classroom as a teacher, then you are also in violation of the separation of church and state!

(and don’t get me started on the bogus “separation of church and state” nonsense)

Judge Jones knew he was going to get criticized for his closing remarks, and in an obvious pre-emptive defense, also stated in his closing remarks:

“Those who disagree with our holding will likely mark it as the product of an activist judge.”

Actually, with respect Judge Jones, no, I disagree with your conclusions because they are insane and illogical.

Intelligent Design is a scientific tool everyone uses every day. 
It is logical deduction.
To deny the obvious deductions one comes to when using the tool of intelligent design is insanity defined.
If someone came up to you and said that the mystery tool shown above formed by natural, unguided processes, and had no creator, what would you think?
Personally, I could only derive two possible conclusions:
  1. This person is insane
    and/or self
    deluded (usually the two go hand in hand)
  2. This person has ulterior
    motives for saying such ridiculousness
So I don’t mind if Judge Jones wishes to deny ulterior motives, but that only leaves me with one other possible conclusion.  🙂

Why an anti-creationist should be embarrassed

The conclusions of these court cases are so horribly easy to shoot down in a glorious ball of flame, that any anti-creationist should be embarrassed to bring them up.  The conclusions of the courts are not only obviously biased against creation, revealing a clear double-standard for creation and evolution, the conclusions are illogical to downright insane. The conclusions, if applied equally to evolution, should have removed evolution from the classrooms a long time ago.  So the question then arises: Why then, do the courts stick up for evolution? The same might be asked for all of the other court cases that continually defend a liberal, anti-Christ lifestyle and society, often with insane closing remarks and conclusions made by the judges.

Folks, the persecution against Christians has only begun.  Better count the cost, because your day, as a follower of Christ, is coming where you
will be persecuted, and even thrown in jail for your Christian beliefs.

I’m ready, how about you?


4) Changes at CORE Ottawa

As many of you know, CORE Ottawa (an old-time creation group in Ottawa,
Ontario) has undergone a lot of changes as of late.  I was very
surprised last year when during a board meeting, a board member
suggested that CORE should be putting its energies and finances behind
supporting myself and my ministry. I was already fulfilling the mission and
mandate of CORE in my independent ministry, yet CORE was struggling
just to get people to attend its meetings. We promptly ended that
board meeting to spend some time in prayer and seeking the Lord as to
what we should do.  When we reconvened, the answers we believe
we received were surprising and encouraging, and we unanimously agreed to
make major changes to the way CORE operates.

While CORE will still host the occassional creation event or speaker,
the board has agreed to make my ministry their primary ministry,
standing behind me and supporting what I do.  We also needed
to make many major changes to the mission of CORE, as the mission and
articles were written almost 20 years ago, and a lot has changed since
then!  Some of the changes that have been made are:

  • Expanding our focus to a National and even International
    instead of just Ottawa and area
  • Expanding our outreach to include the internet
  • No more voting membership (aside from the five board
    members, we
    had one
    voting member in good
    standing, so obviously it was pointless to carry on with voting
  • The primary ministry of CORE will be Ian Juby and his
    creation-related ministries (traveling museum, video production,
    research and lecturing)
  • We are no longer sending out a printed newsletter, and with
    exception of tax receipts and special requests for printed materials,
    we will only be communicating electronically
  • This newsletter (CrEvo news) will now replace the CORE

Thank you to the long time supporters of CORE, we hope
that you will be
as enthusiastic as we are about the changes that have taken place, and
we look forward to the future.  Some have already written in
to express their support, thank you.

Creation Cosmology Group:

For those in the Ottawa area interested in Creation Cosmology, one of
CORE’s board members, Jonathan Cucan, has assembled the Creation
Cosmology Group.  This is a last-minute, “on call” group,
assembling as weather and astronomical conditions warrant.
Call Jonathan and he’ll take down your name and phone number, and if there’s
a good night and the group will assemble somewhere for night viewing,
he’ll give you a call.  Bring your eyes and whatever viewing
gadgetry you wish to bring along (binoculars, telescopes,
etc…).  Call Jonathan at 613-820-5272


5) Portable Museum Progress Report and contest!

Thanks to all of you who have prayerfully supported this project, and thanks to those who have chipped in financially.  I just returned home from four months on the road, hence the reason for the lack of updates.  The only time I have income is when I’m out on speaking tours, but I need to be home to work on the museum. So needless to say it’s a juggling act, and I’ll be specifically seeking speaking engagements within Ontario so I can be home as much as possible to work on the museum

I’m also happy to say that the museum has its first official sponsor – Zign Creations.  Zign is the brainchild of Luuk Steitner, of the Netherlands, who not only does incredible animations, but also has developed software for animation such as face-tracking software. Incredible stuff, and I am honoured to announce Zign as a sponsor of the museum.  www.ZignCreations.com

With the donations towards the museum, I now have a little money to work on it (almost all of it was spent just getting the containers – almost a $19,000 price tag!), and the plan is to be home a lot over the next several months, with work commencing on the containers. The first step will be building the lift-kit, which are four legs on each container which fold out and lift the container off the ground. A truck then drives underneath them, the container is lowered onto the truck and transported to the next stop.

In the case of construction, the legs will be built first in order to aid in the leveling of the containers for cutting and construction, as well as moving them around the yard as need be.  I’ll be building one of these legs as a prototype here in the next several weeks and will post progress reports and photos as I have them.

I’ll be adding the updates to the museum homepage (https://ianjuby.org/creationmuseum.html) so you can follow along there.

Name that museum contest!

I need a name for the portable museum.  Something short, simple, translatable into French, and (if possible) uniquely Canadian. A name that is suggestive of Creation, the flood, etc… So I figured I’d have a contest to name it.  I’ll pick the top suggestions, then we’ll have a voting page set up where readers can vote on which name they think is the best. Top winner wins all three volumes of CrEvo Rant DVD’s (the third one isn’t produced yet, hope to have it finished in the next month or so).  I’ve always used “Creation Science Museum of Canada”, but it’s kind of long, see?

One suggestion for a name was Gitchimanitou – the name of the Creator in various Canadian first nations languages.

To enter, send me your suggestion: ianjuby[at]ianjuby.org (replaceth thou the [at] with @ – that’s an anti-spam feature).
Submissions will be accepted until November 30th.


These newsletters typically take about 20 to 40 hours worth of work, and I insist on keeping it free.
I have had many people ask me to include info on how to donate towards this ministry.  If you don’t need/want a tax receipt, you can donate online here, or you can support this ministry and get a tax-deductable receipt by mailing a donation (checks made out to CORE Ottawa) to CORE Ottawa, Kanata North Post Office Box 72075, Ottawa, ON. Canada, K2K 2P4  And thank you to those who support both prayerfully and financially.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing:

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