Ten times in the first chapter of Genesis, it is stated that God created everything to reproduce after its kind. So in other words, according to creation, we should see things staying the same over time and faithfully reproducing after their kind.  Of course, evolution has organisms changing over time – and changing lots.

When one looks in the fossil record,  what we see is stasis and extinction – both of which fit well within the creation paradigm, but run opposite the predictions that evolutionary theory would make.

So even playing by the evolutionary rules, the evidence does not stack up for evolution.  A recent study (using evolutionary assumptions and rules) is now saying the same thing from genetics:


In the words of Science Daily,

“A genetic study of island lizards shows that even those that have been geographically isolated

for many millions of years have not evolved into separate species as predicted by conventional evolutionary theory.”

The lizards in the study, even given evolutionary assumptions of millions of years, still interbreed with each other and have not been isolated into different “species.”  This is just one more piece of evidence that evolution is simply not true, but does match the Biblical account of creation.