A ScienceDaily article talked about “Mayan plumbing” that had been discovered, showing they had pressurized water systems:


Now this is fascinating, but let us not forget that we still don’t know how on earth all of these cultures (like the Mayans) built the pyramids, so it should come as no surprise that they had things like plumbing!

It is an evolutionary concept to suggest that people were “stupider” in the past (i.e., we were evolving from less-intelligent apes, according to evolutionary theory).  Adam and Eve of the Bible (the first created humans) were super-human, living to almost 1,000 years old.  Just think of all that could be learned in that time.  There are plenty of examples of ancient technology, including some examples which we still cannot explain to this day.  The people who constructed these buildings/artifacts were so smart, that many have tried to explain it away as instruction from alien intelligence!

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