I don’t have much time to write at this moment, except that there’s been a media frenzy the past few days.  More will come up in my newsletter and blog, but I’ve been fielding questions and emails from subscribers and the media.  I even wound up in a live debate on national radio with Dr. Michael Caldwell this past week, and would’ve been on the air again today, but got the request too late.

Gary Goodyear is our Science and Technology minister here in Canada, and recently he declined a question about whether he believed in evolution or not.  He correctly declined because it has absolutely nothing to do with his capability of performing as minister of science & tech.

The usual anti-creationist machine went into full gear, pumping out its propaganda in a globe and mail article:

Globe and Mail rants

This is when I wound up on the Charles Adler show with Dr. Michael Caldwell (Evolutionary biology professor at Calgary U) – on one hour’s notice! It was a great show, here’s the MP3’s:
Part 1
Part 2

Suffice it to say for the moment that Alters and the other rabid evolutionists are quite wrong when they imply that creationary beliefs are equivelent to believing in the flat earth, or not believing in gravity. Actually, gravity is observable, testable and repeatable. Evolution is none of these things, and therefore has no bearing on the discussion whatsoever. It is also well known that the flat-earth myth was invented by atheists and attributed to creationists and christians to slander them! And here it is again, being parroted by Dr. Alters. I wonder why? Is he deliberately bringing in false arguments, or is he just ignorant on the matter?

As for whether or not a creationist can carry on good science or not, I will simply refer to readers to the creationinfo.com website (Canada’s portal to creation ministries) where they can see a list of modern and past scientists who believed in creation:


There is no doubt that a creationist can carry out good science just like anybody else, and in fact, the very founders of the modern sciences were all creationists.

More to come, and undoubtedly, more media frenzy.