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1) Good grief – now they’re saying the dinosaurs froze to death!
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5) Portable museum: TWO containers!
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1) Good grief – now they’re saying the dinosaurs froze to death!

Do you really think freezing a dinosaur is going to dismember it like this, and entomb it with plants and clams which were buried alive???

If you recall, in my last newsletter I responded to a symposium of international scientists who had finally come together to decide that it was an asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs (see “41 Scientists finally figure it out…?”).

I also showed you why they were wrong. Sure enough, not even two weeks after I sent out that newsletter, another article came out from some European researchers, claiming that no, it was not an asteroid impact, but it was in fact cold that killed the dinosaurs! (frigid weather, not the common cold)


Wait a minute – do you have any idea how many emails I got from anti-creationists, screaming “Victory!” because 41 scientists had gotten together and concluded that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs? After all, if 41 scientists say the same thing, well then by garsh, it’s just gotta be truth!
Okay, so what happened to the conclusions of that 41 scientist panel? Why were those conclusions so quickly discarded by this new research team? It was for the same reasons the “impact theory” was not accepted before the asteroid symposium – because it didn’t stack up to the evidence!

Please, don’t bother me with the facts…
However, the European team is equally wrong, for the same reasons that the 41 member symposium was wrong: the evidence refutes their claim. The evidence is that the dinosaurs were killed and buried in a flood – and when you look at the scale of the evidence, it becomes quite clear it was a global flood.
As one example of the evidence, in the photo above, I showed you one of the ways we typically find dinosaurs – ripped apart and buried together with clams which were buried alive. Now the European team has me a little bit paranoid because it does get quite cold up here in Canada, and we do have clams. So now I’m just a little bit nervous that the cold is going to cause me to fall apart and become entombed in dirt which will also rapidly bury a whole pile of clams alive!

As you can see, the suggestion gets kind of ludicrous. This is what happens when you ignore the evidence – logic goes out the window.

Why would the European researchers propose such proposterous, anti-evidence hypotheses? If you recall in my last newsletter, I gave the reason for this: There is a silent rule within the scientific community that you must not acknowledge a global flood. Don’t believe me? Just try and publish something relating to some of the incredible evidence of a global flood, and watch what happens to your career (Warning: I cannot be held responsible for what may happen to you next. You know, things like failing grades in University, facing open, blatant bigotry, getting publically scoffed at and mocked for being a “creationist,” and having various individuals look at you with a bewildered look on their face as though you have the IQ of a stick).

Well I’m here to declare that the evidence for a global flood is overwhelming. And to deny the evidence left behind by the world-wide flood leads to bewildering, illogical suggestions like “the dinosaurs died from a meteor impact” or “the dinosaurs died because of the cold.” Suggestions that simply do not stack up to the evidence!

At this point, I would like to repeat the mantra that I so often hear the anti-creationists cry (when they think it serves their purposes):

Follow the evidence wherever it may lead!
(yes, even if it leads to a global flood, and a Creator!)

2) Now what can i do for you?

Okay, seriously – I need some feedback. I put a lot of work into these newsletters, and certainly I enjoy putting them together (when I can). I also put a lot of work into the videos, rants, and now the news bites – not to mention the research I do and the work involved in presentations. I want to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of what I do, particularly on the internet. I need to know what you want and need from me.

You folks have all signed up for this newsletter, and I’d like to hear some input on what the newsletter means to you. I’ve also included news bites in this newsletter so y’all can get a taste of those, and possibly give me some feedback on those too.

If any of you could take the time to drop me an email at feedback@ianjuby.org and give me your thoughts (other then the thoughts of some of my ‘fans’ like “I wish you’d shut up and drop dead!” heh heh), here’s some random questions you could answer that would help me out a lot:

  • Do you read the newsletter?
  • Have you/will you subscribe to the news bites?
  • Of all the things I produce (newsletter, news bites, rants, creation lecture videos), which do you use/value the most?
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  • Is there anything you’d like me to do that I am not already doing?
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3) Aliens and Creation – a new video!

It seems ironically appropriate that I would be releasing my new video at this time. First, a former Russian governor publically admits to having been abducted by aliens (http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/06/russian-governor-abducted-aliens/), then Stephen Hawking goes on record saying that there is alien life (http://www.cbc.ca/cp/science/spaceyqh.html), and we should avoid them at all costs – which spurned a reaction by NASA (Who said they’re already sending out invitations to any and all alien life to come visit planet earth), Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer (http://www.cbc.ca/cp/science/spaceyqh.html) and the Montreal-based Raelians, (who believe we were transplanted here by aliens and that Jesus was an alien) who said (and I quote):

“With these views, Hawking demonstrates that he’s not only physically handicapped but mentally handicapped by the degenerative disease of ‘evolutionism’ or ‘Darwinism,’ ” Rael said. “His fears about murderous, invading aliens are based on the theory of evolution – the myth of evolution, to be more precise. He’s afraid humans are inferior to aliens who might invade. That’s logical, but only if you accept the myth of evolution.”

(From: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/rael-deplores-hawkingrsquos-vision-of-hostile-alien-invaders,1276908.shtml)

Aliens: the problem, and the solution
Well the subject of aliens has now taken over the #1 spot for “Most frequently asked question at Ian’s Creation/Evolution presentations.” That’s right – it finally beat out “What do you think about global warming?” (which, for the record, I think global warming is a GREAT idea – I’m from Canada! Now if only it were true…)

“Genesis and Aliens,” a one and a half hour lecture, is a fascinating and disturbing subject. Starting off with the possibilities, I deal with what the scriptures have to say on the subject, what we can say scientifically on the subject (short answer: they can’t be aliens from another planet), and finally the actual evidence which reveals what these ‘aliens’ actually are. I also deal with what people like the former Russian governor can do about it when these ‘aliens’ decide they’re going to invade your life and make it miserable. I’ll give you a hint: The Lord Jesus Christ is the answer.

You can watch the trailer for the video by clicking the screen shot to the right (13 meg download – right-click it, and select “Save link as…” or “Save target as…”).

You can now pre-order the DVD (due to be released within the next week or two), with a special deal of $5 off.

*Sorry – the pre-release sale is now over. If you had signed up for Ian’s newsletter, you could’ve gotten the subscriber privileges, like discounted prices on DVD’s!*

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is self-rated as PG-13; Parental Guidance strongly advised.

Or order it through the online bookstore on my homepage:


4) Website and channel picks

An excellent website with up-to-date headlines relating to the Creation/Evolution debate, as well as Creation Safari and Apollos, the faithful “Baloney detector”:

Bugged by evolution? No sweat – just call on Karl Priest to exterminate evolutionism:
(In particular, you should read his testimony)

A new website I just stumbled upon recently which is quite extensive and intended as a cyber-cafe for creation minded individuals:

5) Portable museum: TWO containers!

Thanks to the incredible support of so many of you, the second container has now been purchased and delivered!

The present phase will be a slow one, engineering the structure of the containers, the slide-outs, floor-plans, lift kit, etc… Thanks for your prayers and support, please continue to pray!

A number of people had asked about how I intend to load and unload the containers from the trucks. Actually, a company in the US which builds portable kitchens into shipping containers has done precisely what I intend to do, and they have a nice little short video on youtube:

In particular, pay close attention at the 55 second mark, you’ll see hydraulic legs that fold out. This is precisely what I’m engineering, only mine are electric, not hydraulic. These legs lift the container up, truck drives away, container is lowered in place.

After I sent a thank-you note to one donor, she wrote back something I thought y’all would appreciate:
“Actually, the donation is from Z**** [her son – I.J.]. All his idea. I was checking your portable creation museum site to see if you’d updated it yet, and he looked over and noticed the thermometer at the top, and decided that he wanted to use some of the $ he’d saved from his allowance to give to your work instead of for toys. He asked Jesus into his heart at 5 1/2, and I just love to see this little man’s faith in action. (Off-topic, tomorrow is his birthday.)”

Follow along on the progress of the project at:
(I really gotta update that page)

6) New CrEvo Rant:

Did you expect anything less? Yup – another rant has hit the internet big screens, this time responding to an anti-creationist remark I’ve sadly heard more then once: “What, do the creationists think the snowflake was designed too?”


I mean hey, if someone wants to mock me, then fine – let them mock away. But as you’ll see, the mockers wind up only mocking themselves. As the good old book of Proverbs says, “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.” (Proverbs 26:5)
This rant, like all of the others, is available all across the internet, but here’s the link to the youtube version of Rant #50: The eye and the snowflake:

and remember to rate and rant!

And of course, you can also download the MP4 version for your ipod from the ipod folder on my website (https://ianjuby.org/ipod), or here’s the direct download link:

Coming soon!
New rants coming soon: Rant #271, “The Flat Earth” and Rant #80: Nylonase is not new information (with guest appearance by Captain Antaginator)

Captain Antaginator


7) New! CrEvo “News Bites”

For all you info-aholics out there, well you can now drink from the firehose! When I can, I’m adding “News Bites” to my blog, which are short newsworthy items of interest to the creation evolution debate. While these newsletters go into a little more depth, the news bites are meant to be very short, make a fast point, move on. Great for reading during your lunch hour or whatever.
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So much for the consensus…

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