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In this newsletter:
1) On the road again…
2) How birds “see” the magnetic field
3) Debate is on line!
4) Survey says: Darwin & God are “alright”
5) Random picks from the mailbag

1) On the road again

Greetings all,
Sorry to be so tardy in getting newsletters out – I’m currently on the road all over Alberta, speaking at Bible Camps, mostly to teens.  It’s been a wonderful time of salvations and encouragement for everyone, including myself.  I’ll be speaking at the 10 day teen week at Ross Haven Bible Camp, and speaking at Mayerthorpe Baptist church on August 9th.  After camp, lucky me, I get to go home!

Please pray for the teens, for me, and for the vehicle as I put on a lot of miles both getting out here and back, as well as driving all over Alberta.  And thank you for praying!


Image taken bu Alan D. Wilson, and modified by Dilliff, courtesy of wikipedia.com

2)How birds “see” the magnetic field

Thanks once again for the hot tip from some astute subscribers.  University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana recently discovered that a molecule known as superoxide, interacts with the photoreceptors in bird eyes, and that allows birds to “see” the earth’s magnetic field:


It’s been known for quite some time that birds can “see” the earth’s electromagnetic field – essentially a built in compass the birds follow on their long migrations.  It’s just that nobody knew exactly how some birds “see” the magnetic field.  A serendipitous experiment carried out at CU, discovered that the superoxide appears to be interacting with cryptochrome – the photoreceptor in the eyes of birds which detects blue light.  Interestingly, humans also have this chemical, and the same photoreceptors, but because we have a much lower amount of superoxide, we cannot “see” earth’s magnetic field.

The problem is that superoxide is a toxic substance – at least in today’s environment.  In the articles, the authors wax eloquently on how somehow birds “evolved” this system of using small amounts of a toxic chemical that causes minor cellular damage in the eye, but enables the bird to see the earth’s electromagnetic field.

How this creationist “sees” the situation:
Of course, considering that all things were designed, this raises some interesting questions.  First, you’ll notice that this is an incredible system – incredibly compact, energy efficient, and extremely sensitive to magnetic fields.  One must remember that when we mark out the past measurements of earth’s geomagnetic field, we observe that it has been declining in strength.  So as you go back in time, the earth’s geomagnetic field would have been stronger. So would this have enabled humans to “see” the earth’s geomagnetic field?  Quite possibly.

Figure 1 – copperhead snake venom, as seen
via an electron microscope

Figure 2 – venom from a copperhead after
living in biosphere
Images courtesy of Creation Evidence Museum

Secondly, while superoxide is currently toxic and apparently causes some cellular damage, the present cannot be the key to the past.  As I have discussed elsewhere in my videos and newsletters, something radical has changed in the past, presumably around the time of Noah’s flood.  Insects, animals and plants lost considerable size.  There was some kind of dramatic change in the environment, and experiments carried out by the Creation Evidence Museum in their hyperbaric biosphere attempted to simulate the hypothesized pre-flood world conditions.  Under these conditions, the lifespan of fruit flies was tripled, and they grew much larger in size.

Copperhead snake venom is normally disordered, and very toxic (see figure 1, on right).  But after a couple of weeks of living in the hyperbaric biosphere (which also simulated a higher geomagnetic field), the snake venom became more ordered. (figure 2, on right)

In fact, now that some more analysis has been completed on the venom, we can now say that under these conditions, the snake produced a radically different protein assemblage in their venom: Some proteins were inhibited, others were completely removed.  Other proteins were produced in greater quantities, while other proteins were expressed which were not normally produced at all before.

This has led to speculation as to the purpose of the snake’s fangs and venom in the pre-flood world, as it appears the venom may very well be non-toxic in these conditions!  So what were the snake’s fangs and venom originally used for then? We do not know – that is a matter of further research, which will hopefully be carried out when the main, 80′ long hyperbaric biosphere gets on line at CEM.

The point is this: Our present creation is broken.  We cannot judge the past by the present.  When we carry out even short-run experiments simulating what the past world may have been like, we see radical changes in organisms, and even simulate many things we see in the fossil record, like giant organisms.

3) Debate is on line!

As you already know from previous newsletters, I am presently in a pre-recorded debate for internet radio with Dr. David Koerner or Northern Arizona University.  Well the first podcast is now on line, with a couple of more episodes to come!  All the podcasts will be at:

(the podcasts are in chronological order, so scroooooollll waaaaaayyy down the page!)

The first episode is introductions, opening arguments for planet formation and rebuttals for planet formation.  New episodes should be uploaded every Friday, so check back often!


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4) Survey says: Darwin & God are “alright”

A recent, international survey showed that the majority of people felt had no problem believe in Darwinian evolution and God.


But this is what we’re here for – to educate the populace at large.  Interestingly, four of the six people I interviewed for “Persuaded by the Evidence” went through a phase in their life of theistic evolutionary beliefs. So I’m sympathetic to those who are theistic evolutionary persuasion – however, as the interviewees noted – this is bad science, and bad theology.

Not only does Darwinian evolution not work, scientifically, it also doesn’t work theologically.  Evolution thrives on death, disease, survival of the fittest, and millions of years.  None of which fit into the Bible, and the God of the Bible refers to death and disease as enemies. (Mat 4:23, Mat 9:35, Mat 10:1, 1 Cor 15:26)
And in John 11:4, Jesus said that this one man’s sickness was for the glory of God – because He was going to heal the sick man. Sickness was not part of the original plan, but a part of the curse from mankind’s fall.  Yet according to evolutionary beliefs, the fossil record is millions of years of death and disease, which supposedly led to the evolutionary rise of humans.  This means that death and disease were part of creation before Adam and Eve even existed, and thus you have death and disease before the fall of man.

See the “Complete Creation” video, part 7: http://completecreation.org

If evolution has occured, it certainly wasn’t by the hand or intent of the God of the Bible.

5) Random picks from the mailbag

Here’s some samplings of kind mail, hate mail, and random comments from random people.

I am really loving the videos you are making, they just amaze me.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing to help spread the truth to people.

Have you ever had a debate with an evolutionist about these things that you have on video?
I would be interested to see a video of a debate of “Creationist V Evolutionist”


Hello Ian,

I would like to thank you for your hard work, and for providing such vital Creation Science information via Youtube at such an important time.


***Edtior’s note: I figure if someone attempts to insult me in private, I should take their words and shout it from the rooftops.  I usually don’t respond to such tirades, but in this case I did, and felt that posting my response would be educational.

“It is $#@%$&* scary the *&#$ you teach little children. I actually started laughing when you talked about baby dinosaurs on noah’s ark. But hey, you’re right, it’s all just a big conspiracy!!! Ya know, the dinosaurs being millions of years old. Ohhhh, those crazy scientists! Perhaps you should go on national television and debate these scientists? I bet that would be something to watch! Now if you’ll excuse me, my pet snake is talking to me and I have to go.”

I replied:
“Sorry to be so late writing back, I’ve been on the road for weeks.

It doesn’t surprise me that a guy who thinks a frog turned into a prince also thinks his snake is talking to him! lol!

Apparently you’re unaware that I HAVE debated Phd’s on nationally syndicated radio, and am presently in a debate for an internet radio program with a Phd from NAU – http://sagadiiradio.com

Apparently you’re also unaware that I have had a standing offer for over a decade to debate multiple Phd’s in a public, moderated scientific debate on the tenets of creation and evolution – and it’s been a struggle to get even ONE to participate.

Tell me – are you a Phd? Judging by your comments, I’d say “no.”
Perhaps you could help arrange some phd’s for a debate on national television? I’d be game! Funny how those Phd’s cower from a guy who gives children’s talks huh? At least Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Koerner have stepped up to the plate, and earned my respect for it.


The same guy also wrote:

“It is also &$%#*& scary how you try to convince yourself of the most absurd things just so you can explain the bible. FREAKIN SCARY!!!!!!!!! You sir are mentally unstable and are poisoning our youth with fairy tales. I know, how about you go debate archeologists and other dinosaur experts and talk about how you think the T-Rex ate leaves! I’m sure you won’t look like a moron at all, don’t worry! Your parents failed you miserably.”

I replied:
“Once again, you betray your ignorance. Apparenty you’re unaware that Dr. Jack Horner – yes, the guy that inspired “Jurassic park”, believes T-rex was a vegetarian – for a lot of the same reasons I quoted.

Have a nice day!


Hey I’m sure you get a bunch of random junk messages so I’ll keep this short. I’m an athesist because atheism makes sense to me. That said I really enjoy your rants you present the Christian perspective in a well argued point of view. Most of your rants I believe there are some flaws in and also a tendency for straw man logic fallacy but if I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to say I am an athesist because it makes sense to me.

Anyways I just wanted to say I enjoy your videos, they present a side of an argument better then I normally see it presented. I have subscribed and hope you will keep making videos. Also a debate against an intelligent atheist would be interesting to see.

Thank you, Ian, for posting The Complete Creation, 2nd Edition, on YouTube!

I had a fervent walk with God until about 15 years ago, at which time I had drifted away.

However, early in the year the Campus Crusade club on campus had a presentation on some evidence for a world-wide flood as an explanation for polystrata fossils and other geological phenomena, which perked my interest, so I started seeing what other information might be available. When I came across wazooloo on YouTube and the 12 hours of material, I spent a weekend watching all of it and decided that there were enough outliers to convince me that both Old Earth and Evolution are, at best, a flawed explanation and it is more likely that we have an earth that is 6,000 or so years old that has experienced a catastrophe  than one that is billions with uniform processes shaping it.

I had shared some of the highlights with a coworker, and he invited me to Easter service at his church. So, April 12, 2009, I attended and renewed my walk with The Lord. So now I am a member of that church, taking their discipleship classes as quickly as I can, and I have really enjoyed the time since April 12.

Who knew that misplaced artifacts (including metal spheres with lines on them found in coal mines), radiometric anomalies (C14 in diamonds!, top of Grand Canyon older than the riverbed), helium diffusion from uranium ore still leaving too much helium trapped in the rock for the supposed age, too little meteor dust on earth, too little top soil, soft tissue found in dinosaur bones, the edible  woolly mammoth, human and dinosaur footprints in the same strata and even one stepping on the print of the other, the Cambrian explosion instead of pre-Cambrian transitions, earth’s magnetic force decay making life impossible when projected back to the beginning of mankind, the mathematical impossibility of the beginning of life (and the formation of life being contrary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics), and also a very interesting piece of cloth bearing a very unusual image (and the carbon dating on that was made on patchwork–not on the original cloth; oops, you didn’t speak about that) would lead me back to the faith?

I think someone may have been praying for me! (And if not someone, then Someone–Romans 8 mentions TWO intercessors: v. 26 The Holy Spirt and v. 34 Christ Jesus.)

Thank you for the part you played in bringing me back to our Lord Jesus Christ!


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