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Hey Happy New Year eh!

In this newsletter:
1) Texas Fishapod fry!
2) The Evolution of Avon
3) CrEvo Rants, Volume I now on DVD! (plus some new rants)
4) Portable Creation Museum update
5) Upcoming talks and tours
6) Long overdue give-away!


1) Texas Fishapod fry!

Now I’m not a big fish eater, but I have to admit, the
first time I had Texas grilled Catfish, I loved it!  So there’s no
better way to start off the new year then with a good fish fry, only
today, we’re going to fry some “fishapods.”

Bad year for Darwin

Welp, we’re just wrapping up the “year of Darwin,” which was supposed
to be a celebration of Darwin’s birthday, and his genius penned in his
earth-shaking book “Origin of the species.”  Problem is, it’s been
a baaaad year for Darwin.

You’ll recall in several newsletters from the past year (1, 2 , 3)
that the mythological evolutionary tree has suffered repeated hacking,
uprooting, pruning and grafting.  Well the subject of today’s
first story lops off a major branch….again!

The find is “very old” fossil footprints found in Poland:
(complete with nice video from Nature magazine)

Also, a nice video on the find:

Supposedly 395 million years
, these footprints have toes and are similar in many ways to large salamander tracks. In layman’s terms, what this means from an evolutionary standpoint is that tetrapods (four-footed, four-legged creatures) were around 395 million years ago.
Telling another fishapod story

The evolutionary myth has tetrapods (land animals) evolving from fish –
hence the nickname “fishapods”
– creatures supposedly half-way
between a fish and a tetrapod
.  So these were creatures evolving into tetrapods.  Wikipedia has
a nice diagram of the “fishapods” and their supposed evolutionary

(image courtesy of wikipedia)


If you were paying attention, you’ll notice that the Polish fossil footprints are older than all of the
fishapods!  Waitaminit – I thought the fishapods were supposed to be evolving into tetrapods? But now we have evidence (by evolutionary standards) that tetrapods were already around before any of the fishapods!  It’s purdy simple: your great-great-great-grandfather can’t be your child.  You’ll notice that this single fossil footprint find just uprooted the tetrapod evolutionary tree.

So to help you grasp the significance of all of this, let’s hop into the time machine and take a look at what’s been said about some of these “fishapods.”


Cast of Tiktaalik fossil, on display at the Chicago Field Museum

Interpretive plaque at Chicago Field museum – click on image to view
high-resolution version

Homology plaque describing Tik’s forelimb

<sarcasm on>It’s just like yours! </sarcasm off>

It was only 2006 when Tiktaalik rosae (aka “Tiki”) was presented to the public with much fanfare.  This is an incredibly important fossil for the evolution myth.  Don’t believe me?

In 2008 I was taken on a wonderful tour of the Chicago field
museum – wow.  Of course, we homed in on the “Evolution hall”
which provided copious amounts of supposed evidence for
evolution (It actually provided a lot of wonderful evidence for creation!).  Tiktaalik had quite a bit of space for itself in the Evolution hall.  The
plaque (shown right, click on thumbnails to view high-res images) is
quite plain in its very bold claims:

“The 375-million-year-old Tiktaalik is a “missing link” between sarcopterygian, or lobe-finned, fishes and their tetrapod descendants.”

[Bold Emphasis and red text mine]

Notice the word “descendants?”  In fact, the Field Museum made a very big deal of the bones of Tiktaalik to make their case – heck, the bones in its fishy fin are just like yours! Can’t you see it? (see image on right, “Homology”)  I dealt with this bankrupt argument from homology in a previous newsletter (see second entry).

I have to give them credit though: They at least called it’s “leg” what
it was – a fin. A big deal was made about the fact that Tiki had its eyes on top of its
head.  Ya, so does the flounder and tarbot – they’re fish. Your point is?

First course of the meal: fishopods,  second course: words…

But in case you’re still missing the significance of the Poland fossil
footprint find, let’s visit a few websites and see what they had to say
about the discovery of Tiki.

A Harvard University Gazette article said:

“It would take several more seasons, and a move east to Ellesmere Island, before the researchers would find their prize: a link between fish and land animals that they would name Tiktaalik roseae.

Tiktaalik would prove worth

the wait. When announced in April 2006, the discovery was hailed as the long-sought “missing link,” filling an evolutionary gap in the history of how fishlike creatures first crawled out of the shallow rivers to take their place on land….Still, Jenkins acknowledged that Tiktaalik’sdiscovery provides a stronger link between fishes and tetrapods, or four-legged land animals.”[emphasis mine]

BBC news headlined their article “Fossil animals found in Arctic Canada provide a snapshot of fish evolving into land animals, scientists say” and went on to report:

“Before these finds, palaeontologists knew that lobe-finned fishes
evolved into land-living creatures
during the Devonian Period. [uhhh….how’d they ‘know’ this? – IJ]…Professor Jennifer Clack, from the University of Cambridge, said
that the find could prove to be as much of an “evolutionary icon” as Archaeopteryx – an animal believed to mark the transition from reptiles to birds.”

You remember Archaeopteryx, don’t you? One of the most famous intermediate fossils ever – supposed ‘proof’ that lizards evolved into birds, another fossil ‘proof of evolution’ which was also ungloriously hurled out of the evolutionary tree last fall.

The BBC article reproduced the
diagram from the Nature magazine report on Tiki, and the diagram is
very telling (shown right):

You can’t get around it – with titles like “Transition between fish and land vertebrates,” it’s pretty obvious what they were claiming
about Tiki.  And by the way – this entire chart just got thrown out the
window by this one find from Poland, because land vertebrates were already around before Eusthenopteron!

An MSNBC article kicks off with a pretty drawing showing Tiki trying to walk up on land.  Too late Tiki! Someone already beat you to it by about ohhhh….. 20 million years, give or take?  The article goes
on to make the usual brazen claims associated with the discovery of an “intermediate fossil:”

“Scientists have caught a fossil fish in the act of adapting toward a life on land…Researchers have long known that fish evolved into the first creatures on land with four legs and backbones more than 365 million years ago, [uhhh…how’d they know that?  – IJ] but they’ve had precious little fossil evidence to document how it happened….Yet, its front fins had bones that correspond to a shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm and a primitive version of a wrist, Shubin said.”

Waitaminit – the upper arm,
elbow, forearm and completely formed
were already around 20 million years before Tiki, according to the Poland footprints – so how is any of this a “primitive version” of something that already existed?  Was Tiki
trying to evolve back into a fish from a land-walking creature?

Notice that when you look at the big picture, this is precisely what the fossil “evidence” paints – see “something fishy about fish fingers.

Evolutionists shoot themselves in the foot….again….

The best is yet to come – we’ve only scratched the surface on the quotes here, but I hope you’ll walk away from this with one lesson: Every time an “intermediate fossil” is found which somehow “proves evolution,” take a lot of notes!

Did you know Tiki actually has his own website?

Yup – put out by the University of Chicago:
If you go there, and click on “Meet Tiktaalik”, you see powerful quotes like

“Its discovery sheds light on a pivotal point in the history of life on Earth: when the very first fish ventured out onto land.”

Even better yet, (Yer gonna love this) the anti-creationist website, “The Sensuous Curmudgeon” just loved the slam-dunk that Tiki provided, saying in their blog post: (and I quote)

“…the discovery of Tiktaalik illustrates — and rebuts — many of the fallacies of creationism. In fact, we think the story of Tiktaalik should be told every time you find yourself in a conversation with a creationist.

[Gee – I couldn’t agree more -haha! – IJ]

When creationists address the subject of transitional fossils, they are in full denial mode. This is because of their dogmatic insistence that one species can’t evolve into another.”

They were referring to their previous post discussing the spectacular Tiki find:

“Consider the discovery of Tiktaalik, the fossil of a transitional species midway between finned fish and four-footed land animals. It wasn’t an accidental discovery. It was found by predicting that such a transition occurred approximately 363 million years ago, before which, according to the fossil record, there were no four-legged vertebrates living on land. Relying on geology, an appropriately aged and conveniently exposed rock stratum was located in the Canadian Arctic that had once been an ancient shoreline. That’s where the search commenced.

Are you following this? Testing a prediction based on both evolution and geology, the scientists searched for the fossil of a transitional creature that — according to the theory of evolution — must have once existed in a place and time like the one geologists said they were searching. After five years of effort their search was spectacularly successful — simultaneously confirming the validity of both geology and evolution theory.

[bold, italics and red text mine -IJ]

So then according to the sensuous
curmudgeon, both geology and
evolution theory have now been
proven wrong in their predictions!

(I love it)

And now for the really big shew…

But let us not forget our good atheist buddy, Dr. Richard Dawkins His most recent book “the greatest show on earth,” has a full-colour spread on
Tiki, and mentions a whole wack of the other fishopods.  The cover of his book promises “evidence for evolution.” So of course Dawkins spent many a page on the evolution of tetrapods.

It’s clear that Dawkins has Eusthenopteron in the evolution of the tetrapods (pg 166) as he tries to build a case for this, pointing out that “in the forelimb, a single humerus was joined to two bones, the radius and the ulna, joined to lots of little bones, which we tetrapods call carpals, metacarpals and fingers.  And the hind limb shows a similar tetrapod-like pattern.”

On the same page, he introduces Ichthyostega – which really does look like an amphibian, similar in many ways to a salamander.  In fact, he describes Icky as an “early tetrapod.” How can it be an “early tetrapod” if tetrapods were around 30 million years before Icky – according to evolutionary time?

On page 167 he introduces Acanthostega, which he still tries to bring into the tetrapod ancestry by remarking on its “digits.” (pg 168).  And so he goes on with Panderichthys, pointing out how this nicely fills in the tetrapod evolution, leaving only a gap between Panderichthys and Acanthostega – where he touts Tiki as the messiah of evolutionary theory – a messiah that was even ‘prophesied,’ as he waxes eloquently on how evolutionary theory and old-earth theory predicted exactly where they would find this “missing link.”

Funny though – evolutionary theory and the geologic timescale did not permit, nor predict the find of fossil tetrapod footprints in Poland, which would show that all of the “fishapod” evolution was nothing more than another fish story – like the rest of evolutionary myth.

Creationary research wins hands-down.

And of course, none of the evolutionists I have cited here would acknowledge the amphibian-like tracks in the Tapeats sandstone in Grand Canyon (dated 540 to 570 million years old), which predate the
Poland tracks by 145 million years
according to the evolutionary timescale!  I cover these tracks that John Mackay (creation research, Australia) discovered over a decade ago in my “Complete Creation” video series, available for viewing for free on line.  Check out part 3, and the appendix “tip-toe through the tapeats.”

Did you get the big picture?
So hopefully in all of this, you’ve gotten the big picture.  The evolutionists have been very clear about their belief in tetrapod evolution, which has just been shot down in a glorious ball of flame.  Not only does this have ramifications for tetrapod evolution, it also has ramifications for the geologic timescale to which the evolutionary theory is married.
Whenever you hear of fossil ‘proof’ of evolution, and you have loud-mouthed anti-creationists and anti-theists in your face, claiming that they’ve finally proved you wrong….just tell them that aint the
first time you’ve heard them say that, and it aint the first time they’ve been wrong.

A special thanks to David Bump for his review of the Nature magazine article, and big “thank you” to Brock Lee from who provided stuff from Dawkin’s book.


One example of an original
Neanderthal man reconstruction

(Public Domain Image)

2) The Evolution of Avon

(with still yet another nod to Tara Banfield for the hot tip on this story – thanks Tara)

As mankind evolved steadily over millions of years, woman became intelligent enough to realize that man, being the stupid Neanderthal that he was, was attracted to beauty.  She was a Neanderthal woman, and thus needed all the help she could get at looking beautiful…to attract…”handsome”….Neanderthal men….  So she developed make up, and thus the evolution of Avon began – culminating small changes over hundreds of thousands of years which added up to BIG changes to make Avon what it is today.

Okay, seriously though, the report comes from BBC news of the find of a Neanderthal make-up kit:

Now it’s not quite what you’d envision buying at the pharmacy – the
“Neanderthal” peoples were mixing/storing pigments in shells.  The
point of course being that we’ve had loads of evidence that the
Neanderthal peoples were not some stupid creature.  The idea that
has us evolving from dumb apes is an evolutionary one – therefore,
according to evolutionism, as you go back farther in time, we were more stupid.

In fact, the BBC article even points this out, saying “It’s very difficult to dislodge the brutish image from popular thinking,” Professor Stringer told BBC News. “When football fans behave badly, or politicians advocate reactionary views, they are invariably called ‘Neanderthal’,
and I can’t see the tabloids changing their headlines any time soon.”

The find of make-up dated to the time of Neanderthals is very telling
of their intellect and emotional capabilities.  As was said in the
article, “The team says its find buries “the view of Neanderthals as half-wits” and
shows they were capable of symbolic thinking.”

Even more than symbolic thinking, on my website is a translation of a
1908 article regarding an apparent Neanderthal skeleton buried in chain mail armour.
Now there is some controversy surrounding whether or not that skeleton
is actually Neanderthal or not, but do go and read the article and the

By the way – there are people alive today with “Neanderthal” features – including many women, and those women are quite attractive.

Bottom line: contrary to evolutionism, Neanderthals were not stupid.


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CrEvo Rant #67: Lessons from the robots, part I (poor design)
CrEvo Rant #37: Mailbag III
CrEvo Rant #93: Frogs are useful, part I

And also don’t forget, all rants are on the “CrEvo Rants” Playlist on my youtube channel:


4) Portable museum update

Thanks to everyone who prayed and are praying.  Alas,
I have no photos to show yet.  There’s been some snags in getting
the funds transferred over to Canada, and both the donors and I have
been a little frustrated by that.  I am pleased to say that I have
found a donor who’s willing to commit to making the monthly interest
payments on the loan.

Please continue to pray – I am very excited and waiting in anticipation
to hopefully go and get the first shipping container.  Also,
please pray as I will be meeting with various individuals and groups
who are considering donating to the project.  And thanks to those
who chipped in financially on the Portable Creation Museum project.


5) Upcoming talks and Tours

Any groups in Ontario, I’m here
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On February 13th, we’ll be recording a new DVD on the Alien phenomena and the evolution connection.  A disturbing, but fascinating subject.  Stay tuned for more details.

January 26th: Cobden Pentecostal church children’s event
February 13th: Shooting a new video at Pembroke Pentecostal Tabernacle on the Alien Phenomena
February 28: Lifebridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Morning family service
March 7: First Pentecostal Church, Cornerbrook, Newfoundland – start of the Newfoundland tour!
March 14: Springdale Pentecostal church, Newfoundland
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All March:
Newfoundland – looking for bookings.  (I could probably stick around for most of April too, if there are interested parties).
June-August: Alberta, British Columbia – looking for bookings, as well as western and northern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan for the trip out.

July 1-4: David Thompson Bible Camp, Family camp, Alberta
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