Greetings all,

There are three new displays in my traveling museum, which I just added to the
“Virtual Museum” on my website.

These are dinosaur egg “nests”, which are used as a common argument by
anti-creationists to debunk the global flood of Noah.  In this very brief
response, you’ll see three examples of nests along with a discussion of the

For you info-aholics, you can follow the link provided there to the original
article in CRSQ which inspired these models and goes much detail.

Later on this year I will be adding more to this section in the virtual
museum, and a few displays to the physical museum.  The Citipati specimen for
example, was an Oviraptor buried alive while sitting on top of its nest.  Also
if you get the chance to see the traveling museum, you can see these nests
personally, as well as a genuine fossil Hadrosaur egg.  Stay tuned!