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In this newsletter:
1) “Happy Birthday Darwin” tour
2) Aren’t you being a little hard on the evolutionists?
3) Response to Scientific American’s special Darwin edition
4) “1.5 million year old” Fossil human footprints
5) No really, “The Complete Creation” is almost finished
6) Even liberals want opposing views of evolution taught!
7) Mobile Museum – oh boy, do I need your prayers.

1) “Happy Birthday Darwin” tour

I just returned late last night after a five-week tour in the US, the first leg of my “Happy Birthday Darwin” tour. It was a fantastic trip, thank you to all of you who hosted events and put up with me… er, I mean, put me up.

Also along the way I hiked into Red Rock canyon of Nevada and the Empire mountains of Arizona, examing supposed “overthrusts.” These are rock layers that are in the “wrong order” according to the evolutionary time scale. So the evolutionary geologists attempt to explain this supposed wrong order by claiming that an older rock layer slid over top a younger rock layer.

My response to this claim, in short, “fat chance.” But I’ll give more details on this in the future, as well as videos on youtube and godtube where I’ll show the evidence.

I’ll be home for two months, building museum displays for the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Glendive, Montana. Then after Easter I’ll be heading out for the second leg of my US tour, which will probably be my last tour for a very long time (see “mobile museum” down below).
2) Aren’t you being a little hard on the evolutionists?

I’ve had a number of comments and feedback from a variety of individuals who felt that perhaps I was being a little hard on the evolutionists. I take criticism like this to heart and I certainly do not ignore it. However, I feel I need to explain some things – especially before people read my response to Scientific American (coming up next).

First, I need to remind readers that, to me, there is a very large difference between an evolutionist/skeptic and an anti-creationist. Most evolutionists I have no problem with, and I like to be gracious to them. I have no problem with a skeptic, as I am a skeptic.

Being nice to the evolutionists…
A classic example of how I deal with most evolutionists and skeptics is seen in my response to a letter from a physicist, who obviously had genuine questions, and he certainly deserved some answers.

Then there are the anti-creationists.
These are the people who are not interested in the truth, who are only interested in discrediting anyone who dares to question evolution, or much worse – support creation. Such people cling to evolution simply for convenience, are very vocal, and show no mercy in their mockery of the holders of the truth, and mockery of the truth itself… while simultaneously claiming there is no absolute truth.

What would Jesus do?
When we look at the words of Christ, he was incredibly harsh with those who would mislead others. He referred to the Pharisees as “snakes” and the children of the devil. These are not nice words.

For the better part, I like to be gracious to the evolutionists, but quite blunt about the facts. This is not intended to pour salt into a wound, though unfortunately that may happen from time to time with my brutal honesty. My intention is to not waste time,because the time is short. I certainly do not mind apologizing to those whom I may have offended, but let’s face it – sometimes, the truth just plain hurts. Just because I speak the truth does not make me a bad guy. Nevertheless, if you’re an evolutionist who was offended by my attempts at brutal honesty, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Dealing with anti-creationists:
Now when it comes to the anti-creationists, I hold no punches, because there are those who are watching and listening who need to see the utter and profound foolishness of these people – lest the observers be led astray and convinced by the impressive sounding foolishness of the anti-creationists. The souls of the observers depend upon it. So when an anti-creationist starts ranting, for example, about the fact that “there is no absolute truth,” I merely point out that that means their statement isn’t absolutely true. I then proceed to point out their other logical falacies and false claims. If it shames the anti-creationist, then so be it – though I certainly do not like to shame anyone.
Most anti-creationists will not repent, or see the truth because they do not want to. Nevertheless, some of these people could be the next Apostle Paul, or the next C.S. Lewis: One was rudely knocked off his high horse, the other was offended into the kingdom, describing himself as “The most miserable convert ever” because he finally had to concede there was a God, and he had been a fool to not believe it.

Lastly, because most of my dealings are via the internet, I have learned over the years how warped and utterly changed our communication can become via this static, un-emotional, impersonal method of communication. What I intend for humour may come across as biting sarcasm that I never intended. I try to be careful in what I write, but I am only human.

With all of this in mind, let us move along to…

3) Response to Scientific American’s special Darwin edition

In celebration of Darwin’s 200th birthday, and 150th year of his publication “Origin of the species,” the entire year of 2009 is scheduled to be celebrated as “the year of Darwin.” Of course, we creationists are out celebrating in our own special way…. like going on speaking tours, showing the world what Darwin didn’t know, and many evolutionists today don’t know.

The January 2009 issue of Scientific American was jam packed with pro-Darwinian propaganda, and I just couldn’t help myself but write a response. I still have not finished writing my response, but what can I say – I had to hit the road.

Here is the first three parts, enjoy!

4) “1.5 million year old” Fossil human footprints

Hot off the press, fossil human footprints in supposedly 1.5 million year old rock in Kenya. Whadya know – they’re human! Yup, all five toes, the ball, the arch, and the heel are present. In fact, these tracks are nowhere near as convincing as some of the Paluxy fossil human footprints, yet the Kenyan tracks are acknowledged as being very human. A six foot tall human, according to the estimates of the scientists studying the tracks.
In the photo to the right (Matthew Bennet, et al, Science, February 27, 2009), the second toe (next to the big toe) is present, just very faint and high. This is a good time to point out that this is a human trait: your second toe is actually the most sensitive of your toes, and often when walking in mud, you will lift that toe…. just like this person did.

Here’s a report on daily planet:

and a layman’s version of the story by the BBC:

You can also get first hand info straight off the Science mag’s website (it’ll take a few minutes to download, it’s in PDF format):

Interestingly, Bennett, et al, also mention a number of other animal tracks that have graced the rock layers in question. There are actually two rock layers containing the footprints, separated vertically by about 5 meters (15 feet) of other rock layers. Very quickly the various articles point out that these are not the “oldest” fossil footprints found, but the Laetoli footprints are the oldest, dated at 3.7 million years old and attributed to Australopithecus afarensis.
By the way, I have recently acquired a cast of a couple of the Laetoli tracks for the Creation Science Museum of Canada. These tracks are completely human, and very unlike the feet of afarensis! In fact, read what National Geographic wrote, in quoting world-renowned human footprint expert, Dr. Louise Robbins:

“They looked so human, so modern, to be found in tuffs so old,’ says footprint expert
Dr. Louise Robbins of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. The best preserved
print shows the raised arch, rounded heel, pronounced ball, and forward pointing
big toe necessary for walking erect. Pressures exerted along the foot attest to a
striding gait. Scuff marks appear in the toe area, and a fossilized furrow seams the footprint.
The footsteps come from the south, progress northward in a fairly straight line.
The crispness of definition and sharp outlines convince me that they were left on a
damp surface that retained the form of the foot.”

The cast of two Laetoli tracks will be part of the fossil footprints display in the traveling museum (more down below).

Putting a good foot forward:
You see, chimps and apes do not have “feet,” but rather have four “hands” for grasping tree branches (photograph on right). There is no creature, fossil or living, which has feet like human feet. One thing you don’t see in the photograph is that the toe bones of apes are curved, while human toe bones are straight. The afarensis toe bones that have been found are curved, just like the apes, and perfect for grasping branches.

It’s amazing that all of these footprints are acknowledged as very human, while the Paluxy human footprints, many of which are vastly superior in detail, are rejected by the evolutionists. Why? Because these are human footprints with dinosaur tracks, which refutes the theory of evolution and affirms the biblical account of creation.

You can see more details on the Paluxy tracks in “The Complete Creation,” parts 9 & 10, available for viewing for free on my website:

Also, an excellent book on the subject by my good friend and fellow Paluxy track researcher, Aaron Judkins, just came out. It is an exhaustive book, appropriately titled “The Global Phenomenon of Human Fossil Footprints in Rock,” and can be bought in hardback, paperback, or instant digital download:

The Kenyan footprints are being attributed to Homo erectus, which is a completely modern human. There is nothing half-ape, half-human about the skeletons in question. For more details, see my fossil-by-fossil account of the “hominid” fossils, including Homo erectus.


5) No really, “The Complete Creation” almost finished

So far it’s still the “Incomplete Creation,” but all videos through part 20 have now been uploaded to youtube and godtube, the playlist is here:

Now that I’m back home again, please pray – I hope to finish the last two videos within the next week or two, but this is it! We’re down to the last DVD!

Editing has already commenced, and part 21 is pretty much finished – one more brief shoot in the studio, and it will be rendered out and uploaded.

6) Even liberals want opposing views of evolution taught!
Kudos to Terry Beh for calling this article to my attention. Terry has a newsletter relating to fossil finds of interest to creationists, to sign up, simply drop him an email, requesting to be added: TPBeh@aol.com

From Discovery Institute’s news line:

A Zogby poll conducted a few days before Darwin’s birthday showed that 78% of the pollsters wanted to see both strengths and weaknesses of evolution taught! Also surprisingly, this US poll broke down the pollsters into political camps of democrats and republicans. The liberal, democratic pollsters actually outnumbered the conservative republicans in terms of how many want both strengths and weaknesses taught!

In spite of all of this, a very small cadre of zealous anti-creationists continue to vehemently defend evolution from critique via judges, lawyers and policies. The fact that evolution needs to hide behind laws and policies is a remarkable fact. The majority does not want evolution to have exclusivity in schools, it is the minority that continues to force evolution into the school systems, completely unchallenged.

….but this will only go on for so long.

7) Mobile Museum – oh boy, do I need your prayers.

After starting off the year in fasting and prayer, I believe the Lord has laid upon my heart to build a traveling museum into two tractor trailers. I plan to begin construction this fall, and can really use your support not just in finances, but in prayer.

It is encouraging to note the profound impact of the Big Valley Creation Science Museum and the Bow Island Creation Museum had on the public opinion in Alberta (see item #4 on my blog post to see what I mean). I want to see that effect again, this time throughout the entire country.

The trailers will be moved from town to town, and are joined into one large museum. It will have unique exhibits that to the best of my knowledge are not in any other museum in the world. I also intend to have animatronic dinosaurs, and of course, displays suitable for children.

Edgar Nernberg, from Calgary has also agreed to loan some of his world-class fossil collection to the museum, for which I am very grateful.

I will be aiming for secular venues, as well as christian ones. While obviously the museum will be set up in cities, small town Canada will be the focus. I will attempt to move the museum in smaller stints so that hopefully few people will have to drive more than 100 kilometers to see it, setting up in towns of 500 people or more.
This will raise awareness of the debate across Canada, and to educate the populace in the incredible evidence for creation. It will also serve to raise funds for the permanent creation museum to be built in Ottawa, and the trailer museum will serve as a temporary, on-site museum while the permanent museum is being built. Once the permanent museum has opened its doors, the trailers will continue to serve as a traveling creation museum to the predominantly rural Canadian population, and perhaps tours in the US as well.

I’ve set up a webpage devoted just to this project, on which I will lay out the needs, and the many ways you can help. Also, I’ll post progress reports and photos on there so you can stay in the loop.