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more baby dinosaurs found, a new documentary on Noah’s flood, and we answer a boatload of criticisms regarding overthrusts – this, is Genesis Week.

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A couple of episodes back, we discussed how dinosaur egg nests actually provide good evidence of a global flood. We also discussed the rarity of dinosaur embryos in eggs, and in multiple episodes we discussed the finding of preserved soft tissues in dinosaur bones, and ultimately even living organisms like toads in rocks alleged to be over 400 million years old.
Well let’s add to that mix. This past week a report came out in Nature mazagine, detailing a spectacular find of dinosaur embryo bones in varying stages of development. Multiple dinosaur embryos were found in a disarticulated state – that means they’re all ripped apart. They were identified as Lufengosaurus and were believed to have been killed by… (drumroll please) Take a guess – take a wild guess! What do you think the scientists concluded killed these dinosaurs?

You guessed it – a flood! Notice a consistency here? Go back and check out our “Eggsplained by the flood” esipode to see this just falls in line with everything else. It was a flood that killed the dinosaurs.
Another interesting point about this new find is that because the embryos were represented in different stages of development, the researchers were able to guage the growth rates of these dinosaurs, and concluded that they grew remarkably fast – even in the egg. If you’ll recall, this again ties in with points we discussed in our “eggsplained by the flood” esipode, as the embryos are exceedingly rare, and the ones we do find, may even be development that occurred while the mother was carrying the eggs. So these rapid growth rates add more weight to that supposition.
And last but certainly not least, guess what they found in the bones? (drumroll please)

You guessed it – collagen fibers! In other words, protein matter which again SHOULD NOT BE IN BONES that are alleged to be 70 million years old. Think about that – 70 MILLION years. There should be absolutely none left. There is NO known process by which biomatter can be preserved for so long, and every study conducted says it cannot last that long. Again, this is consistent with what has been seen throughout the rock record, and consistent with the idea that the dinosaurs are NOT millions of years old, but only a few thousand years old. Exactly what the Bible would say.
You’ll recall last week we discussed things like the ATP synthase motor which we creationists and the Intelligent design community would say CANNOT evolve one small step at a time.

A paper out this week in Evolutionary Biology magazine…agrees. Entitled “Complexity by subtraction”, authors McShea and Hordijk still assume evolution and then go on to suggest that complex systems like the bacterial flagellum must have evolved from something MORE complex.
Well, creationists have been contending that complexity of life IS breaking down and becoming more simpler – which would be DE-evolution, but this paper is loaded with (I’m sorry in advance, I just….don’t know any other way to say this) it’s loaded with astonishing oxymorons! Organs like the brain are too complex – they must have evolved from something more complex! That’s right, they are admitting they are operating on a deteriorated brain – meaning their ancient ape-like ancestors were smarter than they are. Well – how did the first “more complex” molecular machine arise? Did it arise from something more complex? And what did it evolve from? Eventually, you get more and more complex, ad infinitum, until you have infinite complexity! More commonly known as …. God.
I’m sorry, but this paper gets the EPIC facepalm of the day – I’d ask you to do it with me, but I don’t want youse hurting yourselves. We appreciate you viewers. So, simulate it with me.

I am excited to make this announcement: Stephen Orsatti, CEO of Christianima networks and myself will be producing a documentary over the summer entitled the “Mystery of Noah’s Flood.” You may think you know what it’s going to be about, but it is going to be loaded with surprises and information you have not seen before. But – we need YOUR help to do it. We’re aiming for the big markets, but big markets require big budgets, and make no mistake about it, we want to produce a quality documentary that will rival the best: BBC, PBS, CBC, and we’ll be pitching this documentary to all the major broadcasters as well. I’ll be traveling literally right across Canada, from the most eastern point of North America, right out to the Rocky Mountains. We’re going to show you the evidence that explains the mystery of Noah’s flood. We’re going to go into the history of geology and what has been the most effective war against the Bible. We’re going to reveal how Noah built the ark, how did he get all the animals to the ark and how did he get them all to fit! We’re going to go down so many unexpected rabbit trails that you’ll get dizzy, and as we follow all of these seemingly disconnected rabbit trails, we’ll be surprised to find that they all bring us to the same place, solving the Mystery of Noah’s flood.
Stephen and I hope you’ll support us in this project – we’ve set up our crowdfunding page where you can see the perks – like for a $25 donation, you get to download the finished documentary in High Definition and get an autographed poster for the movie. For $35 you get a supporter edition blueray copy, autographed by the producers, which makes it much easier to forge our signatures and steal our identities. Maybe we need to rethink this Stephen. We have a whole list of perks – check it out, and if you can, please help us produce this documentary which we believe will have a profound impact. Visit mysteryofnoahsflood.com and pitch in today, and also – please send the link to all your friends on twitfaceplus.

Speaking of geology, wow did we raise a ruckus with our “Geologic column busted” episode. Got lots of feedback, including from some atheistic geologists saying I was all wrong on my facts.

I thought I would revisit what we discussed because of all the feedback we received. I first of all pointed out the absence of evidence of geologic time in the rock record. Atheistic geology professor, Dr. Derek Ager, in his book “the new catastrophism” tried to portray this absense of evidence as evidence of catastrophes.” I completely agree that the rock record is one of catastrophe – but I would say one gigantic catastrophe – specifically a world wide flood. Ager tried to portray the “gaps” in the rock record as gaps of time, and evidence of catastrophe. I’m pointing the rock layers themselves as profound evidence of catastrophe, not the alleged gaps in between.
I pointed out the alleged gaps of time in Grand Canyon. Some then claimed that the unconformity near the bottom of Grand Canyon was evidence of time. For those not familiar, an unconformity looks like this:
Rock layers were laid down originally horizontal, and in the case of the Grand Canyon supergroup, they were tilted. Then they were cut off by erosion, then more layers laid down on top.
The rock layers do not conform to each other, and so it’s suggested that there was perhaps millions of years of time between when the supergroup was cut and these layers were deposited.
First of all, my point was that there was no evidence of the 215 million You’re welcome to argue that, but where is the evidence? If all these rock layers were laid down over millions of years, then why was there mysteriously NO sediments laid down during that 215 million years at the top of the cut supergroup? That’s a lot of years – think about that for a second. Scientific studies I conducted in my bedroom show that dust accumulates at almost 1 milimeter per year. At that rate, 215 million years would accumulate 215,000 METERS – over 700,000 FEET of dust. Yet, those who argue for deep time are arguing from an absence of evidence. There is NO accumulation of sediments from the alleged 215 million years of time at the contact in question. May I suggest that it’s not the sediments that are missing, it’s the TIME that’s missing. The earth is young, and so is Grand Canyon!
And so it is throughout the entire geologic record – there are HUGE GAPS of alleged deep time that have come and gone, apparently without leaving a single trace. May I suggest to you the much more believable story is that there is no deep time.
Let’s assume that my bedroom is an anomoly for dust collection – personally, I think it is. I think the accumulation of dust in my bedroom is much, much higher than in nature. So let’s assume an average accumulation of sediments at a rate of 1/1000 of an inch. For the alleged 600 million years of the Phanerozoic period – which isn’t a period at all but a completely non existant, abstract construct. 600 million times 1/1000th of an inch is 600,000 inches, or 50,000 feet, or just under ten MILES of dirt – 16 kilometers thick. Where’s all the deposits from deep time? You can start to see why myself and others have said that the geologic column does not exist except in textbooks and museum displays. Some have claimed that the geologic column DOES exist on several places on planet earth – as you can see by our simple math, even if there was the correct sequence found somewhere, it would still be MISSING huge deposits of sediments – absence of evidence of deep time.

So just because you happen to get a couple spots where the layers can be dated from oldest to youngest does not validate the fictitious geological column, because you’re still missing the vast majority of it!
But then we get to the HUNDREDS of locations on earth where the geological order is reversed – allegedly older layers resting on top of younger layers – as I pointed out in episode 30.
If even ONE of those hundreds was found to be a genuine, out-of-sequence layering, it would nullify the geologic column.
If you’ll recall, I pointed out that these out-of-sequence systems are explained away by claiming that the older rock was THRUST over top of the younger rock – hence the term overthrust. If you’ll recall, I also pointed out that sliding a 1,000 foot thick rock over top of the other would leave glaringly obvious evidence – scratch marks in the rock called slickensides. Heating and melting of the rock. And rolling and balling of the rocks into what is called mylonite.
I then showed the contact of the Coleman overthrust in Banff National Park, where rocks claimed to be 520 million years old are resting on top of 75 million year old shale. I then showed this picture where you can see there are NO slickensides or scratch marks in the rock.
YouTuber Wildwood Claire got quite excited, calling me a moron because the slickensides would be on the bedding plane. Yes, I agree they would be on the bedding plane. In fact apparently Claire and others did not understand they were looking at the bedding plane – the camera is looking straight up, at the underside of the rock. Exactly where there should be those slickensides if the rocks had actually slid across each other. The slickensides are absent – missing. And so is the dramatic heating of the rock.
In fact, I did find slickensides and heating of the rock – known as metamorphosis. Guess where I found it? On the VERTICAL fractures in the rocks. So the only evidence of sliding is from the vertical movement of the rocks, where they broke during tectonics, and slid against each other vertically.
So you can see here in this photograph, it was just a little itty bit of movement – at most a couple of feet, and yet it produced lots of evidence of movement. We are then supposed to believe that the thousand foot thick rock layer somehow slid for KILOMETERS over top the other rock, and yet left no trace of such movement?
The Empire Mountain thrust fault, just south of Tucson, Arizona, has Permian rocks on top of Cretaceous. What’s especially interesting here is that the Cretaceous limestone is actually marble – it has undergone heating and pressure – it has changed its state because of this, and it’s called metamorphosis. The Permian rocks have not experienced this heat and pressure. So this would actually indicate that the Cretaceous rocks ARE older than the Permian rocks. It further indicates that this out-of-order sequence is GENUINE. There is no overthrust here – as Burdic and Slusher documented back in 1969, and I further verified in 2009, no slickensides, the Permian rocks haven’t been heated, the rocks are locked together in what Burdic described as a “gear mesh fit” – the rocks on the bottom were gouged out, and then filled in with upper rocks. Obviously, the rocks did not slide relative to each other.
Several people suggested that perhaps the rocks slid veeeerrrrrry slooooowly – like, 1 or 2 centimeters per year, and that’s why the rocks didn’t heat up and melt. In fact several people mentioned the San Andreas fault of California as a classic example of slowwww movement over long periods of time.

Let’s examine some basic physics first. I mentioned this in the show, but apparently several skeptics did not understand the physics, so allow me to demonstrate.
Here we have a block of wood on a ramp. Right now, gravity is pulling on the block, attempting to pull it down the ramp. However, there is another force resisting the movement – friction. In this case, it is static or standing friction, and the resistance is greater than the force of gravity. However, watch what happens when I break the static friction by pushing the block.
The force of gravity didn’t change, yet the block is now sliding downhill. What happened? It’s because static friction is greater than moving friction. So whatever force would move the mountain, has to overcome static friction. There’s a lot of elastic force that would get stored up in the force, so that when the mountain did start moving, it would move in huge jumps, creating an incredible amount of heat at the sliding point.
Now some, including Wildwood Claire, claimed that the San Andreas fault is proof that I’m wrong! Really? Evidently these skeptics overlooked a major point: The San Andreas fault is not an OVERthrust. It is rocks sliding beside each other. It doesn’t have a thousand foot layer of rock sliding up over top of the others – and the San Andreas fault moves in jumps – why do you think there’s so much earthquake activity there? The san Andreas fault is completely irrelevent to the discussion. So why did the skeptics bring it up?
Secondly, tell me: Are there slickensides left from the rocks of the San Andreas fault sliding against each other? You bet! So Claire and the other skeptics validated my point: there is NO evidence that these out of sequence rock layers are actually overthrusts sliding over top of one another.
So I leave an open challenge to the skeptics: Go visit the Keystone thrust, the Castle Mountain thrust, the unnamed thrust by Bragg Creek, Alberta, the Coleman thrust, the Empire Mountain thrust, the Lewis thrust, and the Valley of Fire thrust. Take lots of notes and pictures, and when you’re done, then we’ll talk and compare notes. Please notice the lack of slickensides, metamorphosis and mylonite – all the evidence that should be there if these thrust faults were genuine. Please notice the gear-mesh interlocking of the layers that shows that there was NO movement between the layers – they’re locked together. Please notice that while I’m referring to my own personal research on the matter, you’ll also find these things mentioned in the secular geological literature as well. So I aint the only one seeing it!

These are not overthrusts. These are genuine sequence reversals of the evolutionary time scale. So you either must then believe in the time travel of mountains, or that science has shown that there is no evolutionary timescale.
These reversals of alleged time demonstrate that there is no deep time. If there is no deep time, then there is no evolution. The Biblical interpretation would not even interpret these rock layers as being “out of sequence” because in a world wide flood, it was all laid down at once – there is no time involved.

This is all powerful evidence refuting deep time, and affirming a global, watery catastrophe which laid down all the rock record as we know it. Hey – if evolution was wrong about that, and the Bible is right about that, then what else is the Bible right about?
Jesus talked about the world wide flood as fact, and in fact he cited the flood as judgment from God, and warned that in the last days, it would be on earth, just like it was before the flood. And that in the last days there would be a final judgment on earth. The great white throne judgment. For 120 years, Noah warned the people of earth of the judgment to come, and pointed to the ark which was free salvation from the judgment to come. This was symbolic of Jesus Christ. You are being warned of judgment to come, and we are pointing to Jesus Christ being the salvation from that judgment to come. As the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans: “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” (Romans 10:9)
Why don’t you call upon Christ for salvation today?
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Wahoo! Mail for me?


Yup, that’s it!

The East Vietnamese jumping spider.

The venom is so strong that one bite will kill any child, and 95% of adults. The surviving 5% typically slip into a coma for three to six months, only to wake up with permanent paralysis.


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A couple of weeks back, we aired the “Flat earth” rant. Now it was several years ago I produced that rant, and I had forgotten that I had mispoken one part there, which several people asked me about. I mentioned that Jesus had addressed evolution in his day. Obviously the modern day neo darwinian theory of evolution was not around in Christ’s day, so obviously that’s not what I was talking about, but evolution has been around for far, far longer than Darwin.
I had gotten this from Brock Lee’s excellent little book “Comparative Views on Origins” which, much like its title suggests, is a book examining the many many theories of origins of humans. Brock’s point was that in Christ’s day, a version of evolution was around – the Greeks had a belief in a form of evolution. So if evolution was true, we would expect that Christ would have just said to the Jews “Go check out what the Greeks are thinking – they on the right track.”
Instead, Jesus spoke of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, the ark and the flood, as literal history and fact. I like the way Brock put it:
“Did your math teacher ever specifically tell you that 2+2 was not 502? Or a million? No, he probably didn’t disprove all the things that 2+2 wasn’t, instead simply showing you what 2+2 was. In the same way, when it came to origins, Jesus didn’t argue against evolution, but rather stated in every way that the Word of God was to be taken as true.”

Desiree wrote in:
“I watched your “Evidence for Creation” episode and I would like to know if lifecomes from life, who created God? Since you made the broad generalizing statementthat the chemical precursor between geological rocks and life is a “robot thatcannot create itself”. So since God cannot create himself, what came before God? Andhow did the vast differences in genetics, in humans alone, arise if God only created two people and all they had is sons?

Excellent questions, thank you for writing in. I will answer your first question of Who created God? with a question: How did the first life on earth arise?
The reason I ask that question is because it cannot be answered. Because natural processes dictate that life only arises from life, therefore the first life on earth had to be by a SUPERnatural process. Just like no one can answer the question of where did the first life come from, because it is a question about the SUPERnatural, we also cannot answer the question of Where did God come from? All we can say is that He came from outside of the natural realm – the supernatural.
In fact, to take it a step farther, if you were capable of understanding the supernatural, and where God came from, then technically YOU could be GOD. So we could not even understand the answer to that question, even if we had the answer – because it is beyond our comprehension.
As for the vast differences in genetics in humans, it is surprising how rapidly those variations can occur. And your question aludes to a very common question of “Where did Cain get his wife?” The answer comes from Genesis 5:4:
“And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters”
Incest wasn’t a problem back then because the human genes were perfect. Incest is a problem now, because of genetic defects. Thanks for writing in, I gotta call this a wrap, thank you for watching. You can send in your comments and questions to us in a number of ways, and let us remember those words of warning from our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ who said “I am the way, the truth and the life – No man comes to the Father but through me.” See you next week.
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