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In this

1) Random stuff

2) “God delusion” suicide and atheist ads on

3) Brock has too much time on his
hands: Does protein calculations

4) T-rex smells like a killer

5) “Complete Creation” almost finished

6) Texas Teachers supposedly want evolution

7) Academic Freedom Day


1) Random stuff

Just got back from an intense, two-month long US speaking and
research tour. Did a lot of speaking, and a lot of
research! Ended at the Dallas TBN studios, where Dr. Baugh had me
on as a guest on “Creation in the 21st Century” for two more

I’ll be organizing the 2009 “Happy Birthday Darwin” US/Canada tour,
starting in Idaho in the last week of January. I’ll be on tour in
the US from late January through April, then a Canadian tour from late
April through June. Lots of events
being planned, stay tuned to these newsletters, and if you can organize
a stop for the museum, I’d appreciate it.


2) “God delusion” suicide and atheist ads on

Just in
time for Christmas, atheistic ads are being placed on buses in London,
England. Supported by atheist Professor, Richard Dawkins, one
such ad reads “There’s
probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy
your life.”

(Read the BBC news
article here

Sadly, these ads came out right around the time a bright young man from
New York named Jesse Kilgore, committed suicide after reading Dawkins’
book, “The God Delusion.” (Read
the story here on World Net Daily

But what is one to expect? Atheism has nothing to offer, and
ridicules those who do have something to offer. I was once quite
intensely suicidal because of the lack of hope, lack of a future.
Atheism offered me nothing.

It was the power of a restored relationship with Christ that saved me
from that awful depression, and suicide.

It’s funny how Dawkins (and other atheists) spend so much time, deep in
thought and utter hatred towards a God they are desperately proclaiming
does not exist. I just came back from interviewing Dr. Jerry
Bergman for my movie “Persuaded by
the evidence.”
Dr. Bergman (who holds nine university
degrees – three of them PhD’s!) once was an atheist, and is now a
young-earth creationist and a Christian. Part of the reason for
his conversion was the utter uselessness of atheism!

What’s even more interesting is how Dawkins
continually refuses to participate in a scientific debate with a
creationist about the existence of a Creator God – though he has been
challenged to such a debate repeatedly by people like former atheist
Dr. Jerry Bergman, and John

In the BBC report on the atheist ads, Dawkins said “This
campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people
think – and thinking is anathema to religion.”

Apparently Dawkins insists that his
brain was not intelligently
Apparently he also hasn’t thought through
the consequences of that claim:

If Dawkins’ brain was not
intelligently designed, then this would mean that his brain was
the result of random accidents and lack of direction… and
consequently, his thoughts are also the result of random accidents and
lack of direction.

is anathema to atheism.

In fact, even Darwin seemed to have clued into this problem when he

"With me, the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man's
mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are
of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the
convictions of a monkey's mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?" (Letter to W. Graham, July 3, 1881)

Actually, I have repeatedly said that if your religion (like Dawkins’
religion of evolution) does not allow you to ask questions, get out of
it! God gave you a brain, do something with it! Evolution
is the epitome of anti-science, anti-thought, religion. Anyone
who dares question evolution
is immediately ridiculed, and faces immediate prejudice. Don’t
believe me? Try it sometime. Science
asks questions – it does not hide behind judges and lawyers (as does

Nothing discredits atheism better than atheism – we need to pray for
our atheist friends, that they may have their eyes opened to the truth
(like Dr. Bergman),
and that they don’t erroneously influence others, like Jesse Kilgore.

We also need to pray for more warriors who aren’t afraid to take on the
falsehoods of atheist thinking and evolutionary teaching, that we may
teach our young people properly to have an answer – in season, and out
of season.


3) Brock has too much time on his hands: Does
protein calculations

A fine
young man from Minnesota named Brock Lee has kindly sent in a number of
things. As soon as “The Complete Creation” series is finished,
I’ll be posting Brock’s “Question and Answers” sheets for use by home
schoolers in conjunction with the video series.

He also sent me a really big number.

For those who have seen my “Complete Creation” video series, you’ve
undoubtedly seen the segment inspired by my good friend, Stan Lutz,
from Washington state. Stan had calculated how many different
combinations of amino acids you would have to try, per second, for 20
billion years, in order to randomly assemble one protein. In the
video (part 12, viewable for free on my website),
I mentioned that the longest protein that I knew of was 26,926
amino acids long, and sarcastically told the viewers that I wasn’t
going to do the math for that one.

Welp, apparently Brock had waaaay too much time on his hands, so he did do the calculations. He’s
recently been assembling several creation-oriented websites, and he
posted all of his calculations and pertinent info on his Young Earth
Creation website:

The punch line: In order to assemble one protein, by random assembly,
you would have to try (just keeep scrollin’)

different amino acids per second, for 20 billion years, to arrive at
the correct
sequence. That’s 5 followed by 35,013 zeros. That’s a lot
of combinations.

In case you also have way too much time on your hands, Brock has kindly
shown how anybody can figure out these calculations at home, for any
protein sequence:

Obviously, it requires a lot of intelligence to assemble even a simple
protein, which is only one of the very basic building blocks of
life. Even with an infinite
amout of time
, random assembly cannot even produce the basic
building blocks of life – let alone “simple life” (a myth I will debunk
some other day).

Well whadya know – there is a God!


4) T-rex smells like a killer

Since when does your nasal passages determine whether or not
you’re a carnivore?

Don’t look now, but apparently this proves that T-rex was a killer!

While it may be that T-rex was a meat eater, I am not the only one who
holds great reservations about that claim. Even Jack
world-famous paleontologist and T-rex excavator has expressed his
doubts – for one of the many reasons I too have cited: T-rex’s arms
were useless
for anything but holding canes and stalks!
they were useless for grasping prey! Furthermore, while they did
grow continual teeth, their teeth are best suited for shredding canes,
stalks and grasses. Yes – many meat eaters today (like lions)
have teeth like T-rex. However, if you watch closely, the lions
do not use those pointy teeth for eating meat
– they use their

In fact,
the Hadrosaur skull I
have in my museum is dotted with T-rex
tooth bite-marks. A T-rex had the entire skull in its jaws – but
it didn’t eat the Hadrosaur: Why not? There are lots of reasons
why a T-rex may bite a Hadrosaur that have nothing to do with
carnivorous activity. Also, we do find fossil bones that have
been gnawed on – but apparently none from a T-rex.

The interpretation that T-rex was a vicious meat-eater is an
evolutionary one: Survival of the
– the biggest, the baddest,
the meanest “wins.” The Bible clearly states that all animals
were originally created to eat plants (Genesis 1:29-30). There
are plenty of reasons to conclude that T-rex was at least designed to be a plant eater.
Now did he turn into a meat eater later on? Possibly, I’m merely
saying that to date, I have yet to see any convincing evidence of that,
and at least one evolutionist in the know agrees with me.

Carnivorous activity is actually
driven by nutritional needs.

Sheep, believe it or not, are vicious killers. (you’ll never sleep
properly counting sheep again after reading this, and you’ll never have
a normal visit to the farm again) Sheep have actually
been observed to kill and eat birds during droughts. But when the
rain comes in and the plants flourish, they are quite content eating
only plants!

It was only after the flood that Noah was given permission to eat the
flesh of animals (Genesis 9:3) – which is probably the same time that
something radical changed in the environment. Due to space, I
won’t give much detail other than to say that when we look in the
fossil record, we see giant lifeforms; i.e., dragonflies with wingspans
of over a meter, beavers two meters long, and plants that grew
huge. I have a two-part lesson on this in my “science notes“:

Something radical changed at the time of the flood. While there
was violence in the earth before the flood, resulting from the fall of
man and the entrance of sin into the world, I would suggest that
carnivorous activity became prominent (and necessary) only after the


5) “Complete Creation” almost finished

Yes, I’m shooting the last segments in the studio as you read
this. Please pray – there has been numerous things interfering
with production, but it is going ahead. I wanted to have the last
DVD’s done and in the mail by December 1st, but obviously that didn’t
happen. Please pray! The content is already decided, it is
simply an issue of shooting and editing.


6) Texas Teachers supposedly want evolution

There’s been a tremendous hub-bub in Texas this past little while as
the Texas school board evaluates how it will deal with, and teach,

A survey was taken by “Texas Freedom Network,” a group whic apparently
wants complete freedom from the truth and those nagging questions that
evolution can’t answer like “What’s the evidence for evolution?” and
“How does evolution violate natural laws, while being strictly a
naturalistic processes?”

Yup; according to their heavily sided survey (in which a mere 450 teachers actually
responded out of 1,019 surveyed
), 95% said they want evolution to be
the only theory of origins
taught in public schools.

98% rejected intelligent design as
being scientific.

border=”1″ cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”2″>

So according to 98% of the teachers surveyed, it is “unscientific” to suggest that a Texas flag had a designer.

Clearly they consider it more scientific to say that the flag could have formed by natural processes.

Apparently 95% think that a frog turning into a prince is as scientific as it gets.

It is evident by the survey numbers that the teachers who responded don’t even know what intelligent design is – seeing as how it’s a scientific tool that they use every day, whether they know it or not.
It is also evident that they do not understand how this scientific tool is applied to the origins debate.

To get a handle on this, just watch part 12 of “The Complete Creation”
video series, available for free viewing on my website.

Better yet – consider buying a set of my DVD’s and giving them as a
present to a Texas teacher for the politically correct, generic,
non-religious winter holidays.

There’s nothing nice to say about an
attitude which
does not allow
scientific enquiry in a science classroom!

I wish I had a dollar
for everytime I heard an anti-creationist say to me that “science
follows the evidence.” Heck, I’d have my museum built
already! This is another fine example of evolutionary hypocrisy – oh yes, the
anti-creationists follow the evidence as long as (in their mind) it
supports evolution. The moment I bring up one of the miriads of
problems for evolution, evolution quickly runs to hide behind judges,
lawyers and policies.

Does gravitational theory need to hide behind politicians and
lawyers? Do chemists lobby the Texas state school board so that
only their views of chemistry are taught? Do they ask for
protection from alternate theories? No – because these things do
not need to hide behind lawyers. These are scientific, evolution
is not scientific, nor observable, testable, or any of those nice
things that are required by science.

The truth begs for scrutiny, but lies beg for tolerance.

It is ludicrous that a state school board is lobbied to teach only one
view point on anything.
The survey also screams the question “Why did so few teachers
respond?” The answer is quite simple – open, flagrant bigotry
towards anyone who questions evolution! And so…


6) Academic Freedom day

plenty of things to do on Darwin’s 200th birthday coming up on
February 12th.

2009 is also the 150th “birthday” of Darwin’s earth-shattering book,
“Origin of the species.” Atheists, evolutionists and creationists
alike all have special events planned around this time. I, for one,
will be in the middle of my “Happy Birthday Darwin” US/Canada tour.

The Discovery Institute is launching “Academic freedom day” on Darwin’s
birthday. In fact, Darwin actually wrote something of good
scientific significance:

A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and
balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question.”
Now there’s a grand idea – stating and
balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question!
“But Charles – your followers won’t
allow us to come to the table. You see them over there – the ones
cowering behind the judge? The ones demanding censorship?
Ya, those guys.”

So in the spirit of Darwinian thought (*ahem*), I would encourage you
to celebrate “Academic freedom day” with us.

More details at: