We’re going to take a walk to the disturbing dark side of Darwin in this special edition of Genesis Week.


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We are going to depart from our standard show format today, in fact we will depart from our standard format for two special episodes. We are going to venture into areas which I know that my evolutionary friends do not like to venture into. To be honest, I do not like to discuss the things we are about the discuss either! But it is sadly important.
The anti creationists will vehemently try to deny the connections we are about to reveal, and in fact, they will attempt to twist around these dark issues in a convoluted attempt to blame the Christians and Creationists.

We are going to visit the dark side of Darwinism. We will reveal and examine the negative impact this theory has on everything from social issues, to proper medical and scientific research.
I want to be very clear to evolutionary friends: I am not saying that believing in evolution makes one evil. On the contrary, it is the human heart which is inherently evil, not a person’s particular worldview. There have been many attrocities carried out in the name of Christ for example. That has nothing to do with whether or not the Christian faith is righteous or correct. People will use any excuse at hand to justify wicked deeds.

But as Richard Weaver once said, “Ideas have consequences.” So just what are the consequences of Darwin’s idea? What are the consequences of Creationary and Christian ideas?

If a person goes on a shooting rampage, and claims that Jesus Christ told them to do it, they would find difficulty justifying their claim, seeing as how Christ certainly did not lead with
such an example, and Jesus even taught to “turn the other cheek” when someone strikes you. However, if evolution and survival of the fittest is true, then such a person can easily justify their actions – after all, it is only “survival of the fittest.” We are only animals – and whether or not an animal uses tooth and claw to kill another animal, or if that animal uses a gun to kill, what difference does it make? Within the Darwinian paradigm, how is mass murder then wrong? Your worldview has consequences. The truth about creation or evolution has consequences.

If you think that my connection is a stretch, then you should be reminded, or informed, of precisely what mass murderers have said. Eric Harris and Derek Klebold went on a shooting rampage at Columbine high school in 1999. Eric was wearing a shirt with big bold letters spelling out the motto of Darwin: “Natural selection” On his website, he had written the words

In 2007, Pekka-Eric Auvinen went on a shooting rampage at a high school in Finland. Again, he was quite clear about his reasoning on his YouTube channel and various blogs, with unambiguous language referring to evolutionism, and its conclusions:

And if evolution is a fact and true, you would hard pressed to argue with their reasoning. Because your arguments would be without foundation. These are the ultimate conclusions of the process of evolution.

The notorious mass murderer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer said in an interview with Dateline NBC:

But mass murderers aside, an evolutionary worldview probably affects you, personally, in ways you did not even comprehend.

To shed light in this disturbingly dark area, I am privileged to have several guests join me today. Joseph Vaillancourt is a licensed minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, a developmental service worker working with Christian Horizons, and the founder of enABLE Faith Ministries in Toronto, a ministry reaching out to those of the disabled community to foster their involvement within the Christian community and in ministry. He joins me via skype from Toronto.

Dr. Jerry Bergman’s curriculum vitae would be far too long to list here, but he has 9 degrees in everything from biology to psychology, two of those degrees are a Phd. He is the author of the book “The Dark Side of Darwin,” and is himself a former atheist now turned young earth creationist and Christian. He has taught multiple disciplines at the college level and joins me by telephone from Ohio.

Paul Gosselin is an independent researcher specializing in ideologies,
belief systems and religion and holds a Masters degree in Social Anthropology. He is author of the two volume series that I think was just so excellently entitled “Flight from the Absolute.” He joins us via skype from Quebec City.

Joseph I would like to start with you: What is Eugenics?

Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution. The goal is to remove unwanted genetic information, in order to create a more perfect race, if you well. It’s a very old idea, Plato talked about it in his “Republic,” as well as the laws of Plato – there is the idea of a superior race is there, Plato was quite dismayed at the fact that he had to create laws for those they deemed the superior race, which would be usually the people who belonged to his community who saw themselves as children of the gods. So the “children of the gods” were supposed to be the “perfect race,” shouldn’t have to have laws, so he was kind of dismayed about that. They also had a concept of “physionomics,” it’s the study of bodily or outer characteristics to discover inner characteristics, temperament and character, uh, basically, according to Amos Young whose quoted definition I’m using here, they looked at human beings and based on where they lived in the world, what race they were, how they looked – whether they were short, tall, blind, deaf, or if they had a disfigurement. It was supposed to symbolize some sort of character or spiritual problem in their lives, uh some of this still kind of lingers, and you see that a lot in Darwinism and people who are influenced by Darwinism will have that -even though they may not realize that’s where this is coming from. For example; Reverend Oscar Bishop, or Tommy Douglas, which most Canadians will know is the founder of our personal health care system, they were heavy eugenics people, and uh Oscar Bishop for example, he won a contest in 1928, he won a contest that was sponsored by the Eugenics society in the United States – they did these every year, and they got published in the Eugenics magazines. And he – Oscar Bishop, he actually said – this is from his sermon that was in the contest, he said “Even a religion may preach an easy and unworthy doctrine of forgiveness to the detriment of the whole BIOLOGICALTRUTH. Environmental gain will become permanent only when stabilized on a Eugenics foundation…”- so not even a Biblical foundation was his interest, he was heavily involved with the Unions, and some of the groups he was involved with were known to be violent, although his church didn’t always approve, his church in Chicago was called the “Plymouth Presbyterian,” and he knew they didn’t always support him, but he kept going on what he believed was right. They believed in socialized medicine, socialized Christianity, or Christian socialism if you will, and uh, again it was the idea that only those who were without blemish; those who fit the “cookie cutter”should be allowed to continue. They advocated for laws that would prevent unwanted people from reproducing through sterilization. Uh, vasectomy was developed with this in mind, they perfected it while experimenting on people with disabilities. Uh, one of the more disturbing pieces of evidence that I discovered in my research had to do with a postcard that the government of Louisiana sent out to families telling them if they had epilepsy, that they should report to the prisons or, basically they would wind up in jail because basically it was a crime to have a disability. Uh, they didn’t want people who were different to be in public; the assumption was that if you had a disability of any kind, or if you did not belong to the “right” group of people, you were more likely to break the laws.

Kind of sounds like Platos “laws” right? and the whole “gods” thing, the gods can do no wrong, but everyone else can – they even stratified crime; so that the more evolved you were, the more sophisticated your crimes would be. The less evolved, the more petty. Even among those they deemed to be “evolved,” they stratified it, and of course, they were always the top. We know that in world war II, eugenics was used in the “final solution.” 250,000 people with down’s syndrome were murdered under Hitler’s regime, and of course millions of Jews – all because of Hitler’s desire for a perfect race. These people, uh, Darwinism through Eugenics influenced social policy, medicine, uh our concept of beauty – it was the – again the Presbyterians, they started baby contests to look for..what was “scientifically” beautiful.


Francis Galton, the father of Eugenics and Charles Darwin’s cousin was pretty clear about the connection with evolutionism in his biography:
-Science, falsely so called I might add. The connection is pretty apparent.

But Eugenics is just a thing of the past, is it not? We’re in the modern age now.

I would like to say that it is, but we actually know that it is not. Sun news network was reporting on the United Nations and the agenda 21 which is sustainable development, which it comes again, according to Sun news, out of socialism – European socialism if you will. And what I’ve read of it, and I have a lot more work to do in this area, but what it seems to me again it’s about controlling population and limiting where people can live, and freedoms and a lot of Eugenics rules – and it sounds like a lot of Eugenics rules of the last century. They too wanted everything to be controlled by a few, and control our lives as much as possible, to create that “perfect race.” I guess that take that “iron sharpens iron” a little seriously. haha.

For me, the influence it had on the church is disturbing, because the church changed the way it did things, in my opinion. Oscar Bishop and Tommy Douglas were not the only thinkers of the day, they changed the way we do health care, they changed the way we do schooling to fit this. Even the Roman Catholics had their own internal debate, they’re the largest Christian church in the world per se, Joseph Myer in the journal of heredity, in 1934 for example, talked about supporting Eugenics, according to the journal his tentative conclusion was that “selective sterilization for eugenics purposes, properly administered, was entirely in accord with judicious principles of Roman Catholic religion.” and that was on page 23 of the journal, but even the Pope in 1932 even rescinded it, but not entirely, he allowed eugenics for “therapy reasons” only, doesn’t sound kind of like the abortionists debate today?

Uh huh.
Dr. Bergman, you married Darwinian evolution with the Jewish holocaust where many have desperately tried to divorce them. Now I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I thought your most recent book title says it all: “Hitler and the Darwinian Worldview: How the Nazi eugenic crusade for a superior race caused the greatest holocaust in world history”
What do you mean in your title that the Darwinian Worldview was connected with Eugenics and the holocaust?

Well, mainly in Nazi Germany – and OTHER places – several in fact, the communist nations, many of them as well, the motivation for the Jewish holocaust, and not just the Jewish holocaust I should mention, but also the holocaust against OTHER groups, such as the Gypsies, Slovaks – and Slovaks includes Russians, Poles, and other groups, so it’s quite beyond the Jews. But the reason they were motivated to destroy or at least reduce the number of these races was based on Darwin – and this is not just my idea, but this is well documented – and in fact in my book, “Hitler and the Darwinian Worldview,” I have almost a thousand references. But an excellent film on this is called “Science and the Swastika” – it’s four hours long, so I’ll warn you, but extremely well done – I could not have done a better job myself. And they interviewed many of the leading scholars in this area. Also the American United States holocaust memorial museum published a book called “deadly medicine: creating the master race” which unequivocally documents the major motivation behind the Nazi movement, as well as Hitler himself, was, as they say, to “create a master race.” And to do that they relied heavily upon Darwin and Darwin’s ideas, and of course formulated by his cousin, Galton.

Okay, we’re gonna pause there for just a moment as we need to take a commercial break. Stick around, we’re going to carry on this discussion in just a minute.

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Welcome back to Genesis Week. Just before our commercial break, we were talking about eugenics with Joseph Vaillancourt from enABLE faith ministries,, Dr. Jerry Bergman and Paul Gosselin.
Paul, I’d like to pick things back up with you. You’re a social anthropolgist, we were discussing the social repercussions of Darwinian evolutionism. One defensive response from evolutionists is that early 20th century eugenics and the Nazi Holocaust were in fact “abuses” of Darwinism. What do you think of that?

Okay, um. Now, the eugenics and the holocaust in particular, caused a huge marketing crisis for Darwinists in the 21st century.
>>haha that’s one way to put it.
>>Ya, basically, because here were attempts by the western elites to actually apply Darwinism to society! And of course it went rather wrong! And this caused a huge cultural shock. And so one of the strategies that Darwinists had was to cut this link – to break this link so that people wouldn’t figure things out. And this is why you get such ridiculous statements such as those made by Richard Dawkins in – he did an interview on Australian Broadcasting Corporation a few years ago, in 2000, and he said

Now, that is rather astounding, and I’’s rather typical of evolutionists after world war 2 – you wouldn’t – you would never have seen any evolutionists at or before world war 2 saying anything like that. They thought that the idea of applying evolution to the real societies would just be the normal thing to do.
Now about the “abuse” argument. If you look at Evolution as an origins myth, as I do in Flight from the absolute, volume 2, which is coming out this summer, then this exposes some rather interesting issues. Most religions have a sacred text, which is then used as the standard for behaviour and beliefs, allows one to distinguish between “orthodoxy” and “heresy”. With Christians is the Bible, with Muslims, there’s the Koran, with Mormons the writings of Joseph Smith. But the problem is that when it comes to Darwinists there is no agreed upon sacred text. Of couse, Darwin’s Origin still has symbolic value for Darwinists, but these days no one reads it, except perhaps Darwin biographers, but no one else reads it, it isn’t considered current or uh, so there is then no sacred text expressly telling Darwinists how they should apply (or not) Darwin’s views. So basically what this means is that when Darwinists make loud noises about such and such a Darwinist that has “abused Darwin”, they are making entirely bogus and empty claims. They have no basis at all for excommunicating anyone. The real issue is that these so-called abusers have produced a marketing crisis.
It’s a marketing issue, there’s no basis for making any claims about abuses of Darwin.

It’s interesting we’re all discussing this this week, as I had a friend make this poster that was so perfect and to the very point we’re making: “Darwinism: Everyone supports the THEORY, but complains about the PRACTICE.” It’s true! Thank you to Simon Wellington for this timely poster.

Now for many viewers, this program will be the first time they’ve ever heard of Eugenics, but it wasn’t happening in some far-off, distant land like Germany and Russia – but right here in North America.

Joseph, you were the one who called the Buck Vs. Bell case to my attention: This was a US supreme court case over forced sterilization performed on Americans in California because of the eugenics movement. The supreme court concluded that it was LEGAL for the state for sterilize people. Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said it was “… to prevent [society from] being swamped with incompetence.” Such statements are just screaming for a rejoinder, but I’ll refrain for now and simply point out that that supreme court decision still stands TODAY. It’s never been rescinded.
Just the past couple of weeks there has been multiple stories in the news about compensation for those sterilized in the Eugenics movement:
Washington Post, January 30th: “Va. eugenics victims would receive compensation for sterilization under bill”, January 31st, “Eugenics Compensation Bill Reintroduced in North Carolina” All in all, there was some 33 states that participated in eugenics – forced sterilization being the predominant action.

Now, we’re out of time here, but we’re going to continue this discussion next week, and Joe, I want to start next week’s show with you and the Buck vs. Bell case.
So, thank you gentlemen for being on the show today, I know the viewers will appreciate this very much, so thank you.

You can visit Joseph’s facebook page for EnABLE faith ministry at
You can get a copy of Paul’s thick and excellent book “Flight from the Absolute”, Volume 1 from, and Volume II is due out this summer.
And Dr. Bergman has several books related to the subject which are available on Amazon, such as “the Dark Side of Darwin: exploring Darwin’s troubled mind,” as well as his highly disturbing and enlightening “Hitler and the Darwinian Worldview” where he methodically documents how Darwinian evolution influenced the attrocities of the holocaust.

Thanks for joining us, I’m your host Ian Juby, signing off for now. You can send in your comments, questions and feedback to us in a number of ways: You can email us at, or send us a tweet @genesisweek, you can go to which is our youtube channel, or you can leave a comment on our facebook page at genesisweektv.

Remember those words of warning from our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, who said “I am the way, the truth and the life – no man comes to the Father except through me.” See you next week.