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2) Akron Creation Fair
3) Would you believe, another half-ape/half-human?
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1) 41 Scientists finally figure out…?
Special thanks to all of my intrepid reporters (and a few atheists and assorted bad guys) who called my attention to this report last month. I apologize for being so late getting to it, but I was very busy in Newfoundland speaking in sooo many places it was dizzying!

So there’s these 41 scientists, see?  And they got together to finally decide what on earth it was that killed the dinosaurs, see?  So after much deliberation they concluded that it was, in fact, the Chicxulub impact that killed the dinosaurs, see?

Here’s a report here from Reuters:

The Chicxulub “crater” is located on the Yucatan penninsula, in Mexico, supposedly an impact crater left behind when a giant asteroid hit planet earth.

The Chicxulub “crater” has it’s own problems already – as the evidence that it’s even a crater is kinda scarce to begin with. Secondly, the “dating” of the supposed impact is based on the usual circularly reasoned evolutionary methods, and the evolutionary scholars can’t even agree on the age – even those convinced it’s a crater say it impacted at the wrong time to kill the dinosaurs! (one example, http://palaeoblog.blogspot.com/2005/05/chicxulub-hubbub.html, and a long, technical article by Princeton is here: http://geoweb.princeton.edu/people/keller/chicxpage2.html)

30 years later, they’ve still got it wrong…

Dinosaur dig with the Creation Evidence Museum, I’m the funny lookin’ guy with the camera, Joe Taylor from the Mt. Blanco Dinosaur and Fossil Museum is plastering the jacket, assisted by Josiah Detwiler from the Akron Fossils and Science Center, along with Terry Beh.

Now this asteroid extinction theory is certainly not new!  In fact, the suggestion that it was an asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs was first made some 30 years ago. So why is it then that scientists are still deliberating over what killed the dinosaurs?  If the evidence was that good, why has it taken scientists 30 years to come to this conclusion?
Actually, it’s because the evidence does not support this conclusion.

Apparently these 41 scientists have not spent a lot of time in the field, digging dinosaurs.  Either that or else they missed the evidence right in front of their noses.  Now I have dug dinosaurs, in multiple locations across North America.  It’s fascinating to see the powerful evidence that it was a global flood that killed the dinosaurs. The problem is, there is a silent rule within the scientific community that you are not allowed to acknowledge a global flood (unless you’re making an epic movie like 2012).  Don’t believe me? Think I’m just a conspiracy nut?  Just try and give a lecture at some fine educational facility on the evidence for the flood of Noah, and watch what happens.  (I cannot be held responsible for the consequences!)  Therefore, no matter what the evidence shows, your theory must not include a global flood. So how then does one explain the evidence that was left behind by a global flood?  Well that’s where the old-earth thinkers gotta get creative.  🙂
I spent the first five sessions in the Complete Creation video series just on the evidence for Noah’s flood – yes, there’s that much of it.  And you can now download those videos for you eye-pod, eye-phone, or eye-pad (see down below).

Asteroid theory blows up
The evidence that the dinosaurs were killed by a global flood is, frankly, overwhelming.  And the questions that are raised by the asteroid theory are also overwhelming.
For example, much ado is made of the supposed “iridium” that is found with the dinosaur remains.  Iridium is a rare element found in meteorites, so of course this appears at first to be good evidence that it was an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.  There are several problems with that assumption: Iridium is also found in layers above, and below the dinosaurs. So was there also large asteroid impacts before and after the dinosaurs? Why did those impacts not kill the dinosaurs then?  Iridium is found in meteorites, but hasn’t been detected in asteroids or comets. So the assumption that the iridium came from an asteroid is…well, an assumption!

We also now know that iridium is expelled in large quantities from volcanoes (Zoller, et al, “Iridium enrichment in Airborne Particles from Kilauea Volcano: January 1983” Science, December 1983).  It’s also interesting to note that as of 2005, no one had yet found any Iridium in association with the Chicxulub “crater” that the 41 scientists are blaming for killing the dinosaurs!  (Barry DiGregorio, “Doubts on dinosaurs” Scientific American, May 2005)  You’d think if the iridium came from the asteroid there’d be some in the crater, wouldn’t you?

There are also huge problems with the asteroid theory: If the asteroid hitting earth that was big enough to kill the dinosaurs, then it would also kill everything else. So basically, vertebrate evolution would then have to start all over again, from scratch.

Tektites, courtesy of wikipedia

Shocked quartz/tektites and glass beads?
Some have also claimed that shocked quartz found in the clay layers associated with the dinosaurs also indicates an asteroid impact.  While an asteroid could be blamed for that, you have two issues there: 1) The uniform dispersion of this quartz (and the dinosaur remains themselves) around the world should not be if they were caused by an impact.  With the quartz in particular, you would get a higher concentration nearest the crater, and less the farther you get from the impact zone.  2) Shocked quartz can be made by other means, such as during the hydroplate event proposed by Dr. Walter T. Brown (http://creationscience.com).  In his model, the granite crust (composed of roughly 1/3 quartz) underwent extreme flexing, crushing and expulsion during the flood event, which would have dispersed this quartz all over the earth.  Incidentally, the hydroplate model is the only model I’ve ever heard which adequately answers the profound and important question “where did all the dirt in the rock record come from?”
Tektites and glass beads have also been found in abundance with the dinosaurs, and both are a form of quartz.  Glass beads are simply quartz (silica) that’s been melted and rapidly cooled (most likely in water).  Tektites are a form of these glass beads that cooled while falling, making some pretty cool shapes. Stishovite is another form of metamorphosed (changed by high heat and pressure) quartz, again found in unusual quantities in the layers associated with the dinsoaurs (known as the K/T boundary).

Again, notice all these forms of quartz can also be explained within the hydroplate model which has extreme crushing of the granite continental plates during the time of the flood, and/or they can be explained by volcanos. Notice that all of these forms of quartz share the same problem of associating it with an impact, namely, they appear to have a very even distribution throughout the world, indicating that they did not come from one point source, an asteroid impact. (with the exception of perhaps Australite, but that doesn’t count because nobody would say that the meteor that made the Australites killed the dinosaurs)

Microdiamonds found at the K/T boundary have also been counted as evidence of an asteroid impact, as some microdiamonds have been found in craters, and in fact are used sometimes to affirm the existence of a crater.  However, microdiamonds are also found in Kimberlites – a type of volcano. Considering that there are large quantities of volcanics associated with the dinosaurs, then all of these things should come as no surprise.  While they could be interpreted within the asteroid impact theory, the even distribution of the various forms of quartz and microdiamonds argues for a origin different then that of an impact.

Lastly, the evidence from the dinosaurs just simply does not line up with an asteroid impact.

Dinosaur discombobulation
I used to think the word “discombobulate” meant to dismantle, disassemble, tear apart, mess up, etc…  Apparently this word was used in the new Sherlock Holmes movie and apparently it means nothing of the sort.  So forgive my subtitle because I mean “discombobulate” to mean what I want it to mean.  🙂
When we find dinosaurs, we find them in one of two ways: ripped apart and scattered, or we find them in the death pose.  In either case, we find them buried with marine organisms. In fact, the Morrison formation (which I am the most familiar with, having excavated in it, and examined it in multiple locations and multiple times) provides a stunning example of the evidence of Noah’s flood. When you visit Dinosaur National Monument (an exposition of the dinosaur bones in-situ in the Morrison formation), you’ll encounter a plaque which reads “Clams, not dinosaurs, are the most abundant fossils found here.” In fact, the fossil clams they have on display were buried alive in the closed position.

Discombobulated dinosaurs in the Morrison Formation, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

In fact, plaques at Dinosaur National Monument and the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, both state quite plainly that it was a flood that killed and discombobulated these dinosaurs in the beds.  So even the evolutionary community acknowledges that it was a flash flood that killed and disarticulated (discombobulated, or tore apart) the dinosaurs of the Morrison formation.  Bury a clam and it will escape – unless you bury it fast and deep so that it can’t dig its way out again.  At Dinosaur National Monument, and the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, they claim that these dinosaurs were buried by a river.  First of all, rivers do not bury clams alive.  Secondly, this was no meandering river!  This is a map of the Morrison formation:

(After Hoesch & Austin, See ICR’s excellent article on the Morrison formation, red star shows Dinosaur National Monument, Utah)

The Morrison covers ten states and three Canadian provinces.  That layer is typically parallel to the other layers above and below it, showing that all those layers were laid down by the same event. Most of the formation is 4,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level today.  A global scale flood laid down the Morrison formation and buried these dinosaurs.

Death Pose:
When we do find dinosaurs somewhat intact, they are typically in the “death pose,” technically called the Opisthotonic pose.  Their necks are pulled back as far as they can go, typical of being buried while they are drowning:

Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller, AlbertaBig Valley Creation Science Museum, Big Valley, AlbertaMuseum of Nature, Ottawa, OntarioMuseum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario
(click on image to see high-resolution photo, then click your browser’s BACK button to return here)

I deal with all of this in part 3 the “Complete Creation” video series, available for viewing on line for free (http://completecreation.org), and now available for downloading to your ipod (see below).  Basically, the death pose is caused by suffocation and rapid burial.  The crushing of the dinosaurs also indicates it was a rapid burial under a mountain of dirt.  A mountain of dirt laid down so fast that the dinosaurs had not yet rotted (there was something to compress), the dirt had not yet turned to rock, and the bones had not yet turned to rock.

Everything about the dinosaurs indicates they were killed and buried by a global flood. And no, 41 scientists agreeing with each other does not make a fact.  They are, in fact, still very wrong.

2) Akron Creation Fair

For those of you in Oh-Hi-Oh, yup, the Akron Fossils and Science Center is holding their second annual Creation Fair.

April 16-24:
Five new special exhibits, the truassic park, as well as a science fair are highlights for this year’s event.  Also, Dr. John Whitmore will be speaking on what happened to the dinosaurs (gee – I wonder what he’s going to say?), and Marissa will have her live reptile show.

Group tours should be pre-booked, call 330-665-DINO (3466)

Be there!

Would you believe, another half-ape, half-human?

Again I got inundated by my team of interpid reporters (thanks everyone!) about a brank-spankin’ new “hominid,” or supposed half-ape/half-human ancestor.

Australopithecus sediba came in with much fanfare with another special edition of Science magazine.  Register with Science for free, and you can access the special edition articles, complete with multimedia:

If you’re new to all of this study of the hominids, I’d first of all recommend getting a crash course in analyzing hominid skeletons by reading through my response to Scientific American:
The Human Pedigree  – https://ianjuby.org/jan2009sciam2.html#pedigree

“Missing Link”

The skull of one of the sediba skeletons,
failing the simulated OculusTM test
Original photo credit: L. Berger et al, Science,
cheesy simulated OculusTM test, yours truly.

At least in this particular case, the evolutionists are quick to jump on blogs and articles and decry the term “missing link.”  In fact, several evolutionists have pointed out that sediba could be on it’s own “branch” in the evolutionary tree.  What this means is that it has nothing to do with human evolution, according to them, it evolved into this form and then became extinct. In fact, playing by the evolutionary rules, Homo habilis is some 500,000 years older then sediba.  Obviously, you can’t be your grandfather’s dad, so sediba cannot have anything to do with the evolution of man (Homo).
Personally, I’m grateful the evolutionists are decrying the “missing link” term, because there is no “missing link,” it’s the entire chain that’s missing.

The find
is actually several skeletons, (at least five) two of which are about 40% complete.  A spectacular find indeed.  There was even preserved food still stuck to the teeth of one of the skulls.
This of course might make one stop to ask “How then could it be 2 million years old?”  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves now.  🙂

The skull on the right is from the juvenile male skeleton that was found, and if you read my crash course, you’ll probably be able to spot how ape-like the skull is.  Obviously, I don’t have the original skull – heck, I don’t even have a cast of the skull, so I ran it through its paces in a simulated OculusTM test, shown right.  Obviously, the glasses would slide right off its ape-like face because of the lack of a prominent, human-like nose bridge. Berger (the lead scientist, and the man who’s son found the skull) made a big deal about the nose bridge.  Well really, there isn’t any nose bridge to speak of!  The upper jaw which is visible in the photo, is obviously in the U-shape, just like an apes jaw.

Everything about the skull is ape-like. Berger claims that the proportions of the skeletal parts found are a strange mixture of Australopithecus (ape-like) and Homo (human-like) characteristics.  However, the variations are really quite insignificant.  In fact, even some evolutionists have claimed this has nothing to do with a new “species.” Tim White (U of California) concluded that A. sediba and A. africanus were essentially the same critter. Fred Grine of Stony Brook U/New York essentially said the same thing I am, in that it seems as if Berger and his team have not taken variation within the species into account. (Nature News: http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100408/full/news.2010.171.html)  Obviously, I disagree with White and Grine that africanus has anything to do with human evolution, but the point is that even evolutionists are pointing to Berger’s lack of accounting for variation.
In fact, White went so far as to point out a previous article from Berger and co-author Heather Smith, which laid the ground work for comparing different hominid skeletons.  The conclusions of Berger in the sediba article apparently contradict his previous “ground work” article in his conclusions about sediba.

I say all that to say this: Variation within a species can be remarkable. Stick a great dane, a french poodle, a weiner dog and a bulldog together…they are all dogs, but look at the variations you can get in those dogs – everything from limbs, body length, to facial features. Variation is not evolution, so finding an ape with some variation doesn’t exactly impress me.

Dating hominids
The date for sediba was arrived at by the usual circular methods of radioisotopic dating (which can really get you any date you want, you just gotta keep trying) and paleomagnetic dating.  In the end though, you’ll notice that the final date they assigned to sediba was based on the other animal fossils found with it.  Notice the circularity here: we know such and such an animal evolved around this time, this animal was found with sediba, therefore we know how old sediba is, which proves evolution.

Mark my words: I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the supposed “ages” assigned to sediba.  In fact you can already see the doors opening in the literature from Science magazine’s News of the week:

“Dirks enlisted several experts to help date the fossils. Labs in Bern, Switzerland, and Melbourne, Australia, independently performed uranium-lead radiometric dating, taken from cave deposits immediately below the fossils. They yielded dates of 2.024 million and 2.026 million years respectively, with maximum error margins of ±62,000 years. Paleomagnetic studies suggest that layers holding the fossils were deposited between 1.95 million and 1.78 million years ago, and animal bones found with the hominins were consistent with these dates.
(bold italics mine)

You might be wondering why this matters.  For those of you who have watched my “Complete Creation” series (available for viewing on line for free, and now downloadable for ipod, see below), I spent most of part 21 discussing the radiodating fiasco of the skull known as 1470. Watch the vid, or even better yet, read the book that segment was based on: “Bones of Contention” by Marvin Lubenow.  Multiple radiodating methods first affirmed, then contradicted the age the evolutionary scientists were seeking for the skull.  In the words of Lubenow, in the end, “the pigs won.” The fossil pig bones found near skull 1470 were what was used to finally “determine” the “actual age” of skull 1470. (you can get your own copy from Creation Research Society: http://creationresearch.org/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=BK-BON1&Category_Code=)

Radiodating methods are bankrupt.  They are only used when the dates agree with evolutionary assumptions.

ICR also had an short, easy-reading and excellent article on the sediba skeletons:


4) Website and channel picks

First website pick for this newsletter is actually a facebook page, “In six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth”

Webhost Mike Carner regularly posts articles, videos, blogs, etc… that are quite relevent to the whole creation/evolution subject.  If you’re on facebook, do join!  And while you’re at it, do find me and friend me if you’re on there, I post regularly on where I’m at, what I’m doing, etc…

An excellent book (and dirt cheap too!) is the exhaustive “Evolution handbook,” and oh – did I mention that the entire book is available on line?  Get the facts at:

5) Brief update on portable museum

Forgive me, I haven’t had time to update the creation museum page – I’ll try to get to that here soon.  A quick update, next newsletter I’ll have more photos.

Obviously I was on the road on an exhausting tour in Nova Scotia/Newfoundland, so I didn’t get any actual construction work done on the containers – however, enough funds came in that the second container is now paid for! Thank you to those of you who donated, and I’ll have to send a “thank you” card to arch-atheist PZ Myers, who mentioned my portable museum project on his “Pharyngula” blog (one of the most venemous atheist blogs on the internet).  Over the next two days I got 12,000 extra hits to my website, 4,000 views to the youtube video explaining the project, and a $5,000 donation, which promptly paid for the second shipping container.  🙂

The youth group at the Pembroke Pentecostal Tabernacle have also stepped forward to do a bike-a-thon to raise funds for the museum project.  So if you want to sponsor a youth in the bike-a-thon, and also sponsor the museum project, please drop me a line.

I needed the containers first before design could commence, so please pray now as I carefully wade through the design phase, and thank you for your continued prayer and support for this project.  Lots more to tell you about later.

6) Whole wack of videos for your eyepod, eyefone, or eyepad

FREE CrEvo Rants for your ipod
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7) CrEvo Rants all over the internet now

CrEvo Rants are now being syndicated and distributed alllll over the internet!

These internet hits are now available on youtube, tangle, yahoo, blip.tv, metacafe, myspace, dailymotion, stupidvideos, viddler, i2tv, zoopy, and a raft of others I’ve forgotten about now.  Please pray for the internet missionary field, and pray that the Lord would use these videos to reach many.

No matter where you stumble on the rants, please remember to rate and rant!

I got another rant shot while I was in Newfoundland, shot at one of the four corners of the flat earth! But, I have about four other rants in queue which I want to get done first before releasing the “flat earth” rant.  Please pray for me – the schedule’s been a little crazy lately…

8) Brand spankin’ new book

I was privileged to author one of the sections of an excellent book edited by Mike Oard and John Reed: “Rock Solid Answers: The Biblical Truth Behind 14 Geological Questions.”

As many of you will already be aware, the creation/evolution debate did not start with Darwin, rather it started with the age of the earth and a very subtle, yet effective attack against the Bible, using geology. Geology was hijacked from the creationists and used to promote a ficticious history of the earth – a history involving millions of years.  It had nothing to do with science, and everything to do with the religious (actually, anti-religious) motivations of a few very determined, very sly individuals.  (See parts 1 through 5 in the Complete Creation series)

Fortunately, the past couple of decades have seen the creationary community take back the science of geology. Intended and written to specifically answer the detractors of the Noahic global flood, this book is only one of many that show that the rock record is indeed the best explained by Noah’s flood.  In fact, in most cases, any explanation other then Noah’s flood turns out to be ludicrous when scrutinized.

Creation Research Society currently has this book on sale price for $15 (no, I don’t get a penny from any of this, it’s just a really good book!)

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