May 28, 2009 CrEvo newsletter

May 28, 2009 CrEvo newsletter

Welcome to all of the new subscribers!

This is the “When I get a round tooit” Creation/Evolution newsletter
from Ian Juby and the
traveling Creation Science Museum of Canada.

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Sorry to be so slow getting this newsletter out – I’ve been on the road!

In thisspecial edition, “missing link” newsletter:

1) Still yet more random rants…
2) Ancestor to the seal: Proof of evolution?  (missing link #1)
3) Dinosaur collagen fibers again?
4) IDA thought they’d found more intermediates by now (missing link #2)
5) Spike Psarris makes a big bang
6) “Brain Drain”
7) The Mailbag


1) Still yet more random rants…

In the last issue, I gave y’all a sneak peak at my new “rants” which have received rave (and grave) reviews already, as well as a flood of comments on youtube and
emails – far too many to keep up with.  However, in the slow, early stages of the posts, I gathered a couple of comments from youtube and responded to them in a rant that I have to admit, I had fun making.

Now, before I provide the links below, please bear in mind these links go to either youtube or tangle.  Youtube will have comments with offensive
insults, obsenities, etc…  Tangle (Godtube) is heavily
moderated, so chances are there won’t be offensive posts, and if there
is, you can report it.

So here’s the two new rants:

CrEvo Rant #121 IDiots?  (Intelligent Design)
on youtube:

CrEvo Rant #19 Mailbag, part 2
on youtube:

Please rate and join in on the rantings.  I’ll have a special
video devoted to those warriors who have hopped into the battle posted
soon – kudos to y’all.

Also, you can head on over to my website, and on the entry page you can
view a random rant.

Many more rants to come!