Alien Skull???

Had a pile of people asking me about this “Alien skull” that was found in Peru.

Like something straight outa Indiana Jones and the crystal skull, a child’s skeleton with a bizarre, elongated skull has come to light:

Story is here:


Lots ‘o photos here:


To add to the fray, several “scientists” from Russia and Spain claimed it was an alien skull.

This is actually old news – I’d seen skulls like this some 15 years ago. I was quite shocked at first (as I’m sure some viewers have been), however, this is typical head binding and Trephination. ¬†Trephination is the drilling of a hole in the skull, and head binding is a practice of binding a newborn’s head with a board and cushion, in order to shape the child’s skull as it develops. This practice is actually found all over the world, and usually used in conjunction with trephination, in order to relieve pressures in the skull from the head binding.

Some other examples:

No one really knows why cultures do this, but there is a lot of mutilation or modification of the human body in a lot of cultures.


Now in the case of the new peruvian skull, yes, the skull is unusually large – but that can be a variety of reasons and yet it’s still completely human.

In short, I disagree that it’s an alien skull. ¬†It is a modified human, that’s all.