Whale bones…in the desert….again….

I’ve been bombarded this past week with people asking about the fossil whales found during the expansion of a highway in Chile:


Everyone already gets it – it was a world-wide flood that put’em there. 🙂 Not much to comment except this isn’t the first case of a whale in the wrong place, probably won’t be the last. We find marine critters like the Mosasaur, found in the middle of Texas. Not far from my home in Ontario was found the “Mount Pakenham Whale” – fossilized remains found 500 feet above sea level, probably close to 1,000 kilometers inland from the ocean. Of course, they’re blaming that one on isostatic rebound after the ice age, of which for a variety of reasons I’m skeptical. It makes a lot more sense to just explain it within the context of a world-wide flood.