Oct 6 Special Edition “Ardi” CrEvo newsletter

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In this “Special Edition” newsletter:
1) Ardi ar arrrr…
2) nuthin’.
No really, that’s it – that’s all that’s going to be in this newsletter!

1) Ardi ar arrr…

Artist’s best guess as to what Ardipithecus ramidus may have looked like.
Okay, so maybe it didn’t stand upright like that, and maybe it didn’t have human eyes like that, and maybe it was a male and not a female, and maybe it….well, it’s close at least!
Drawing by J.H. Matternes

The propaganda machine goes into overdrive:
Got a barrage of emails this week from my honourable news watch team regarding a supposed “Missing link” found this week which “proves” our ancestral relationship to the apes.
In fact, Science magazine even ran a special issue just on this fossil, CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” devoted a segment of their program to it (downloadable as a 22 meg MP3), National Geographic had a spread on it as well.
Seeing as how there’s been so much fuss over this fossil, I thought I’d devote a newsletter in response.

As is typical, this “missing link” is presented with impressive pomp and circumstance before the emporer comes out wearing no clothes. We’ve seen this before time and again with Ida, Puijila, and even Archaeoraptor – the fraudulent fossil that was brazenly heralded with many bold claims as “proof of evolution” before it was quietly sidelined after it was discovered to be a fake.  I still, to this day, occasionally have people bring up Archaeoraptor as proof of evolution.  This is the power of propaganda.