June 18, 2009 CrEvo newsletter

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This is the “When I get a round tooit” Creation/Evolution newsletter from Ian Juby and the traveling Creation Science Museum of Canada.

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In this newsletter:
1) DVD Deal
2) Debate with Northern Arizona U Professor
3) Everybody knows atheists are more intelligent
4) Excellent article on evolution
5) More bang for the buck (Was: Spike Psarris makes a big bang)
6) Whadya know – birds didn’t evolve from dinos!

1) DVD deal

It’s been a while since I gave a deal on “The Complete Creation” series, but I’ll make it an even sweeter deal.

You guys all heard the ruckus over Spike Psarris’s “What you aren’t being told about Astronomy: Volume I” video?  Welp, here’s your chance to see what the evolutionists don’t want you to see.  I really do like this video.