More on “Noah’s Ark” find

As I previously reported, many of us “in the know” (and I was nowhere near as much “in the know” as the people I mention here) were highly skeptical of the Hong Kong NAMI team’s alleged finding of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, in Turkey, announced in the summer of this past year.

What followed after the initial media releases and consequent public skepticism by people like Dr. Randall Price and Dr. Don Patton, was a barrage of confusing and messed-up statements made in defense by the NAMI team.

Problem was, I was not part of any of the teams, and even I knew that NAMI was publicizing incorrect claims and information. For example, in one of the videos they posted on their website in their defense, the NAMI team claimed they had Panda (one of their team members) visit the alleged ark without the knowledge of Price and Patton. I couldn’t understand how they could say this, because even with my minimal insider information, I knew when Panda was at the location and sending back reports! I was sworn to secrecy at the time and made no mention of it to anyone, because loose lips tend to kill people over in that part of the world.

Again, while I’m not accusing the NAMI team of deliberate fraud, the facts are that they are promoting a fraud, and raising funds to research it. ¬†Their reporting and research has been incredibly sloppy, unprofessional, and just plain inaccurate at best. ¬†And unfortunately people are still asking about this “find.”

Drs. Price and Patton recently released some public commentary, detailing the facts that they know, as well as some follow-up research. I will simply point to their commentaries, because they have done a splendid job detailing the facts:

Dr. Patton also put together a video documenting the shenanigans:

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I mean no harm to the NAMI team, but what am I supposed to say? People keep asking me about the NAMI team’s finding, and the NAMI team keeps on promoting and fundraising for a fraud.