Welp, it looks like MIPspace has angered another person – me!

Yup, apparently MIPspace likes to add newsletters and legitimate emails to their “block” list, and many folks out there who signed up for my newsletter are not receiving it because of them.

What is MIPspace?

MIPspace provides Internet Service Providers with a supposed list of “email abusers.”  Apparently I’ve been labeled as an abuser of emails – with no explanation, and no option for appeal.  They specifically do not provide contact information on their website, except for a form for those like myself who have been falsely labeled as email abusers – where they specifically say they probably won’t respond to your email, or remove you from their list.

So I thought I’d post a notice here that if you signed up for my newsletter, but aren’t receiving it, MIPspace is probably the problem, and I’m sorry, there’s apparently not a whole heck of a lot that either you or I can do about it, seeing as how the folks at MIPspace don’t really care about how legitimate their list is.

I aint the only one complaining about them – check out Scott Hendison’s perfectly justified rant about email fascism:


I’d suggest IP’s steer way clear of MIPspace; the system they are running apparently allows anyone to simply “complain,” and so in my case, dealing with a controversial subject like creation and evolution, I get enemies who simply wish to cause me problems.
These enemies then “complain” and get my IP’s blacklisted with MIPspace. I have no appeal method other than to ask MIPspace to remove it, but they refuse to give any reasons as to why I was added in the first place, and we’ll see if they actually remove me from their list (I doubt it, judging by posts on other blogs that I’m seeing).

MIPspace does not require a legitimate complaint either – just someone who accuses someone like me of sending out “commercial emails” than they don’t want to receive, and blammo – any subscriber who’s ISP references their list no longer receives my newsletters.
Obviously, this is very much “guilty until proven innocent.”

As anybody who has signed up for my newsletter knows, my newsletters are double opt-in. So the only people who get it are those who confirmed that they wish to get it.  I also track the IP’s of all subscribers, to demonstrate and verify that the subscriptions are legitimate.

As my subscribers know, anybody who receives my newsletters can also be removed at any time by either an automated link, or replying and simply asking me to remove them.

Because I have no recourse for this unjust accusation and labeling by a rogue company, I am resorting to blog posts to add to the din of complaints on the internet against this company.

ISP’s: Please don’t use MIPspace; they are obviously a poorly run organization that unfairly labels and blocks legitimate emails, and apparently they really don’t care. I don’t like spam or aggressive email marketers any more than the next guy, but this is ridiculous, and unfair. They are blocking legitimate email without any recourse for the sender, and without the knowledge or approval of the intended recipients.

Subscribers: For those who attempted to sign up for my newsletter, please send a letter of complaint to your ISP regarding MIPspace’s protocols and practices, and explain to them that you attempted to sign up for my newsletter, which was blocked by MIPspace’s bad practices.

I normally never ask for trackbacks, etc…, but please get the word out and spread the word for this blog post.

Thanks for your support.