Back by popular demand!

November 19th in the thriving metropolis of Sioux Lookout, Ontario!

Program 1 in the Robotics: Learn by building series:

Introduction to Electricity and Electronics


I’ll be hosting the first program in the “Robotics: Learn by building” series of in-class courses. Learn electricity and electronics with no prior knowledge or skills needed!

Youth program November 19th, 9am-4pm

Suggested age 9-16: In this intensive, full day program you will learn the basics of electricity and electronics by building a number of electronic circuits using professional electronic engineering tools. No prior knowledge (except very basic math) or skills needed. Parent/guardian participation is encouraged (and they get in for free!), so drag a parent or guardian along with you! You will make your own electronic components, and use microchips to flash lights, make sound effects and control a DC motor and a servo motor, all with a focus on electronics for robotics. You can purchase all the needed parts in a kit to use in the program, or bring your own electronic parts if you have them.

There will be a treasure hunt with prizes during the breaks throughout the day.

Make sure to pack a lunch and some snacks – you’ll be using your brain extensively which consumes a lot of energy.


The Robotics: Learn by building series of programs walk you from zero knowledge in robotics to actually designing and building your own robots from scratch.  This present program is the first in the series of in-person programs with extensive hands-on learning.  While the program is geared for the 9-13 year old range, Ian has had 8 year olds to 40-somethings take the program and enjoy it.

The accompanying electronics kit is optional, as you may have the parts already.  You are welcome to bring your own parts, just make sure you bring all of the parts in the parts list (click the big blue button to download the list)

Really big button to download the parts list

Parent/Guardian participation with their child during the kids program is encouraged, but not necessary.  Please provide an email address or contact info or download the information form and fill out one for each child.

Really big button to download the parent/guardian information form

Student seating is limited to 10 seats per class, so sign up early!  A $40 deposit is required to reserve your seat.  The programs will be held in the meeting room at the Best Western, Sioux Lookout

You can pay right here online using the convenient paypal link down below, or sign up by contacting Ian through email: or telephoning toll-free at 1-877-532-9160 and hit “1” when you get the menu.

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ian-e1427728396691Your instructor, Ian Juby, has taught science and technology for 32 years. A robotics engineer by trade with an ambition for life-long learning, he has taught thousands of people from ages 8 to 65 at a premiere summer science camp as well as the high school and collegiate level.