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1) Not enough water for Noah’s flood?
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4) A heck of a lot of apologies to Darwin
5) British scientist discovers…open, flagrant bigotry towards creation (OUCH!)
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8) FIVE copies of “Reasons to affirm…” booklet

1)  Not enough water for Noah’s flood?

I have repeatedly heard skeptics claim that there’s not enough water on earth to flood the whole planet (Just do a google search for “not enough water to flood earth”).  I thought that I would take a quick look at this humerous argument for this week’s newsletter.

Let’s start on a far-away planet: Mars.
Mars is a very, very dry place.  Here’s a photo from one of the the Mars rovers:

There isn’t a drop of water in sight anywhere – yet when you fly over the planet and look down, you see lots of water erosion!  Dendritic patterns, etc…:

Let’s stand back and take a look at the planet.  There’s HUGE canyons, which show evidence of being eroded by huge volumes of water (the canyon visible here, the largest known in our solar system, may have been made as a huge fracture in the planet’s crust, and was then eroded by water).

Pretty much everyone agrees that Mars has had a HUGE flood in its past.  Yet today, it is bone dry.

Now let’s cruise across our solar system, back to planet earth.  When we come to earth, we see lots of dendritic patterns eroded by water:

We also see huge canyons eroded by water, like the Grand Canyon:

Now I like a good joke just as much as the next guy, so let’s stand back and look at the “watery planet:”

…and tell me one more time that there’s not enough water on earth to flood the planet.

Earth is highly unusual in that it contains the highest proportion of water anywhere in the Universe. It is truly laughable to try and argue that there is not enough water on planet earth for Noah’s global flood.

Still other skeptics have repeatedly tried to argue that many of the rock layers around the world had to have been formed by a desert, and not a flood.  I deal with some of these arguments in my report on our sedimentology experiments both on a webpage, and in “The Complete Creation” parts 2 & 3. You can see video footage and photos where we made these “desert formations” with flowing water and explained the deposits, and the fossil footprints in them, better than the desert model.  Enjoy!

2) Blog, newsletters & webpage updates

I finally finished overhauling the entire website at around 2 in the morning this past Saturday.

There’s now a video tour on the index page which will be changed regularly, and also a brand-spankin’ new Blog & Newsletters archive:
You can subscribe to the Blog via RSS feed, but this newsletter will still contain things that won’t be in the Blog until after this newsletter gets archived.
Now I can vent and rant, and sorta-kinda keep everyone informed in an almost up-to-the-minute fashion.

Now, there has been some significant news that has arisen the past couple of days surrounding the Delk track (a fossil human and fossil dinosaur track together in the same rock).  Depending on when our report is finished and made public, it may make it onto the Blog first, but chances are I’m going to give the report in a newsletter.  So keep checking the blog just in case.

Another bonus resulting from the overhaul of the website is:
3) “In 7 Days” crash course in Creation

Yup – It’s ready and posted!

Sign up on line for the completely free, “In 7 days” Crash course in Creation.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive the first lesson within minutes, and the other lessons will be delivered to your inbox over the next six days.  Each lesson walks you through the creation/evolution debate, giving examples of evidence and points to further resources, much of which is free and available via the internet.

It also gives you an indirect tour of my website, which some people have mentioned is not easily searchable or surfable.

You can sign up on the main page of my website:

4) A heck of a lot of apologies to Darwin

There seems to be a heck of a lot of apologies being tossed around by “christians” towards Darwin lately. I am only using the term “christian” loosely here as I hear so many people claim to be a christian (a follower of Christ) while simultaneously they publically doubt the words of this Christ they claim to follow.  I know that some of these people are genuine Christians who are simply struggling with their doubts, but I repeatedly heard others cite the actions of some “christian” in their past as a reason to reject Christ.  Sadly, I think many of these “christians” they refer to were charlotans who like to call upon the name of Christ, but deny his power (2 Timothy, 3:5, the Holy Bible).  Other believers just simply made a mistake in hypocrisy.  I’m not going to spend time judging who’s doing what, but there is a lot to be learned from events of this past week:

First, in “celebration” of Darwin’s upcoming 200th birthday, and the 150th anniversary of “Origin of the species,” the “Clergy Project” is inviting churches to participate in celebration of evolution.

Today, the Vatican expressed its dismay that some Christian groups reject evolution: article here.

And just this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury gave a public apology to Darwin!
WorldNetDaily’s article here.

Once again, you can see the misunderstanding of science and evolution evident in Archbishop, Dr. Rowan Williams’, comments.  Science and evolution are all too often equated as one and the same – when they most certainly are not one and the same.  Science is based on observation, repeatability and predictability. Evolution is none of these things – in fact, evolution is a supernatural process by very definition of the word!  (For more on this, see “Complete Creation, Parts 12 & 13, available for viewing for free here on my website.)

The Archbishop’s comments are truly revealing: “Charles Darwin, 200 years from your birth, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still…”

Ummm… what is there to misunderstand?  Darwin wasn’t a scientist – he was a theologian, and even by those standards, he was a heretic! He was flat out wrong then (scientifically and theologically), and he is just as wrong now – so what is there to apologize for…?

Gennaro Auletta, speaking at the Vatican press conference, noted that Popes going back to the mid-20th century have acknowledged evolution as scientifically valuable, but “I would like to point out that unfortunately one cannot say that about the faithful of all Christian confessions, as media reports indicate,…”

Actually, you can’t say that about the secular population in some places!  For example, in Alberta, within one year of the Big Valley Creation Science Museum’s grand opening, the general population’s belief in evolution plummeted from a 58% majority to a 37% minority (with the majority of 40% believing young earth creation)!  Gee, is that because evolution had nowhere to hide anymore? (see news item #5)  Suddenly, evolution comes under public scrutiny, and the majority observing the debate wind up concluding that the earth is young and creation is the better scientific model than evolution!  See my blog files on this (my report on the “Angus Reid poll”)

Unfortunately, there are many christians who mistakenly think that evolution, the Bible, and the gospel of Jesus Christ are somehow compatible.  Most of these christians have quite innocently assumed it was possible, as they simply did not stop to analyze the premises. I would encourage them to do so.  I explain this in more detail in part 7 of the Complete Creation video series.
The “evolution weekend” for the new year should be quite enlightening.  Clergy from around the world are being encouraged to celebrate evolution in all it’s glory with their congregations.  The founder of the evolution weekend website hopes to repeat past years with  â€œhundreds of congregations around the globe coming together to discuss the compatibility of religion and science.â€?
Notice the catch-word?  “Science,” not “evolution,” but “science.”  This is a very subtle “bait and switch,” as there is no disagreement there – religion, the Bible, and science are perfectly compatible.  It is the adult fairy tale of a frog turning into a prince, contrary to all observable and testable science, that is incompatible with science.

But that’s okay.  We’ve got a present or two planned for Darwin on his birthday as well, but I assure you, it isn’t an apology.
5) British scientist discovers….  open, flagrant bigotry towards creation (OUCH!)

The open, flagrant bigotry towards Darwin doubters and creationary thinkers is not hard to find or see.  It is prolific in academia and media, as seen in this screen capture from the “Family guy” program on the right.  In this episode, the Doctor pulls out a chart to explain Peter’s IQ test results – Peter was below the “retarded” level, but of course, look who’s at the bottom of the scale. 🙂
As you will quickly find out if you are entering into media or academia, you had better toe the pro-Darwinian line, or face the consequences.

A few days ago, my fellow Canadian creationist Paul Gosselin brought a BBC article to my attention :

Professor Michael Reiss was cited as saying that creationism should be discussed in school science classrooms, rather than excluded.
I swear we could hear the
all the way over here across the pond.
In fact, I suspect it was the sudden inhalation by all of those in academia that caused the sudden drop in barometric pressure, which caused Hurricane Ike.
Blame the Brits I say!

Let this be a lesson to y’all:
Unspoken Academic Rule #1) Do not question evolution publically (I know, I do, but I’m a trained professional – don’t try this at home!) 
Unspoken Academic Rule #2) Do not allow Creationism any time in the classroom.

Paul predicted that Prof. Reiss’s comments would cost him dearly, as he had just violated one of the hidden rules of academia by the mere suggestion that creationism should even be acknowledged in the science classroom.  How dare he?

Entire books have been written on the subject of this bigotry in academia, and now even a major big screen documentary, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” has been produced.   I find that movie title hugely appropriate. The host Ben Stein just simply looks at some of the many instances of the open, flagrant bigotry in academia towards anyone who dares to question evolution.  What he does not delve into in detail is the literal rejection of intelligence in the desperate bid to rid science of the obvious evidence Intelligent Design in life!
For example, those same people who so vocally reject Intelligent Design then turn around and use this scientific tool of intelligent design in the SETI project – they use their intelligence to try and detect intelligence in signals coming from outer space!
And yet they are completely unaware of their own hypocrisy.

Dr. Jerry Bergman is an amazing man with multiple doctorates and degrees. He is listed in several issues of “Who’s who,” and he is one of the many who have been stung by this open, flagrant bigotry.  His experience, and the stories of oh-so-many others who have been “expelled” from academia inspired his recent book, “Slaughter of the dissidents.” Read Dr. Bergman’s fascinating personal story of conversion from an evolutionist to a young-earth creationist on the Revolution against evolution website.

Well within days, Paul’s predictions came true:

Professor Reis was asked to step down from his position as director of education within the Royal Society – even though he claims his comments were simply misinterpreted.  I believe him, but this is another in a long list of stunning examples of what happens to those in academia who would even appear to question Darwinism or support creationism in any way.

Evolution must hide from scrutiny behind bigotry and lawyers. No matter what the cost, evolution must never allow itself to be questioned.  I like what is written on the walls of the Akron Fossils and Science Center:

“Truth begs for scrutiny, but falsehood begs for tolerance.”

I’m here and questioning evolution, providing numerous lines of irrefutable evidence that falsifies the paradigm of evolution.


6) Upcoming lectures

I’ll be speaking at the Deep River, Ontario, Pentecostal church on Sunday, September 28th for the morning and evening services, and then at the Madoc Pentecostal church in Madoc, Ontario, October 5th for both the morning and evening services.  We’ll have the museum set up for both services.  Check the itinerary page later on for future bookings – too much on the go to report right now.

7) “Complete Creation” additions and updates (oops!)

Ooops!  Sorry – there has been a number of new DVD’s available, but somehow the ball got dropped and they didn’t appear on the GenesisWeek website until today.  There are a couple of different deals:
Buy any one DVD for $18 (shipping and handling included)
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Pre-order the entire “Complete Creation” set for $150 (shipping and handling included), we’ll send off the DVD’s that have been produced already, and when the entire set is complete, the remaining DVD’s will be sent out.

I don’t as of yet know when the final delivery date will be.  There’s been a few minor delays, and the hope is to still have the entire set produced by October.
And of course, don’t forget that you can watch all of these videos for free at my website:

You can order the DVD’s through the website:

8) FIVE copies of “Reasons to affirm…” booklet

A special welcome to the new subscribers to the newsletter!  For this newsletter, we’re going to have FIVE (yes, five) prizes to give away.  This week we’re giving away copies of the “Reasons to affirm a young earth” booklet, edited by Paul Humber and packed with information.  I was one of the 40+ contributing authors to the booklet, which provides compelling evidence on the young age of the earth in an easy-to-read format.

So, the booklets will be given to the first five people to respond with the correct answer to this question:

The Cambodian temple at Ta Prohm was built by Jayavarman VII.  In one of the pillars is a carving of what sure looks like a stegasaurus
(see for yourself in
Complete Creation, Part 6)
The prize winning question is:
In what year was this temple dedicated?
(and don’t forget – B.C., or A.D.?)

Be one of the first five to email me at with the correct answer and you win one of the booklets.


That’s all folks!