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The travelling museum and presentation is customization for any age group and includes a power point show of evidence from around the world, displays, hand arounds and of course – loads of information. I am continually building up the travelling museum portion of the presentation, adding displays, fossils and fossil replicas.
Children’s groups, Youth groups, high school classes, Sunday school classes, any group size is welcome from a handful of people to full church congregations. Scientific works from around the globe are presented in common layman terms but can be expounded on for the more technically inclined. And of course, every presentation has a question and answer period.

  • Did dinosaurs and man really live together?
  • Does the bible talk about dinosaurs?
  • Have they really been dead millions of years?
  • Is this fossil really millions of years old?
  • Does the bible explain why we find tropical forests in the arctic circle?
  • What about those people living to almost 1,000 years old in Genesis?
  • What about the “Giants in the land”? (Gen 6:4)
  • Hold a stalactite and see if you can figure out its real age!
  • What about Noah’s flood?
    What about those “Ape men”?

The cost of bringing the presentation varies widely, depending on location and extent of the presentation. Any financial support for the presentation is appreciated but I want no one to feel left out due to financial lack. All donations are on a “pay what you can afford” basis. I suggest a donation of $160 per day, plus travel expenses (if any). If you can give extra, great – it helps to bring the presentation to other churches and groups who perhaps couldn’t afford it or is invested into the travelling museum.
The presentation will be custom tailored for your group, be it a 45 minute youth group Sunday school class or a week-long, 20 hour seminar.
Pastors, please note: I can provide references upon request.

Considering bringing this presentation to your group?

Having brought this presentation to a wide variety of group types and sizes, please allow me to make a few suggestions to both accommodate your group and make it the best presentation possible. Feel free to call me, toll-free, at 1-877-532-9160 if you have any questions.

Who would best be blessed by this presentation?

Believe it or not, anyone! I have brought various forms of the presentation to groups ranging from skeptical scientists to high school classes, church services, private homes, youth groups, and children’s groups. It is not just for the intellectually minded. I work hard to help the common layman understand the technical lingo and what it really means in real life. And so far I have been very surprised by the reactions of even the most skeptical atheists. Time and again I have been told they enjoyed it, even if they didn’t like what was being said. It is a fun subject and hey – we need the skeptics too!
It is a tremendous boost to one’s faith to hear these studies. I know because I was once an audience participant too. All of Creation truly does declare the glory of the Lord. One just has to take a look around.

How long should it be?

The presentation can be tailored to suit your needs, running anywhere from 1/2 hour to full, multiple night conferences. Most groups want either a single presentation or a two part presentation. Surprisingly, aside from school groups, most groups have requested one long evening. Typically two hours with a break in the middle…. well, sometimes with a break in the middle
Well, sometimes we went three hours. 🙂

“Conferences”, or multiple night presentations can be broken up any way you like and I can provide up to 20 hours total time of lecturing.

Special needs:

A projector screen would be a tremendous asset. I have a power point projector if needed, but I use Corel Presentations, not power point, so if your facility has an installed projector, it’s best if I can plug into your projector. I have a wireless remote for my computer, so the computer can be anywhere in the building. I also have a Shure wireless lapel microphone if needed, as I do need a hands-free microphone.

Space-wise, some displays have their own stands, but typically I’ll need two or three six-foot long tables (they need to be strong).

Other thoughts:

I have never had a problem of a group wanting to be there and hearing more once they are there. The delimna I have faced has always been convincing people that they want to be there in the first place. In this culture, we are very, very busy. People tend to think it isn’t for them…. until they get there.
A short introduction during a church service does help to raise interest, and I can provide a promotional DVD if you wish to play this during a prior morning service. This DVD simply introduces the museum and what I do.

For more information, promotional posters and photos, visit the “Everything you ever wanted to know about booking Ian but were afraid to ask” page:

Contact me if you’re interested in having the museum or myself come to your group.