“The Complete Creation” – DVD 1


Part 1: Who cares? An introduction to the Creation/Evolution debate
In this program, we cover what Creation and Evolution are, and why it applies to you.
Ian then introduces where this whole debate started – an unexpected answer. Learn how it all began with one man who was determined to discredit the bible, and how it had nothing to do with science. This man then influence Charles Darwin, who then wrote “Origin of the Species,” and the world has never been the same since.
Run time 28:30

Part 2: The greatest weapon ever fashioned against the bible
In this segment, Ian expounds upon Lyell’s attempt to discredit the bible, exposing his scientific “research” as the fraud that it is, and how his ideas swept the scientific world.  Learn how a lawyer’s tactic managed to convince countless numbers that the bible simply could not be true, and how that lawyer’s arguments were flat-out wrong.
Run time 28:30



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